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David Lewis      January 20, 2013

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (inspired by Beloved Omraam)
January 20, 2013   8:23–9:21 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

                                              Beholding God in Every Man, Woman and Child

 We have heard for years that we can choose to focus on the Presence, our Presence and the Presence of each person. And to make this a conscious spiritual practice throughout the day, where we actually see people as they truly are in their Presence, is a great boon to civilization as a whole.

 When I focus on your Presence, each one of you, I see the gentle smile of your Presence. And I would encourage us all, when we meditate, to very gently, consciously place a smile on our face so that we can be in alignment with that beautiful smile of our Presence, which is there continuously in our higher state of beingness.

 We have the beautiful Vesta's Solar Rosary, which a number of you helped to create, and I love the image of the smiling face of Vesta pouring through the sun. And we can choose to see this reality manifesting through every person. By doing so, we actually draw out from that person's inner Self their true being so that they can live that reality where we are, where they are. Just imagine if every man, woman and child on the planet engaged in this one simple practice of seeing the God Self, the Solar Presence, the Higher Self, of each person shining through their visage, manifesting through their aura. What a beautiful world it would be, and it can be now by our conscious choice.

 So instead of focusing on all the difficulties, the challenges, the problems, the issues of the day in the government and the news media, just through a gentle change in the dial of our consciousness we can co-create a beautiful, radiant new world by this one simple practice that we engage in throughout the day. How many people do we meet in our day that we have never met before in this life? Well, some people work primarily at home and you may not meet a lot of new people. Others of you have jobs where you come into proximity with others.

 When we consciously choose to see each person as God sees them, beholds them, envisions them and has created them, we become godlike. God's light shines through us more brightly and we enter into that state of holiness and inner perfection of the living saints that we truly desire to be. You know, the Mormons, the people of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints obviously feel that they are worthy to be saints. Well, do you feel worthy to be a saint? I believe that one of the definitions of a saint is that he or she beholds God consciously within every person because he or she has first found that God-ness, that divine essence, within the Self and has held that light inviolate within the Self to the point that it becomes easy to also behold it within others.

 Your level of spirituality is based on how easy it is for you to accept and behold God within every man, woman and child on this Earth. That's a very simple energy calculation or equation. Your level of spirituality is based on this. And if you choose to be holy, to be a saint, to be lovely in God's eyes and in your own eyes, then choose to engage in this practice, because it will allow you to move through life carefully, lovingly, consciously. It's a practice that I don't believe all of us have mastered.

 So we can choose, beginning today, to really engage in this sacred science and this sacred art. We know that first we must accept the light fully within our cells, our being in order that we may apply the same principles of this divine envisioning on behalf of others. If we cannot behold ourselves as pure, as radiant, as clean, as whole, as beautiful, there is not the point of spiritual identification within the own atom of our being, as a weight of light, that affords us the same capability of holding it for others. And so we must continuously be in a state of acceptance of our divinity. We must, and we can choose to allow God—God's light, God's beauty, God's virtues—to shine forth through our cells, through our consciousness 24/7.

 And in order to be of the best benefit to humanity, it is incumbent upon us to engage first in this science of the immaculate conception of ourselves. Then, once we've applied these principles, these divine precepts deep within our soul and allowed God to reembed his pure energy stream within us, it does become easy to do it for all life. You may find that you have trouble living in the state of true humility whereby you know that humanly, of course, there will always be little instances of imperfection at some level that you experience through life, yet you can still feel God's Presence within you despite that. Even with those idiosyncrasies, imperfections, little annoyances and mistakes that we make, we still return to that state where we know that we are God, that God lives within us. Once we have worked on that sufficiently and in humility accept the light within us, then it becomes so much easier to overlook others' imperfections, their annoyances and truly love them as they are, love them for who they are as God-real beings, and with not even one iota of our being do we see anything within them that is untoward, unworthy or not of the light.

Mother Mary learned this sacred science long ago. She knew it as an archangel and archeia and she had to learn it in physicality as an embodied individual evolving in the planes of matter. The vestal virgins of the ancient temples on Atlantis and Lemuria practiced this science on behalf of all life. And she was chosen to be the mother of the Son of God, Jesus, and had to master this science in order for the pure reality of that soul of Jesus to incarnate so that he could fulfill his mission.

 As we look upon life, all life, and we behold clearly every being through our immaculate vision, so we are anointed again and again by the light of our own Presence. We come into communion with life at a deeper level. We come into conformity with the true reality of the etheric plane, the ascended-master realms, and then we begin to have those higher experiences with the blessed beings of light, who feel comfortable in our presence because we have raised the level of our consciousness to this higher state of being.

