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David Lewis      January 23, 2013

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
January 23, 2009   7:30–7:48 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Hilarion's Truffles of Truth

Good morning, everyone. God bless you. I would like to share the next series of Truffles of Truth from the Master Hilarion, the chohan of the fifth ray of healing, divine wealth, wholeness and God-vision, as well as the science and music of truth.

1.      The indigenous best know nature's true secrets.

2.      Truth escorts genius in discovery and invention.

3.      Every truth provides a fresh new approach and outlook.

4.      Truth is the what; peace, the where; and freedom, the why. The when, now; the who, you.

5.      Truth's companion is Justice, and her mentor, Sophia.

6.      Every vision of Truth must be followed with action.

7.      Truth is involved in every man's reality and every woman's realization.

8.      Find Truth's core principles and values of life within.

9.      A sprinkling of truth is never enough; let its power shower.

10.  Truth without transformation is unfulfilled.

11.  The engine of truth is the yearning for freedom, justice and equality.

12.  Truth's vitality is found in her power to heal our self-vision.

13.  Truth cannot be degraded, only misunderstood or ignored.

14.  The mass consciousness will become the master consciousness through the lessons of Truth.

15.  I AM the realization of Truth within the eternal Now.

16.  I AM the joy of Truth manifest in the present moment.

17.  I AM the victory of Truth realized within my quickened mind.

18.  I AM the way of truth revealed as I require it each day, each hour.

19.  I AM the presence of Truth as the vitality of the spirit within my temple.

20.  I AM the life and light of Truth's appearance within my world now.

21.  I AM the breath of Truth invigorating my spirit and soul today.

22.  I AM the vision of Truth as I open my eyes to the sacred in all.

23.  I AM the lessons of Truth mastered through my conscious life.

24.  I AM the awareness of Truth's beingness within my eternal nature.

25.  I AM the message of Truth within the deeper meaning and purpose of my life.

26.  Through my God Self-realization, Truth is now my teacher and friend.

27.  Through clear vision, Truth guides my reasoning and my actions.

28.  Through faith and determination, I am holding to my truth always.

29.  Through friendship with God within, Truth is now near and dear to me.

30.  Through happiness with myself, Truth's prosperous spirit is also mine.

31.  Through Truth's bountiful example of givingness, I help enlighten all.

32.  Through Truth's spirituality, I invest my energies in my highest offering to life.

33.  Through the alchemy of Truth's transformational power, I realize my every goal and objective.

34.  Through Truth's presence in my life, I am virtuous, pure and holy.

35.  Within Truth's teachings today, I find keys to my abundant life now manifest.

36.  Within Truth's heart of gold, I am gifting all life with my love and compassion.

37.  I AM communing with Truth in perfect fellowship with my Real Self.

38.  I AM my perfect wholeness manifest through Truth's kind mentoring.

39.  I AM a new exploration of Truth within my soul and spirit.

40.  I AM truth's perfection and purpose realized and modeled within my life.

41.  I AM Truth; therefore I too AM the way and the life.

42.  I AM truth singing a new song of life and love through my soul.

43.  I AM Truth's spirit gently awakening all whom I meet with her words of wisdom.

44.  I AM Truth's glory shining brightly within my beautiful rainbow aura.

45.  I AM gracing the Earth with Truth's radiance and joy today.

46.  I AM blessing all life with Truth's abilities to champion righteous causes.

47.  I AM one with Truth; therefore I know what is real.

48.  I AM God's truth shining brightly through my conscious thoughts and words.

49.  I AM Truth's transformative power in my sacred work today.

50.  I AM the creative energy of Truth self-realized in joy right now.

 So those are the fifty Truffles of Truth. I hope that you felt the divine energy of
emerald light flowing through your throat, your heart, your mind, your soul, your spirit as you also gave these statements, these declarations of God-truth.

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