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David Lewis      January 18, 2013

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
January 18, 2013   8:30–8:54 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Hilarion's Testaments of Truth

Good morning, everyone. God bless you. It's a beautiful day. I have more of Hilarion's treasures of Truth, tidbits of Truth, testaments of Truth for today, Friday, January 18, 2013. I'm very excited about these releases of light. As we hear them, please simply assimilate them deep within your being. Allow them to resonate within your heart, your mind, your soul, your spirit. And then as you feel the impressions that Pallas Athena and Hilarion and other green-ray masters are showering upon us, feel the action of truth moving through your being, out into the world and being expressive of this beautiful emerald-crystal energy field of perfection and God-glory.

     Truth's jewels reside within every heart.
     Those who trust God receive Truth's anointings.
     Temptation tests Truth's inner foothold.
     Dwelling in Truth requires a clean abode.
     Impressive are Truth's sinews within the brave.
     Demanding the truth often brings her voice to bear.
     Investigate Truth's workings through silence.
     Improbabilities become realities through Truth's sword work.
     Those who violate Truth receive a swift reprimand.
10. Truth is intense, yet guarded.
11. Grace often opens a portal for Truth's appearance.
12. Truth and compassion are complimentary. [David: What I'm seeing in the word complimentary is the i becoming an e, and the e becoming an I, because both words are appropriate here.]
13. Truth revels in exposing the greatest darkness and highlighting the greatest heights.
14. The earnest heart fuels Truth's labors.
15. Present awareness provides Truth a sacred platform.
16. Every divine revelation is sponsored by the legions of Truth.
17. In consonance, Reality and Truth abide.
18. The strong can bear Truth's trappings. [David: For whatever reason, I'm seeing the image of Lance Armstrong right now. He's been in the media. So obviously trappings has a number of meanings there.]
19. Being truthful begins with being positive.
20. Truth is more than an ideology; she is an ideal.
21. Impress the Spirit by always speaking the truth.
22. Truth avoids filters, requiring all to come clean.
23. Truth gets the best of agnostics, procrastinators and the weak-minded.
24. Truth says, “Being forgetful is no excuse.”
25. Invite Truth to be your alarm.
26. The truthful breathe easier.
27. The Spirit is Truth's lover.
28. Truth grants the wish of the courageous.
29. Victory is swift in supporting Truth's endeavors.
30. Every overcomer has borne witness to the truth.
31. Embodying truth requires daily virya.
32. Truth's resources are vast—and they work!
33. Truth reveals the secrets to transform the five poisons.
34. Today's media does not aver truth.
35. Truth is both stern and serene.
36. Truth presses into her service those willing to know her ways.
37. Being truthful requires a strong heart, a firm will and a diamond mind.
38. The voice of Truth is everywhere, though few listen.
39. Witness your truth within your Presence.
40. Truth transforms the willing into warriors. [David: And if you don't like the word warriors, he says you can say workmen. Obviously these are workmen of the Spirit.]
41. Collaborate with Truth: be your Self.
42. The shield of Truth is impressive and her spear irresistible.
43. As nature abhors a vacuum, so Truth abhors the vacuous.
44. Truth is direct in her approach.
45. Truth civilizes even the vilest by her warmth and strength.
46. Soothsayers and naysayers alike require the real words of Truth.
47. Practical spiritualists know Truth's demands.
48. The truth is a strong brew for the uncommitted.
49. Let your voice be Truth's sword.
50. The golden rule is Truth's edict.

 Those are the fifty terrible truths for today. Actually, I think they're terrific, so we can call them the Terrific Truths. We talk about the “terrible twos”; well, we can transmute the terrible twos into the terrific twos for those conscious parents who know how to work consciously with their children.

            Thank you for participating in this alchemical release today.

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