 If we dwell in all manner of levels of consciousness that bring us down, that do not suit our higher service within the spiritual life that we have chosen to live, then we have no one to blame but ourselves for the state that we find ourselves in:  ill health or having problems in our interactions and relationships. It's incumbent upon us to learn this teaching and make it real in our lives so that our lives do become sublime. And by constantly improving our self, we will naturally improve all of our relationships. There won't be the continuous jarring of auras or misunderstandings. There won't be the jaded views of others toward us, because we are holding them in the light and naturally they also start to manifest their true reality, more than maybe we had ever dreamed was possible.

 So seeing clearly, seeing beautifully, seeing perfectly is the science that the Master Omraam consciously applied on a daily basis. He learned it from his Master; he learned it from the sun itself. He learned it intuitively and that is why he was able to draw forth from the divine realms such beautiful words, which are enlightening themselves; and such noble and amazing lessons, which he shared in so many discourses as he spoke for nearly fifty years in France and throughout the world.

 Let us take a moment now to simply behold anyone that we have ever beheld in imperfection in this new reality of their true essence and replace consciously all past matrices that we have ever foisted upon others with the light of God that always prevails. And as we consciously do this and as images of people or even situations or events come before the lens of our view, simply breathe lovingly and accept the higher essence of each one as being right there, right before your eyes, your gaze, your visage, and breathe new life into that, your own conception of their reality. So do this for a few moments now. [Participants visualize as they sit in silent meditation.]

 Let's give prayer 80.008. I'd like us, both here and on the broadcast, to be able to share a little about how you felt, how you feel now after engaging in this very simple practice. Was there a shift in your awareness? How did you lock into a new reality by this very, very simple little effort?

[David and participants give prayer 80.008: “Absolute Bodhicitta—Holding the Immaculate Concept with the Great Silent Watchers, the Five Dhyani Buddhas and Their Cosmic Cohorts.”]

 We'll turn to 50.001, and then we'll share.

 [David and participants give prayer 50.001: “Perfect Vision” by Cyclopea and Virginia.]

 So what did you experience? We'll open up the phone lines and also receive any emails from people. And if you have consciously engaged in this science before, which we hope you all have in the past, it's fine to share those experiences too. So who would like to say something? 

Participant:  For me, it's an experience of seeing myself and everyone as a mirror of me. And so if I see beauty and perfection and love in the other, really we're one, and I know that's within me. It's like being your brother's keeper or your sister's keeper. It's keeping the flame, the flame we share.

David:  Great. Thank you. Beautiful.

Participant:  I have actually worked on this for quite some time, trying to come up with a good connection with my God Presence. And of course we use the visuals we have of the Presence. And just by putting that smile on the Presence's face, I have felt a stronger connection. It's like the Presence loves me. When you have a sort of indifferent face on the Presence, it's like, “What's going on? Who are they?” I've been struggling with this: how do I get to know my Presence? The Presence is me, is the best part of me, and I was better able to connect through that, just with that little smile. And I can see as I put it over other people how that would help me to connect with them too.

  Great. Thank you. In the past we've seen the I AM Presence in the original chart as kind of this impersonal impersonality. And yet allowing it to magnify itself on a more personal level through the smile does, I think, draw it closer to our hearts, which is really where it exists anyway. Okay, anybody else?

Participant:  Let's try this in the form of a question. Although I've heard about this concept of the immaculate concept for years—that we're supposed to clean up our vision of others—I think I've pretty well got it licked. But as I scan my brain, I can see a handful of people that rub me the wrong way. What about people that actually objectively fail you? Are you supposed to just gullibly laugh and chuckle at their human frailties, or worse? Like the guys in Wall Street, the power elite that are taking us to the cleaners? How are you going to look at them with an immaculate concept?

David:  Okay, Boyd gets to answer that one.

Boyd:  Well, for me, when I do this—and I practice this a lot because I've been directed to—

and I practice it by seeing the Holy Christ Self level. It's different, it's interesting and it's distinct. And I also practice it at the level of the God Presence, which is what I think we're talking about. Like David said, you have to start with magnifying the Lord within yourself, magnifying the God flame by putting your attention there and simultaneously yielding to it and then also embracing it. And what happens is that it glows and grows and grows like a lightbulb with the wattage being turned up, and your consciousness changes and you become not even aware of all the little things that you were talking about, because they're just very, very temporary things.

