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David Lewis      January 17, 2013

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
January 17, 2013   8:30–9:00 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Hilarion's Testaments of Truth

 Good morning, everyone. Last night we had a very special wholeness service. Not that many people were participating, yet we had a wonderful new release of light from the Master Hilarion, who began a series of what he, at least temporarily, is calling Testament of Truth. I released eighty-eight little nuggets of truth last night, and early this morning I received fifty more.

So I'd like to share these with you, and today I will read each of them twice because it may be a little difficult to really assimilate them hearing them only once. At this point I won't be expounding on them, as I have done with some of the little pearls of wisdom through other masters in the past. Yet I reserve that right in the future if the Master so desires.

So this is the second series of these Testaments of Truth. I was thinking that maybe I could call them Truffles of Truth, but I thought maybe that's not exactly what he'd like. So if you have a better alliterative word, other than Testament of Truth, please let me know. So here we go, January 17, 2013, from the Master Hilarion: 

      Truth's victory is planetary enlightenment. [David: I'd like to explain that the Master, as other masters have done, personifies the quality or the virtue throughout these Testaments with a capital T very often. In other words, truth is embodied within a being, and it could be Pallas Athena; it could be Hilarion himself; it could be a cosmic being named Truth. For every virtue we've heard in the past does have a being who, at a very high frequency, embodies it. So number two:]
      Truth's pressures yield diamond wills.
      Truth overcomes the vagaries of life.
      Truth requires no shield from the Sun.
      Truth complies with Logoic wisdom and Solar logic.
      Truth is etched within the atom of beingness.
      Truth cannot be divided, only divined.
      Shrink not from Truth's knowing gaze and compassionate eyes.
      The truthful win themSelves. [David: With a capital S as one word.]
10.  The honest hearken to Truth's heart.
11.  Truth is the great integrator of all the elements.
12.  Elementary educators must be truth seekers.
13.  Let your valuables be truth, wisdom and compassion.
14.  The truthful ride high in the saddle.
15.  Every benign being knows Truth's essence.
16.  The virtuous live in truth.
17.  Truth seekers are amply rewarded and reWorded. [David: With a capital W.]
18.  The just have an open invitation at Truth's table.
19.  Truth knows when to dare and how to deliver.
20.  Guardians of the truth are ye and we.
21.  The intrepid respect Truth's aura.
22.  The wise understand Truth's stance.
23.  Revelators inscribe Truth's dictates.
24.  Every flower is truthful, every tree thoughtful.
25.  Truth sings through the free-spirited and the bright-witted.
26.  Every plant is a truther, every herb a healer.
27.  Skies and clouds witness the Sun's eternal truths.
28.  Every garden's a truth plot, every vase a truth pot.
29.  Seeds of truth are planted within the caring.
30.  Pines and firs are sentinels of Truth.
31.  Let your glow-rays expand Truth's ways.
32.  The soulful respect Nature's truths.
33.  Truth is a great alchemist of divine light.
34.  The fun-spirited relish Truth's joyous words.
35.  Earth's new path honors Solar truth.
36.  Above Titicaca is a doorway to Truth's home.
37.  Ascend our inner Acropolis to access our Truth University.
38.  Over Crete, truth is replete.
39.  Virginia's truthforms are awesome. [David: So that's a new word, I guess, that the masters are giving us—truthforms.]
40.  Danger avoids the truthful.
41.  Eternality is Truth's timeline/timecircle. [David: The Master is showing me that this timeline is a circle. So he's saying that we could change it to timecircle, with an understanding that most people think of timelines, though it's not a line; it's a circle.]
42.  Invite Truth to be today's virtue within you.
43.  The truthful are the real bold and beautiful.
44.  My truthful ones' eyes sparkle.
45.  Divine reason expounds Truth's logic.
46.  The fortunate first sowed truth.
47.  The ephemeral eventually submits to Truth's fate.
48.  Being truthful involves much more than being compliant.
49.  I wouldn't say that Truth is lenient, but She is just. [David: In this case, he is personifying Pallas Athena, and the She can be capitalized. I realize that this may not be what we consider conscious language, but it's conscious enough.]
50.  Travel the emerald brick road to the Golden City.

