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Uzziel      February 24, 2013

Beloved Uzziel
David Christopher Lewis
February 24, 2013   11:46–11:54 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Through Love, All Comes into Unity

Sons and Daughters of God's Heart,

            I, Uzziel, am here to express the radiance of my inner being within this flowfield of light for the ennoblement of your hearts, one with God, and of your minds attuned to the frequencies of great God-beingness in the Great Central Sun.

            Blaze forth the light of the eighth ray this day as mankind envisions a new world and then allows it to manifest through acceptance of the gifts of the Spirit. Blaze forth the light of accelerated love here so that all may know the truth of being and the harmony within, which accentuates what God has bestowed within the threefold flame, whereby the soul may experience herself in Mater as she wends her way into eternality through the virtues of love.

            Blaze forth the light now throughout America and the world, and let love sing! And let love ring in the new day of the Sun-consciousness within the minds and hearts of this holy people. Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light of ruby love here, there and everywhere. And let ruby love consume now all that is anti-love within the industries of this nation and every nation that no longer serve a higher walk with God. I will not enumerate all of these, for you know them, dearest hearts, within duality.

            For I am another angel of unity in the sense that I bring the seven into a cooperative spirit through the ray of integration, which is a ray of unity. Yes, Micah and I often speak and compare our cosmic notes on what the Lord God would express through us as we intercede in the lives of some among mankind who are moving into greater Buddhic awareness and accepting this new field of energy of Aquarius as accelerated love in manifestation upon Earth.

            Through love, all comes into cooperation. Through love, all comes into unity. Through love, ruby love, a new way may be felt, intuited and walked. This is the way and the wave of Aquarius that is now inundating this planet with new frequencies that are causative of the great shift that many feel within and that is allowing them to perceive with new eyes, to sense with higher sensory portals and to experience God within at a new and more powerful level.

            Would you be God this day, as the great Archangel Jophiel has called you to be, dearest ones?1 If so, then I too will be your advocate and even a mentor to some, whereby you may feel and express love in a more concentrated action of sacred fire such that the laser action of that love will dissolve all that is antithetical to the outpicturing of your Buddhahood, your divine Motherhood in spirit and in matter.

            Where you have felt a sense of self less than God, there I am now to dissolve it permanently in your world. Where you have accepted something less than your perfection and your godliness, there I am again to accelerate the love fires of ruby fire within your heart so that you may feel the cherishment of Spirit for you and envelop yourself in this new radiance of knowing who you are as a godly one.

            Blaze forth that ruby fire now! Burn up the elements of the not-self that yet remain lurking in the folds of the garments of the auras of these your servants, O Lord. Let them live with you in love forevermore, in oneness through their acceptance of your heart, O Lord, and the acceptance of their own higher initiatory path of light within the great I AM THAT I AM experience. Blaze through! Burn through! Blaze through! Burn through! Blaze through! Burn through!

            Now the elements of a higher form of God-consciousness resonate, vibrate within the hearts of these who will accept pure love within their lives as the way to live and walk in. If you would be love, then call to me and I will ray the URL frequency of a higher connection with Source, whereby Azzalea and I will envelop you in all manner of divine flowers and frequencies of Spirit for your victory in the light now and forever.

            Urrrrrrr! Ha! Ha! Ha! This is the twenty-four-hour cycle of joy. It is fulfilled in Livingston. Let it be fulfilled in you every hour of your day as you ennoble yourself in the Ur light of love, ruby love, and live forevermore as you ought to liveas sunbeams of love-light. I thank you.

1. Earlier in the day, Archangel Jophiel delivered a HeartStream that emphasized the importance of accepting one's Godhood.

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