            In the scheme of things, a Wall Street broker that's doing all these things that are maybe harmful to other people is just a little chapter in a big, big book. And so if you put your attention on the bright, bright light within yourself, through a kind of induction you can actually see that same bright, bright light that you feel and see inside yourself in every other person, burning and shining through their own chest cavity, but also being that impersonal being. Through seeing it, you're actually magnifying it in other people. And that's what we're trying to do. So if you're putting your attention on these other things, I would recommend that maybe you should try to get above the mental concepts, because the mental will never lead you to what this discussion is about. That's my answer.

David:  Thank you, Boyd. Perfect. And also, I ask the question again of you __________: How does God, the Almighty God, the Creator of all, see those individuals? God's vision is too pure to behold iniquity: “My vision (eyes) is too pure to behold iniquity.”¹ So we can either choose to be God and godlike and see every individual, no matter how seemingly evil or dark they are, as God sees them, or we can continue to choose to see them as we humanly desire to see them. And we will recreate, ad nauseum, that vibration of what we behold of imperfection within them through that lower choice. I believe it is a higher choice to begin to see everyone, everything, every situation as it is in its higher outpicturing.

 You may say, “Is this putting our heads in the clouds or burying our heads in the sand?” No, it's not. It is a conscious choice to bring the energy up into our higher third eye, our higher vision, to radiate through that nexus of the lens of the Eye of God and to keep and maintain that focus there until there is not an iota, or shred, of acceptance of imperfection in that other person, who is really one with us. This is the work of the Silent Watchers. We just gave prayer 80.008 and I think that some people may not feel and really know what it means to be a Silent Watcher. We call Cyclopea and Virginia the Silent Watchers also. What are they watching silently? They're beholding the perfection.

 Remember the old prayer, “Beloved Cyclopea, thou beholder of perfection, release to us thy divine direction?” It is a conscious choice. Then what happens is that we shift into our higher reality. We no longer live in the mental state. We begin living at a higher vibrational frequency in the etheric. You can choose to engage people, if you desire, for the rest of your life at the mental level. This is a shift for all of us, to begin to behold immaculately at a higher frequency. If we never choose to engage it, then we will never master it. If we believe that it's possible, we can achieve it. But we have to practice it. We have to accept that it's possible to see people as Mother Mary sees them and to behold them as Kuan Yin does, as the bodhisattvas do.

 The big problem of today for many of us who were engaged in the battle consciousness of trying to wipe out evil by giving judgment calls is that, I believe, we lowered our vibration unknowingly by trying to coerce evil to be nonexistent rather than using this higher science of mindful Buddhic awareness, which is more in alignment with what the great divine beings, the Elohim, the Silent Watchers are doing continuously at a level of their spiritual beings, which is beholding perfection. If the Silent Watchers were to lapse for one second into this lower state of unclear seeing, various solar systems would collapse. That's El Morya's statement and backed up by Omraam. So if they have mastered the science over eons of time and have proven that it works, then we can begin to accept it as a possibility, practice it and eventually master it. The more we master this science, the faster the Golden-Crystal Age of pure freedom and enlightenment will manifest upon Earth. It's a simple equation.

 It will take many more of us to engage in this level of seeing outside of duality in the unity field of beingness. We've heard these words over and over and over from the masters in the last five and more years: nonduality, unity, perfection, seeing clearly. I don't believe that all of us have truly engaged on a daily basis in this science, made it very practical in our lives to the point where we are really transmuting and eradicating karma and rising into the karmaless state of pure beingness.

 This practice alone, Omraam says, will help many of us get way beyond the 51 percent state, or even if you're below that, because it realigns everything into a new matrix, a new paradigm, where you're not recreating karma through your vision. We have created karma by seeing impurely. And when you rise to a certain state of balancing karma beyond the 50 percent state, you have to actually begin to use this science consciously, because you're vibrating at a higher level and what you see impurely you are creating, and you're thereby actually making karma. You may not believe that, but the Master is saying it.

So we create karma through our seeing, not even necessarily saying words or hurting people or thinking—we create karma through our thinking. Have you thought of that before? We actually can create karma, negative karma, through thinking negative thoughts. We create karma through seeing impurely. So we can transmute a helluva lot of karma if we begin to use this science consciously daily. And many of you who are moving into the higher levels of balancing 70, 80, 90 and even close to 100 percent will know exactly why this teaching is so important, because when you master it you will behold the beauty of everyone. And holding them inviolate in the light will create the shift within you also that's essential for you to enter your karmaless state of pure identification with God.

 Okay, so who else?

