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Jophiel      February 24, 2013

Beloved Jophiel
David Christopher Lewis
February 24, 2013   8:47–9:01 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Jophiel Releases Ampules of Light from the Central Sun
to Quicken Our Minds with a New Buddhic Frequency

Children of the Sun, Sons and Daughters of the One God,

I stand in your midst and blaze forth the light, the Solar Reality that I bear on behalf of the Lord God. And within this essence, the fire of wisdom, the flame of illumination and the accelerated action of cosmic truth, manifest through the mind of God, is here for you, each one, to access as you journey with the Sun around the galactic core and your own higher beingness in God, as a Solar being yourself.

How have you raised up the light unto your crown in this life through applying the sciences of Spirit in your daily life, learning your lessons well and accessing that level of cosmic truth that you worked out before incarnating within this body temple in this life?

Yes, dearest ones, there is a trajectory to your path to the Great Central Sun. And it requires that you are true blue to your Higher Self and learn your lessons well each day, each week, each month, each year. For as you ennoble yourself by being in the center of Self—within your heart, one with your true reality, and knowing with a certainty that God is real within you and that the mind of Christ may bless you and may manifest through the reality that you experience through your mind—then there can be an uplift, a shift and a new divine mentality blazing through your consciousness that allows you to live a serene and beautiful life in Spirit as a true son or daughter of the One.

I am here to quicken your minds, and therefore I release ampules of light from a sacred urn that I have brought from the Central Sun this day. And I pour the cosmic essences of this new Buddhic frequency into your minds this day so that you may cognize a new understanding of who you are as a God-being, so that you may recognize the true you and then live up to this new ideal of who you are as real in the eyes of your Self.

You are already real in the eyes of God! Yet have you accepted fully, deeply within your core that you are of value to the One through your life lived to the glory of that Essence Supreme, that Eternal One, the Creator, the Source of all? When you know your value, then, validated from within, you move, you live in a new spiritual realm of identity, one with that which you know now to be God where you are.

Yes, dearest ones, each of the archangels and archeiai come to those who are ready for the path of initiation and a higher order of Spirit. And if you are willing to make the sacrifices, if you are willing to make the effort and engage in the daily disciplines upon your path of light, then we may come again and again and enfire you with these spiritual frequencies that you require to ascend in spirit and in consciousness and to fulfill your divine destiny in the here and now.

Therefore, O angels of the second ray, alight within the auric fields of these your sons and daughters now! And blaze forth, blaze forth, blaze forth these cosmic essences into their minds and within their hearts so that there may be a new heart-mind connection whereby they may access the higher truth of being and also, if they choose, be expressive of this higher revelatory teaching expressed through this dispensation of light of The Hearts Center movement to many more across the Earth.

Do you realize, dearest ones, that you came with a mighty mission to deliver the truth of the ages through your gifts, through your talents to this Earth? If you realize this, if you truly accept it as a fact within your world, then all manner of divine muses and inspiring ones of heaven may come into you aura, live with you in your mind and deliver the goods of this inspiration unto you through your own co-creativity with God.

Sometimes you feel that there may not be what you require flowing through your consciousness to be creative in the highest way that you know you are capable of. Well if this seems to be true, then accept the new you now and, inspired by heaven and blessed by angels and archangels, live within this new frequency. And know that simply by your acceptance of the cherished Selfhood that God has embedded within you in the beginning of your evolutionary journey, you may open the seed of light of these higher ideals and divine concepts and bring them forth through the artistry of your hands, your minds, your voice and the musicality of your essence.

Yes, dearest ones, you have inner genius! Unlock it by living a godly life and not one of debauchery and of self-deprecation, whereby you are constantly assessing yourself in an egoistic way to see how you compare with others or with the greater ones that you see as more expressive than you. You have co-creativity within your heart if you will truly let it be, let it be, let it be manifest through your voice lifted up to access this new reality of Spirit.

I speak to each and every one who of you who calls yourself a heartfriend. And I say, when you are heart-centered in the light, when you are accessing your higher mindfulness through pure love, wisdom, in balance with power, deep within the centrality of your being, then we can work with you. Then we can inspire you, motivate you each morning as you look upon the Sun and behold the blazing light of these beings who have ensouled this higher reality of godliness and Solar Presence for eons.  And then, looking upon that ideal, you can receive the frequencies of pure beingness and thereby, through your conscious choice each day, put them into play in some great work—yes, some opus major that you decide it is your destiny to accomplish.

It is your choice, dearest ones, to be centered in God or to live in some other reality. We suggest that you choose the former so that the Lord himself and the cosmic frequencies of his being may pour through your veins, your arteries and your electronic body and energize you with the true virtues that you require. And in this cosmic blessing, day by day, lifted up in Spirit, you may truly live the life that you deserve and that you would live now.

The action of this alchemy of Spirit through the release of these ampules is complete. As Jesus often said upon healing one or another in Galilee and throughout Asia Minor, in that area of the globe that you call the Middle East, go and sin no more!1 Go and be who you are. Balance your cosmic ledger with light, and in this you will fulfill that which you chose to do in this incarnation upon this Earth, in this time. Look not so far into the future, into some distant reality, to accept your ascended state. Feel your true essence now and it shall be yours, dearest ones.

I am intense this day in my desire to raise you up and to enfire you with the frequencies of divine wisdom. By God's grace, some have come and accepted the new estate of their being. Now live it and let God be where you are, in truth—through you and you and you.

I AM Jophiel; Christine has christened you also with this light. We are one in the Sun and encourage you to fly with us daily to your Source and soar in spirit and learn the new life of the intrepid who dare to call themselves God-men and God-women. Thank you.

1. John 5:1–15; John 8:3–11.

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