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Djwal Kul      January 03, 2013

Beloved Djwal Kul
David Christopher Lewis
January 3, 2013   9:23-9:34 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Djwal Kul Speaks Eloquently on Friendship with God
God's Essence Manifests through Your Soul when you are Attuned to the Great Oversoul of Creation

Blessed Ones,
            I come into your midst with great love and cherishment for your soul, and I extend my heart to each one of you with great reverence for life, truly for your life. For you are God-in-manifestation. You are truly, if you accept it, the one who is called to be love, the one who is called to be a divine giver, the one who is called truly to be all that you can be as a heartfriend of God. 
            You have coined this term, “heartfriend.”  How many of you consider yourselves to be truly a heartfriend of God? What does this mean for you to engage the Lord in a new type of divine relationship where through the intimacy of your heart's connection with your Source, you enter a spiritual life lived in divine friendship, holy fellowship—yea, a brother-sisterhood of beingness where through your Presence you remain in this state of amiability with the Divine One? You may engage in this stream of being attuned to your dearest friend in a higher type of association than you may have perceived as possible, accepted as viable within your life.
            I AM Djwal Kul, and long ago I entered into this relationship with my holy mentor of light, and thereby entered into friendship with God. I can say, dearest ones, that truly it is an awesome experience to live as a heartfriend with God, invested in the Lord's work of loving all life on a constant basis. You have heard of unceasing prayer. In my opinion, friendship with God becomes an unceasing prayer in its highest form when there is, through this sublimity of beingness within the heart of God, a constancy of cosmic expectation from within that yields great fruits of the Spirit because you are connected, you are one with the great Beloved. Love flows through you, love gives birth within your heart to all that God presents to you as your dearest friend, your greatest benefactor—yea, the giver of all life to you.
            Consider your spirit. Would you be anything without the breath of God flowing through your lungs, the very life essence of God flowing through your bloodstream and your electronic light body? When you consider life itself as this breath of God, allowing your breath to simply be provides for you opportunity to live within the harmonic field of God's eternal Breath-Spirit. Yes, your breathing becomes Spirit-filled, full of the effulgence of God's essence when you are a friend of the One. Your mind becomes enfired with the essence of God's eternal vitality of divine thought when you access through your higher mind the intimations of the Spirit by aligning yourself with the divine imaginer of all that is good, beautiful, serene and perfect.
            You see, there are so many levels of friendship with God, and I encourage you to access each one on a day-by-day basis. For you see, blessed hearts, you will find yourself within the greater God Self of your true reality, one with God, when you apply all that you have learned in this sacred science of oneness, when you give yourself fully to your friend through this divine friendship of which I speak.
            Every ascended master can be your friend when you first befriend God within yourself. Every angel of light will feel comfortable in your presence when you first engage the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, in works of sanctity and blessedness through your heart enfired with love for all life. And even the creatures walking upon this earth or flying within the skies will befriend you as they did Saint Francis when you are first a friend of the Spirit and feel the currents of love flowing through your temple of light and then extended out to all of God's creatures in a heartfelt offering of humility and simplicity in living a life of virtue, blessedness and inner peace.
            El Morya, Kuthumi and I are invested in the work of the Spirit as it may be manifest through the lives of disciples who understand this divine engagement of hearts. Yes, we come to and we work through those who, through atonement with the Lord of all life, yea, at-one-ment with the great Beloved, engage their hearts and their balanced threefold flame in loving wisdom and loving power, and all the sacred works of the Spirit in all of the most glorious offerings of themselves to magnify the Lord, to glorify God in all things.
            Consider the sacred space in which you live as sanctified by God through your friendship with him. If all that you live within is holy, pure, undefiled, pristine and clear as you allow the Spirit to flow through your environment each day, then God's love will truly be present as you require it to heal all, to fulfill your every God-desire. For you see, God is invested through love within you for your highest purpose.
            God's essence manifests through your soul when you are attuned to the great Oversoul of creation that gently and lovingly watches over all with great tenderness and care, with great loving intention. When you feel the spontaneity of the Spirit welling up within you to praise God in some way, let loose the bonds of all that stifles you and sing and dance and give glory to the Creator. For in this you declare your love to your friend of light in the heavens and within yourself.
            Yes, dearest ones, we are all Zen masters in some respect. And we encourage you to at times break free from the molds of an identity that you have accepted as a part of yourself when in reality it is more of a chimera and not your true essence. When you are free and childlike in your love, visualize yourself embracing your Father-Mother God as you remember embracing your parents, feeling the comfort flame of their love for you in moments when you may have experienced fear or anxiety, dread for the unknowing of a world looming before you that you did not fully understand in the moment.
            You see, your Godparents are always available for you to lean your shoulder upon, to rest your head against their breast, and to feel their divine heartbeat or their soft and sweet aroma or know the tenderness of their acceptance of you as you are, who you are. For you see, you are a child of God. You are all Children of the Sun. And it behooves all to accept this reality in order to develop a higher form of true spiritual friendship with the One.
            I bring this teaching today on the third day of this new year so that you may understand something more of what love is in this intimacy of communion with the Source, which is not so far removed from you. Simply accept and know your Godparents as present with you always, as available right here and now for you. And know through this heart and mindset a new and more beautiful relationship with your Presence, with your God, and with all that is.
            I now breathe, through the breath of the Holy Spirit, new life energy into you, O soul, that you may feel a greater welling up from within you of your noble purpose to live a life free of remorse and anxiety and full of God's vital energy of virya. This breath is now penetrating every cell, every sun-cell, of your being and allowing you, if you choose, to accept a new course of loveliness and peace, of divine progress, and even of higher initiatic opportunities for you to move forward swiftly on your spiritual path, winning your victories, gaining new ground, and accessing and mastering the virtues of the Lord—yea, truly, of simply being love in action everywhere.
            My heart is yours for the asking. Would you be my friend? I would be yours. I will be true to you, true to your true Self, in all things honoring your free will experience and yet tenderly and graciously goading you higher on your path of light and love.
            Blessings, dearest ones, from all of the hierarchy of heaven who again reinvest themselves within you for your highest purpose, service, love, divine fellowship and oneness.


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