Participant:  Well, it's interesting, day by day, to get things projected your way, particularly by someone who's been practicing their Hollywood witchcraft for a long time. Mentally you're responding to something that's put out at you, and whether you just send it back to the person or whether you send back that purity of light is another whole story, because, again, I can see that point right now, where on the mental level, where there's an attack on you that you're just responding mentally to that same thing. You're not sending back hatred to hatred, but you're sending back love to hatred. Or if it's mentally you're responding, you're not holding the immaculate matrix for that person. So it's interesting, rising higher rather than staying stuck in your same concepts and even the same person over and over and over and over.

David:  And you eventually get to the point where you're not even aware of so-called projections, because if you're actually thinking that way, at a certain level you draw it to yourself. And Omraam says: “Be light. Be love. Perfect love casts out fear.” We've known that, but how do we apply it?

 If you're in the state of pure love, fear has no chance against you or to enter your consciousness. Darkness has no foothold to live in your aura. So it's better, in my opinion, to simply be all light than to engage at the level of trying to quash, destroy darkness, the energy veil. I choose to live in the full integrity of my Presence and to be such a blazing sun that anything and everything that could be a so-called attack has no chance in that light. It doesn't faze me one iota. That's my highest choice. Now, do we all succumb at times? Of course. Some of us get sick here and there and we experience problems. We just have to learn and do the spiritual disciplines and the practices that allow us to maintain as high a level of vibration as we can so that anything and everything that is untoward doesn't have a chance. Okay. __________, did you say something?

Participant:  I noticed in Boyd's response that he made a distinction of exercising this practice at the level of the Christ/Buddha Self and the level of the I AM Presence. And at the level of the Christ/Buddha Self, in terms of seeing how this works out in practical applications of daily life, I think of the Buddhic precepts of indifference and nonattachment. We had a perfect example of that this morning. Our carpool group got here a little early and we went to the Montana Cup and we were all seated with our coffee and bagels, and the subject of politics came up. And I could see that if we started really engaging in that conversation, we would probably put more energy in it and then we would come over here and try and practice our meditative indifference. In other words, we would have brought that energy. So that was the time to exercise indifference or nonattachment and not put a whole bunch of energy into politics, especially in the context of coming into the chapel. So that's how I can see it at one level. And then at the level of the I AM Presence, it's a more formalized thing that I'm still working on of trying to bring it into my daily life. Now it's more my ability at the level of my Solar evolution, where I just don't feed a lot of energy and I'm trying to remain indifferent or unattached to the more bothersome aspects of living in this modern world of ours.

David:  Okay, __________, do you have anything to share? We're going to give everybody a chance and then we're going to open the phone lines.

Participant:  It was mentioned about a book, and that when there's a chapter in the book that one really loves, or a section in a chapter that one disagrees with very strongly, I see it in terms of the Buddhic manners, to become a balance within yourself, to become indifferent to that page or particular chapter that you may disagree with and put your attention on the whole book that you really love. And seeing that book in its wholeness, with indifference to that little section, will allow you to put emphasis on that whole book that you love  as opposed to that little section that you don't like, which could actually take you away from your love of the book. You don't want that. You want to love the book because you know it's a good book; it's from the heart.

 I also wanted to mention that when David mentioned putting attention on Presence, seeing the Presence of another, I remember that Mother used to speak about seeing the whole causal body around a person. And that's a beautiful thing to do, to see the causal body around one's self and relating from seeing one's self or another's. Of course we all make errors, but just looking at ourselves indifferently and another indifferently when it comes to certain matters is not that important. What's important is the essence of each one. Each one of us has had so many embodiments, to put emphasis on a botched-up lifetime or segments of a botched up lifetime doesn't make any sense. It's totally irrational, because you have the wholeness of the person that was in the beginning.

David:  Great. Thank you so much.

Participant:  To comment on what __________was asking, about whether we are supposed to look at the Wall Street people and just brush whatever we know that they've done under the carpet. I think you touched on it in your comments earlier when you said something about all of us knowing that we have our own foibles and little faults, which makes it easier for us to then extend that grace to other people. That's exactly it. I think it comes down to being super, super simple. It comes down to what __________was saying. If God's looking at you, do you want God to look at all the stupid things that you've done? We all know our faults; we all know our shortcomings. If you were kind of just having a little one-on-one with God, is that the way that you think he would see you? Or would he see you for your better qualities? So it's like whether you see the glass half empty or half full. Do you see people for their faults? Every single person, all the avatars, no matter who's ever been in embodiment, has had faults. Do you see them for that or do you see them for the whole gigantic other part of themselves that is God? And then when it really comes down to it, everything is God, so you would always look at the positive in people.

