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David Lewis      January 20, 2013

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
January 20, 2013   2:59–3:30 pm MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Truffles of Truth

            I'd like to first share with you the next fifty Truffles of Truth. I think I'll use this term now after hearing from Maria Min that in addition to truffles being little mushrooms, they are also delicate little chocolates. Maybe they won't be chocolate; maybe they will be filled with light and love.

            So here are Hilarion's fifty truffles for today. And feel free to laugh if you like, comment, chuckle, or whatever you like if you feel so motivated.

1.  Truth awakens your inner potential.
2.  To activate Truth's glory within, acknowledge others' light.
3.  Truth balances fact and fiction with understanding.
4.  Truth cannot be dictated, legislated, enforced or interpreted, only accepted.
5.  Those who violate their inner laws ignore truth.
6.  Akasha records and reveals the universality of Truth's presence.
7.  The flowering of Truth is the onset of enlightenment.
8.  Every crystal speaks its truth in geo-symmetric order.
9.  Though changeless, truth conforms to heaven's creative urges.
10. Every wisdom teacher frees the soul to know Truth.
11. Heaven values Truth for her constancy and tenacity.
12. The patient know Truth's liberating reach.
13. Rest secure in Truth's sincerity.
14. Elocution wed to truth produces powerful orators.
15. Vibrant souls scintillate an atmosphere of truth.
16. Legions of Truth inspire the bold to take pen, not sword, in hand. [David: Remember “the pen is mightier than the sword”?]
17. Those moved by Truth must speak and act decisively.
18. Apologists have yet to learn Truth's techniques.
19. Truth often awakens the gullible through circumstance.
20. Fellowship with Truth requires a staunch stand for life.
21. Truth accepts the deliberate and the resolute as neophytes.
22. Meditate on an oak, an elm or an ash to understand Truth's enduring qualities.
23. The fire of Truth is the best purgative for mediocrity.
24. Be valiant in Truth's defense.
25. Instruct youth in the verbiage and value of truth.
26. Truth's creative enterprises awe even the most magnanimous altruists.
27. The founding mothers who bore the Sons of Liberty supported Truth's American incarnation.
28. Altruism is Truth's philanthropy.
29. Those who value truth are assured of many opportunities to serve life.
30. Evolution is the extension of Truth's creative genius unto infinity.
31. Truth trifles not with the indignant or the indecisive.
32. The realms of Truth are replete with aqua and azure joys.
33. The triumph of Truth will come when all women are fully free.
34. Your truth shield is your greatest rhetorical defense.
35. There is no variableness nor shadow of turning in Truth's nonpareil presence.
36. Truth's pleasure is found in inciting all to inner gnosis.
37. True love is found within every beloved's heart.
38. Heart-truths last lifetimes.
39. The victorious also have truth in mind and in sight.
40. Create a new vision of Truth's re-Sourced world.
41. Peace proceeds on the heels of Truth.
42. Brotherhood rides on Truth's wake.
43. Every adept is fulfilled in God's truth.
44. All diseases will cease when truth is savored.
45. Our gratuities are new truth-seeds.
46. Truth abides purely within one's virgin consciousness.
47. Attuning to Truth requires objectivity and fairness.
48. Truth has a penchant for judicial drama.
49. Study Homer's truth epics.
50. Athena is an awesome analyst.

There is so much that I could share if I were to expound on these that we would be here for a number of hours. I have to say that there is no way that my human mind could have drummed up all these statements. They are, as I now read them and reflect on them, just phenomenal in their wisdom. And the craftmanship of the words that the Master inspires are just beyond my mind—the way that the words are phrased and combined. And in many, many cases there is kind of a Zen statement or play on words, which you may not even cognize the first or the second time you hear it. When we read these later, I think that we'll get a lot more. And if the Master desires, later I can expound.

Yet, at a certain level, I think that the reason I'm not expounding on them at this time is to allow you to savor them and to reflect upon them. Mona was sharing with me that we could actually meditate on each one of these for five minutes or more to really ascertain what they're saying. So it may not be the best practice to read fifty all at once, because we're going through them so fast and we're still allowing the playing of the concepts on our mind of the last one that we've heard, and then the next one comes. And the inner meanings of each one are just so amazing to consider.

So they are what they are, and I think that those souls who are brilliant in their mindfulness will, when they read these in the future, see the amazing minds of the masters and how they can, through just a few words, these little pithy statements, bring so much of a blessing—in this case, truth—to our outer waking consciousness and embed, as engrams of light, deep into our subconscious these patterns of perfection that these Truffles of Truth represent.

So thank you for bearing with me on this. Does anybody have anything to say? I think I'd like to open it up for about ten minutes for your comments, anything that you'd like to reflect on about any of these statements, and then we'll move on to the last part of our service. Anybody like to say anything? Do you feel overwhelmed, underwhelmed or saturated?