 I love Hilarion's humor. Of course there's the yellow brick road to the Emerald City, so I think this is a play on words. Travel the emerald brick road to the Golden City. So those are Hilarion's little nuggets of Truth for today. I love these. When I receive them I feel a great uplift, a joy also within some, especially the ones about nature—a tenderness and aspects of truth that we may not have considered before.

 I feel that truth has many, many components or expressions. And we may in the past have focused on truth as being kind of a rigid type of virtue, which is one where we have to take a stand against darkness, et cetera. And I feel within many of these beautiful expressions of the flame of truth a new appreciation for Hilarion, Pallas Athena, the masters of truth, including Cyclopea and Virginia. I feel a different energy field of the emerald ray, the green ray, as I both inscribe these words upon receiving them and imbibe them deep within my soul and heart and mind to consider all the various meanings, because I think that often there are double, triple, quadruple, quintuple meanings in some of these that we can intuit when we reflect on them.

 My one apology to you is that I know that we could really meditate on each one for a few minutes or a number of minutes and go into a deeper level of assimilation. You can do that when you hear the replay and eventually when these are released in written form, hopefully in a future minibook in our series on all these beautiful virtues.

 I wasn't expecting Hilarion any time soon. He came yesterday morning, on a Wednesday, and he's continuing this series. I guess the reason he's coming in this cycle of Capricorn, and probably moving into Aquarius, is that the Earth requires an infusion of truth right now, very likely because of what is transpiring both within us and within the outside world, as we see it outpictured through our Congress, the legislative branch, the executive branch and even the judicial branch of our government and the economy itself. Remember that the emerald ray, the green ray, is the ray of the economy. And of course we can always use a spiritual boost to provide what is essential to move our economy into a golden-crystal-age economy.

 So whatever you intuit as the reasons the Master is coming now, feel free to understand this dynamic from your own vantage point. I feel, having attended Hilarion's quarter of Summit University, beginning in January 1975, and meditating upon and being with him very tangibly during those three months, that a part of his essence has always been within me. This was when I was nineteen years old in Santa Barbara, California—a beautiful city, one of the secret-ray chakras of California, one that I absolutely love.

 I encourage all of us to get to know this Master, as well as Pallas Athena, Leto, Meta and all the masters of the emerald ray, because I believe that when we are able to embody more of this light of the emerald ray—including jade, teal, aqua and all the variations of the green ray, mixing with the blue, mixing with the yellow and other frequencies—we can help our economy. We can help both our individual and our communal, or universal, situation.

 In the name of the mighty I AM God Presence, blessed beloved Hilarion, we thank you for this release of light through these sacred words today. I pray for each and every heartfriend to receive from their I AM God Presence a stream of divine emerald light, crystal energy, to support them on their path, to buffet them against the winds of darkness that may be attempting to play upon them, to secure for each one that abundant life that each one is destined to fully live,  embody and know so that they may grace this planet and this universe with every holy essence of light that it is their right to know, to feel, to emanate and to share with humanity in so many beautiful, co-creative ways.

 Beloved Hilarion, from your retreat over Crete, we ask you to continue to let there be an outpouring, an outflow of such divine radiance of healing, wholeness and wellness that every heartfriend within our movement is fully integrated in that state of perfect wholeness, well-being. Let those who are in any way suffering or feeling less than their true Self or in any way experiencing, pain, anguish, torment within body, mind or soul know the healing balm of Gilead, the currents and the divine aloes that will assuage whatever is occurring within their lives that is less than optimal.

 We accept this now—we see it, we feel it, we realize it and we accept it within ourselves, within every heartfriend whom we love, whom we cherish, whom we revere. O Lord God, let your blessings flow to each one this day. Inspire them, motivate them with greater love, greater light and compassion. We accept it done in the name I AM THAT I AM and through the grace of Hilarion, Pallas Athena and all the masters of the emerald ray.

 Thank you, everyone. God bless you. Again, if you missed the service last night, I understand that the audio of Hilarion's sharing is now uploaded and most likely the entire broadcast. So I encourage you, if you missed it, to hear the first eighty-eight of these beautiful Testaments of Truth from the Master. God bless you. Have a great day.


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