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David Lewis      January 19, 2013

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
January 19, 2013   8:37–8:57 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Hilarion's Testament of Truth

Good morning, everyone. Here are today's Testaments of Truth from Hilarion for the nineteenth of January 2013. I'll read each one twice.

      Truth prefers to perfect rather than to replace paradigms.
      Truth restores hope in the purity of the soul who shepherds love.
      The Good Shepherd lives in truth for all.
      Gently unveiling darkness is Truth's preferred way.
      Truth shines her light in a multitude of angles and through a myriad of lenses.
      The giving receive the blessings of Truth.
      Truth's interest is piqued when you bank on her.
      The ravenous may learn from the gentility of the dove of Truth.
      Truth tends the heart of the intrepid caring.
10. Aesop's Fables are lessons in higher truth.
11. The truthful always triumph.
12. Eternal truths are the Creator's wisdom laws.
13. Prevaricate no longer, for Truth is here.
14. Truth flees from gabs and gossips.
15. The righteous are Truth's disciples.
16. The world requires teachers of Truth's tenets.
17. Truth tests the proud with interesting trials.
18. Truth trains her tenants to own up to their inner Self.
19. Truth has no trivial pursuits.
20. Those who harbor Truth always experience smooth sailing.
21. With Truth's tutoring, the implacable become irreplaceable.
22. A solitary truth can erase a legion of lies.
23. Visit our Temple of Truth amidst the Emerald City.
24. Jade infuses Truth's healing virtues within its wearer.
25. Truth's emeralds complement Compassion's rubies.
26. Bamboo embodies Truth's strong and pliant qualities.
27. Every truther has character.
28. The mountains first witness the Sun's truth rays.
29. Truth is pleased as much with mindful silence as with epic sagas.
30. Each victorious episode of your life illustrates one truth fulfilled.
31. Quicken Truth's appearance by speaking graciously to all.
32. Divine etiquette creates the perfect ambiance for Truth.
33. Through your prayers, Truth swiftly replies to the cries of the unjustly accused.
34. Every virtuous act and every thoughtful word yields Truth's intercession in some sphere.
35. Kale and parsley are nature's truthers and temple builders.
36. The scent of pine is the fragrance of higher truth.
37. The wealthy-wise have accepted Truth's inner tutorings.
38. Your aura bespeaks your true nature.
39. Every light venture gains capital-truth.
40. The wise win by plying truth.
41. Arthritis, born of fear, has an earlier cause in the avoidance of truth.
42. Truth prefers pointed facts to pompous pleasantries.
43. Learn to intuit the truth by spirited deduction.
44. The sacred always conveys truth.
45. Truth's presence is centered amidst purity and peace.
46. The faithful will find divine truth.
47. Reverence for life allows Truth's song to be heard.
48. Study the life of Sojourner Truth.
49. Those who yield to Truth always find the way.
50. Truth is revealed to the humble of heart.

I am grateful to have received these beautiful Testaments of Truth. A few of you have sent me beautiful emails recommending other alliterative adjectives for these releases, and I appreciate them, and we'll see what the final word is from the Master—Teachings of Truth, Treasures of Truth, Touchstones of Truth, Torches of Truth, Timeless Truths, Trillions of Truth, Transparent Truths and a few more. I am emboldened to live my truth as I receive these, to feel what the masters are really doing through these as they are dictated and shared with us. So thank you for your participation. 


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