Participant:  Kind of overwhelmed.

David:  Overwhelmed?

Participant:  Fifty all at one time...

David:  It's a lot. It's almost like satiating yourself.

Participant:  But it's actually really good mental exercise. Not just mental exercise—I have to really make up my mind that I'm going to pay attention and follow it. I'm glad you read it two times. When you say them only once, that's hard. But if you say them two times slowly, I find that I can get to a pretty deep depth of understanding. You're right—a little bit more time, maybe another ten or twenty or even thirty seconds after the second time you say it, and the digestion would be better.

David:  Although, you know what the masters are doing? They're forcing us to accelerate our consciousness. That's what they're doing, and I didn't realize that until right now. The reason they're doing this so quickly is to get us out of the mental mind, our human minds, to create the wherewithal so that we can imbibe these at a higher rate of divine thought, like Anastasia. So you don't have to worry about intellectually getting it all. Just let the words play upon you. Let them resonate within your being and accept the jewel, the gem of what's being released, and it is still there. You see, everything you hear is captured in akasha. They're still there at a level of your awareness and they are doing their perfect work within you.

Participant:  I was just going to say, the statements themselves are like truth. It's hard to explain, but that's just it. It's the vibration of truth, the statements themselves. It is what it is.

David:  So many different aspects of truth. There were 88 the first day and then 50 each day after that. It started on the sixteenth, and many of you may not have heard that service because it was here in the evening. I read 88, and we've had 50 each day since then. And today's the twentieth, so it's only been going on for five days. So we have 88 plus 200—288. And I don't know how much longer they're going to do this, because I can tell you that  it's very interesting to sit down and receive these, to just be meditating and then bam! the whole thing is there. I just start writing and the whole thing is there. In a few cases they had me change some as I was saying them today, and this has been true in the past. But humanly this is impossible to do.

Mona has been aware of when I do this early in the morning. I have to have that quiet in order to allow it to happen, just like the HeartStreams. Did you want to say anything, Mona? I've read a few of them to her before you've heard them to see if she gets them, and she always does.

Mona:  There was one that really stood out that you were reading, which I didn't hear before: “A heart's truth lasts many lifetimes.” I didn't hear that one earlier; that one really stood out. I feel each one is a seed of light and they stay with us. Although it is really beautiful to spend time with each one and to just meditate on it for a period of time, because for me it takes me even further.

David:  Anybody else?

Participant:  I thought it was interesting that the realms of truth are aqua and azure. So that's blue and aqua.

David:  Well, yeah, because truth has blue in it. I mean, truth is green, emerald, and that has blue in it. And they're true blue, true-blue realms.

So I'm excited to get at least 365 and then maybe more. We'll see what happens. So at least one or two more days, I hope. Boyd, did you want to say more?

Boyd:  I think you already said it, but I appreciate that it's an exercise in integrating our conscious waking mind with our own higher bodies to do this. That's what I feel and see and understand. There aren't that many conditions in regular life that do that. I've experienced it very rarely, where something just pressed me to do that. And if you really stick with it and really stick with it, you'll find very interesting results. They're great. It's an integration with parts of your Higher Self that you might not have had access to before.

David:  Well, that's great. I hear that, and this is Buddhist training 201. Just think if you were to go to a lamasery in Tibet and have to study the ancient texts and memorize them, as many of the lamas do and those young boys who are trained from early childhood to memorize these ancient texts. Could anybody repeat back what I shared here? No. But I can tell you that there are people who have such mastery of their minds that they could actually take this in and repeat back verbatim to me what I shared. There are people living on Earth who can do that.

Boyd:  It's not the lower mental body that does that though. That's the key.

David:  And then there are people with photographic memories, of course. We know that. 

Boyd:  But I think that's integrating with the causal body.

David:  Exactly. People that can photograph it, they see it, they remember it. And they can play back, through their vision, what they saw because it's still there. They flashed it like a picture and they can go back and see it again. That's how people with photographic memories can do it.

Mona and I just watched a movie a couple of days ago about a gal named Temple Grandin. Has anybody heard about her, Temple Grandin? It's an amazing DVD, with Claire Danes playing a true-life person who was autistic and overcame her autism to go on to get a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, and I think she either got her doctorate or is just about there, and now she's a spokesperson for autism. It's an amazing story. Claire Danes did an absolutely fantastic job.

Many autistic people have this gift of a different way of seeing or understanding life. Those who are savants are geniuses on one level, like the Rain Man. Remember the movie Rain Man with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise? He could memorize numbers and other things. He could see numbers and memorize them. These savants often have this amazing ability because their minds work differently.

I'm not saying that we all have to get to the point of memorizing these after hearing them once. Yet there's an aspect of a type of Buddhic awareness, where you take these in, they become a part of your identity and then you can recapture them, and they will work on you at subtle levels to reconfigure you in the divine mind. That's about the best I can explain it right now.

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