David:  And here's another aspect of the thing about Wall Street guys. If I asked the Keeper of the Scrolls to highlight what was in your past, my past, I can tell you there will be instances where we did a lot worse things—murders, mayhem, slaughters—than what these guys on Wall Street are doing. So judge not lest ye be judged. What that means is, don't see the imperfection anymore; don't judge it; don't even analyze it; don't mentally construct in your mind that these guys are bad, evil, doing bad things. If you hold that as a construct in your mind, it will reside there for as long as you chose to continue to hold it. And what you're identifying with is what is inside you from your past.

 That's what the whole science of Ho'oponopono tells us. We transform ourselves and thereby we change the world. So anything you see of imperfection on Wall Street and in any other person, there's a point of identification within yourself. We know this teaching. We've heard it from many, many sources. And yet we continue to do it, right? We continue to identify with what we see in the media of evil, on the left or the right or middle of the road, or whatever. And this is where the masters are saying we can choose a higher walk with God, make a higher choice.

 And I challenge every heartfriend in our movement to go for one month without reading any media stuff—reading newspapers, watching the news, et cetera. See how you feel, how you think, how you emote, how you live differently. Just try it. Pretend you're Babaji in the caves of Tibet or India. You have no access to the news. You're simply emanating light, love to the planet. You're living fully in God's energy field of picture-perfect presence. You have no awareness of what's going on of so-called evil in the valleys, in the marts of mankind. You're just pure love and light. Try that, even if you're not in a cave in India, and see if it makes a difference in your attitude, your consciousness. Try it. It can't hurt. “Oh, but I'm not going to be practical; I won't know what's going on.” Well, the world's still going to go on around you no matter what. You're not going to die by not being aware of what's going on in the media for a month. Try it! I challenge every heartfriend in our movement to try this for a month. So on February 19—let's mark it on our calendars, somebody remind me—we'll see how we all did, if we came up higher, if we were more resilient, if we were more successful in all of our work. The words that I'm saying to you I'm saying to myself too. It's going to be a challenge for me not to look at the media because I love to do it. I love to see what's going on. Try it for a month. Don't call in to talk shows. Okay? I'm serious. This is Omraam's challenge to us.

Boyd, is there anybody on the phone or any emails? I think everybody here has had an opportunity to speak at least once.

Boyd:  The phone line is open if somebody would like to speak right now.

Caller:  Hi, this is __________.  When I woke up this morning, the first thing I was thinking about was an incident that happened yesterday. I was with many of my siblings and my husband. And I said something to my sister about my husband: “Oh, he always does this,” or something. And it was shocking to feel something so little reverberate back to me the this morning. I felt, “That is just not good!” And as a thought, it wasn't so bad. But when it was verbalized, it was shocking to me, and I resolved right then and there that I will never do that again. I will only speak and think lovingly about my beloved husband. And I made this determination, and I could see the face of my God Presence and I was superimposing it over him and I was making my determination. I've done this before, but it was really, really a new determination. He's a very pure soul, and I was just seeing that this is the way I'm going to see and think about him from now on, for sure.

 And then this morning, we received this from Omraam and then David asked, “How has this experience helped you lock into this?” So the synchronicity is just amazing. And I'm just really grateful because I feel like a lot of times we think the messages from the masters are personal to us, and they are, and I just had to share this because it was a great thing. So thank you very much, Omraam, and thank you, David, and all of you.

David:  Thank you, __________. God bless you. I asked Omraam to answer all of your questions before and the masters typically do this. They like to address whatever is arising in our consciousness and they may do it on a more universal level. Any emails? Or anyone else on the phone?

Caller:  Hi, this is __________. I've been reading the book A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. And what I got from it was that a really wonderful way to be able to easily practice the immaculate concept is to just recognize that all of the imperfections, all of the anger and bad things that people do is the ego and also to realize that whatever reacts towards it, any anger or feelings of hatred that you feel within yourself in reaction to their ego, is also ego and just not to take it personally. And that way you're able to kind of go past it and feel compassion for that person. Because at the same time you're realizing that they're suffering from the same thing that you are, you're also realizing that both of you, underneath everything and way surpassing any imperfection, is perfect consciousness. And so instead of resisting all their imperfections or anything like that, you recognize that your state of consciousness reflects the outer world, so to resist it would be to magnify it, to make it worse. And so that's what I got from it, and it really helps me to not feel anger or any kind of resistance and also to recognize that there is absolutely no purpose to resist. And it's made my life better.

David:  Thank you, __________. Beautiful.

1. Habakkuk 1:13

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