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Cha Ara      January 15, 2013

Beloved Cha Ara
David Christopher Lewis
January 15, 2013   9:12–9:25 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Creating a New Earth through a Practical Spiritual Life

We Require Servitors Who Would Distill the Spirit's Fire
in Practical Works within Their Lives

            I AM Cha Ara, and I fan the fire of love here and within your hearts this day. I impel you higher! And I charge you, with the radiance of your Source, to reinvest within yourself light, light, light daily so that your purpose—to be God in manifestation—may be fulfilled.

            Reach up into the divine stream of your own holy essence of purity and access now and forevermore that true and noble Selfhood that allows you to sing the song of your own free spirit and to play upon your own lute of light your own melody sublime, which brings to all ears that are open to the sounds of beauty God's glory, God's voice, God's musicality of divinity.

            I have not come often to discourse with you, dearest ones. And yet I am moving and working behind the scenes in many realms and dimensional planes of being to afford devotees of light what they require of God-good and those special virtues of the Spirit that will provide all joy, spontaneity of creativity and the radiance of divinity. It is yours to know, to emulate and to become fully.

            What does that name Cha Ara mean? you may ask. Within the Cha is the charity of God. And within the Ara is the essence of Alpha's ray activated within my Selfhood, which I offer to you as you, becoming of God, know and realize yourself each moment through love, love, love.

            When you are expressive of any virtue, I am there smiling from within your heart, energizing that virtue as it is applied practically in your life through works of grace, works of the Holy Spirit. I work with the practical ones whose heads are not in the clouds only—yes, those whose feet are firmly planted upon the Earth, whose hands are invested in co-creating all manner of beautiful new renderings of God's glory in physicality. I work with those who work with the soil in their gardens and plan carefully every project, using intuitive faculties of higher mindfulness to see beyond the veil and beyond the temporary into the universal, into the dimensionless realms of pure being; with those who then draw that fire of divine light and creativity into the present moment to make something real, tangible and beautiful now.

            You see, dearest ones, each of you as a co-creator can, I say, and will, if you choose, blend the resources of your being with the All-in-all in numerous co-creative works if you apply the principles of divine alchemy and the science of Spirit daily and if your hands are engaged consciously in all manner of beautiful embellishments of divine light right where you are, here in time and space. We require servitors of fire, those who would distill the Spirit's fire within their lives through work, service and employment here and now.

            There are many who study endlessly the teachings of the Brotherhood, and yet how much of what they have heard of others' self-mastery have they, through their own ingenuity and through cosmic trial and even error, mastered within their practical lives? This movement is one for initiates and adepts who would give birth within themselves to a new world first, and then, feeling that Presence, that joy and that spirit-fire from within, fabricate, coagulate within the matter spheres the reality of God's kingdom come upon Earth now.

            Wait no longer for Christ's appearance some time in a distant future day. The Second Coming is now within you. It is your choice to accept it as a reality and to live within the integrity of what that means for you each day. Yes, Christ and Buddha are here, working with those who ply the trades of the Spirit and who would be investigative reporters of truth within the chalice of their present experience of life.

            What you access within the divine realms is only real if you allow it to be impressed within the Earth itself. This is self-mastery. This is self-realization, dearest ones. No more space cadets in our legions! We require those astronauts of the Spirit who would be propelled into divine realms and alight again on terra mater, on terra firma, in order to witness, through works of light, what heaven teaches and what can be, will be and is now real within your realm of light.

            I am as physical as God has allowed me to be here, and I anoint those with the oil of gladness who would reinvest themselves and enlist again in the workings of the Universal Brotherhood of Light to conquer the unreal and to accept the new frequencies of our new Earth, realized in the eternal moment of the Now, in the present of your Presence.

           Would you be one whom I can count on? If so, call to me! Accept my assignments and radiance. Live virtuously and enjoy your new spiritual life.

            I AM Alpha's ray, activated by the light of charity within you now and forevermore, blessed ones. I thank you.


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