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Ray-O-Light      January 20, 2013

Beloved Ray-O-Light
David Christopher Lewis

January 20, 2013   3:53–4:01pm MST

24-Hour Broadcast Vigil: Let There Be Love

Paradise Valley, Montana

Ray-O-Light Directs Sacred Rays of Light to Us for Our Victory

            Blessed ones, I raise the light within you unto your third eye now. And there is drawn up into your awareness from your heart a sacred-fire energy of perfection, of courage and of spiritual bravery, which you may attune to and accept at any time that you require a boost of light, and it will be there to see you through to your victory over every element that stands in your way.

            I direct the ray of light unto each one of you that will allow you, in times of peril or human need, to overcome and to be victorious. I direct a ray of light from my heart to yours so that you will have at any time, in any place, with anyone what you require in that moment to be successful in a stupendous way and to move swiftly through troubled waters unto the safe shore of your God-identity within the Pure Land of the Buddhas. I direct a ray of light into your mind so that you may cognize higher truth, spiritual understanding, and receive on a daily basis inspiration and a flow of light from your Source that will allow you to be in the groove, in the zone, in your True Self's mindful state of pure beingness.

            These directed currents of fire, as sacred rays, are yours to claim and to use as you see fit in order to fulfill your mission, your purpose, today and every day from this day forward unto infinity. For you see, blessed ones, these rays of light are from the Source. I have drawn them forth from my own God Presence and from the heart of all victorious ones who lend their momentum of victory in overcoming to you all.

            I am happy to tell you that this Hearts Center movement is succeeding and has made many strides of light in recent months into a new matrix of greater joy, greater cohesion, greater productivity, greater God-mindfulness and of brother/sisterhood. When you work as a collective of one with Morya or any master, I am also there directing my rays of light into your affairs for your victory, precious ones. See the end from the beginning—and that end is union with the Source. That end is the perfect state of pure divine love manifest through your hearts, pure divine wisdom vibrating through your minds, and the purity of the will of God transforming the works of your hands with great alacrity, dexterity, and creativity.

            I see the balance of these rays within your threefold flame now rising to a new opportune level of experience in your creative works, in those spiritual endeavors that you are now putting your hands, your mind, and your heart to, to fulfill on behalf of all life. Draw forth these rays, if you choose, at any time by simply saying, “Ray-O-Light, I accept your rays shining through me now for my victory in the following…” and it shall be so, blessed ones.

            Yes, I am there and I am everywhere in the consciousness of the victorious ones. Rain forth light and spirals of divinity. Be joyous in your spirits, for this is the key to your victory in all things, in your understanding of your divinity. For God is pure joy; God is pure light. God is the great Ray o' Light in the Great Central Sun, and I, for one, am his sun too. I thank you.

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