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Meta      January 09, 2013

Beloved Meta
David Christopher Lewis
January 1, 2013   7:30–8:00 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Meta Shares a Bouquet of Light and Love with Us All:
My Prayer Is that You Flower and Grow within Your Divinity

Blessed Heartfriends Who Understand More of the Purpose of Your Life, Your Mission, Your Destiny,

I am here, and the ladies of heaven are present in your midst to overshine your lives with a greater radiance of joy and cosmic spontaneity, with the essence of godly beingness that provides for you, if you choose, a new sense of your own hallowedness.

Yes, you are holy, for you are wholly God's, embraced by the Divine One always. And when there is within your heart an acceptance of who you are in your real state of divine light, then everything becomes easier for you. Your pathway is strewn with roses of beauty and the way is made plain for you to ascend daily in consciousness, to partake of the gracious offerings from the heart of God through all of his emissaries, through all of her bountiful essences.

I AM Meta, and I represent many divine maidens upon Venus who would extend to you our motherly love, our feminine touch to raise you in spirit, to enable you to conceive of new possibilities and to perceive with new eyes the glories of heaven as they already exist all around you in that slightly higher dimension of being that many of you are beginning to access within your meditations and even see as you open your eyes to this new-world experience of blessedness within God's eternal heart.

The warmth of the Spirit is yours to know when the winds of change dance and play upon your being and when it seems that all is breaking down around you or that there is not a foundation strong enough for you to fulfill your purpose in all things. The breath of the Spirit is yours to imbibe each moment to receive inspiration and guidance from many in heaven who so love you and who have invested much in offering themselves and their sacred gifts to you, each one, so that you may also feel deeply and know your own eternal nature, your own blessed state of beingness in God's heart.

Precious ones, every soul is worthy of God to be free, to be expressive of its eternal essence of divine loveliness. Reaching up into the higher domains through a time of stillness and silent contemplation upon pure light, pure love and purity itself affords you a great impetus for your acceleration on the path and for you to embrace all that Providence would give you each moment. Remember your childlike state of awe and wonderment in learning much about life, running in the fields and the parks, being joyful, frolicking in the grass and amongst the flowers and plants, trees and bushes.

O dearest ones, heaven is not so far removed from you. And there is, through your own resilience, opportunity for you to move beyond any temporary setback, issue and even angst in relationships, problems with your loved ones, and to know the family of God within the Universal Great White Brotherhood, which will always provide what you require to be at peace with yourself, to know inner harmony, to accept your own blessings of the Spirit. In this childlike state of nonduality, of experiencing the simple joys of each new day as it comes with joy, friendship with all life and kinship with the nature spirits and all whom you may call “heartfriend,” we will also be there to inspire you, to guide you and to gently prod you onward to a new, glorious Selfhood in the Spirit and a blessed state of beingness.

Your intimate relationship with God is essential to truly know, to be invested in, in some way each day. For the Lord will prove to you in the outplaying of events and all manner of miraculous experiences that there is a noble purpose to your life, who you are, and that heaven watches over you and is invested in your victory, in your happiness, in your livelihood. Yes, dearest ones, feel the welling up from within you of peace this day, the peace of your Presence, the tranquil nature of your Real Self as you look within the reflecting pool—yea, the mirror—of God's essence and see your true Selfhood, beautiful and one with all life in your high estate of love.

I work with children of all ages and the child within adults that yet remains to be known and experienced as each one's eternal nature. Yes, dearest ones, when you know the child within your own soul light, when you accept just who you are as God accepts you, all will flow, all will flower, all will be as it is now, was in the beginning and ever shall be within that eternal Now of pure light, love and harmony.

I bring a bouquet of light-flowers, representing certain essences, which you may draw to your heart to know and experience at a deeper level of your being. Do you remember bringing to your mothers or your loved one one flower or a number of flowers in an array of thoughtfulness and devotion? This is what I bring to you, each one, as I attend to your souls, as I nurture your spirit, as I bless you in ways that you may not fully perceive now, yet which one day you will truly understand when you have laid your head upon the breast of the Lord and accepted unconditional love, true knowingness and that which about you God has always held within his mind's eye and heart as real and pure. Accept your pure nature of light today as you take this bouquet to your heart and breathe in the floral essences—yes, those spiritual quintessences of light that the Holy Spirit has embedded within them.

My prayer this day is that each of you will truly flower and grow within your divinity, accepting your Godhood, knowing your eternal nature and, in the process, being responsive to the Lord's calling. Yes, the Lord calls you, each one, daily to be love, O beloved ones.

My love is here always for you to experience. My light is yours ever. I thank you.

Messenger's Comments:

Thank you, everyone. I would like to simply thank every heartfriend today throughout our movement and beyond who has so loved God through their devotions, their praises, their constancy. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything that you give in so many ways on a daily basis to bring radiance and joy and love to our world. Thank you for providing the abundance to our movement of light, the Hearts Center, so that we can work together to co-create a beautiful new world. We choose to do it. We have accepted this work as our sacred calling and holy mission, and we are all moving on in higher self-knowledge, great self-beingness and a more refined life, living our spiritual principles and values consciously, calling to mind those who require our assistance, prayers and blessings; those who within our greater family are suffering, are experiencing travail, pain, anguish, physical hardship.

I feel and see beloved Meta's love and her healing light going to you, each one, today and softening your experience if it is in any way difficult. Embedded within her great healing love is such a wonderful sacred ointment of light, which I can feel oozing through my being and wafting upon divine currents to wash over you, inspire you, bless you.

I am so grateful to Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus, all the ladies of heaven, the ladies of divine love from Venus, many of whose names we do not yet know outwardly and yet whose light, whose radiance we know inwardly.

Thank you, each one, for your service. Thank you, all of our staff, our volunteers, our team leaders, our heartfriends group leaders, our Hearts Center leaders and all participants in this sacred work. Without you I would not be here. And of course we have our ancient ties with our beloved masters, and yet with a movement, a community of light, there is so much more sharing, oneness, fellowship and camaraderie that brings us joy and fulfillment. I am fulfilled when you are happy and in your Presence. I am elated when you experience God in some new, glorious way through miracles and manifestations of intercession and blessings that come to you in untold ways.

I am feeling a shift in my being since our trip to Peru and Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu, and I feel that I am able to receive and give more to you and to the world through my heart, through God's mind working through my mind, through my soul. And I pray that each of you will feel emboldened, inspired and really called to give of yourself to the universe in the way that brings you divine pleasure and internal happiness.

Thank you so much, all of our broadcasters, our heartstreamers, for your constancy, for learning the technologies to do what you do. We have many plans for improving our heartstreaming sessions in subtle and in some obvious ways in days and months to come. Our teams are refining things all the time so that we can provide better service, greater opportunities for you to receive what you require spiritually to feel fulfilled and to know yourself.

I am so happy with those who give so much to God, both within and without our movement. And what you carry into the world from what you experience within our Hearts Center events, our daily broadcasts, our Meru courses is awesome and very important. What you share with others who are not necessarily directly invested in what we're doing through the Hearts Center is very crucial to the upliftment of mankind. Keep on keeping on and presenting your light, not hiding it under a bushel, but letting it flow and expand and bless people in so many ways.

When we had our blessing Meru course, one of the primary messages that was so beautiful was that we don't have to be a priest, a priestess, a minister to engage in blessing others. We simply have to be in God's Presence of love and then extend ourselves in givingness and offering our hearts, and the universe, the Divine One, does the blessing. It's both a personal process and somewhat of an impersonal process, where the Holy Spirit takes hold of you and engages your heart in providing something beautiful to another in a moment of thoughtfulness, kindness and tender regard for a soul, an animal, a plant, any part of life, someone in need.

So see yourself as one capable of being truly a blessed being on behalf of others and of all life and of yourself. And accept the commission to continue blessing and gracing this Earth with who you are, as a noble spirit, a God-created being, a child of the Sun, a son or daughter of the One. Thank you so much. God bless you. Have an awesome day. Bye-bye.

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