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Gautama Buddha      December 31, 2012

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
December 31, 2012   11:55 pm–January 1, 2013 12:13 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Gautama Releases the Thoughtform for 2013

O Noble Heartfriends, Those to Whom Has Been Entrusted Great Light, Great Beingness, Your Buddhic Essence of Divine Loveliness,

I, Gautama, come and am here as tangibly as I am able to lower my presence within your domain to impress upon you, each one, the joyful spirit of the new era as it manifests in this hour of transition from one year to the next and what this bodes for your own self-elevation in the light of your God Presence.

You see, each year a doorway is opened, while another is shut. And when you choose to enter the new year with that clean slate of purity and perfectionment, seeing all new possibilities before you as great opportunities for self-reliant living in and as your true reality, elevated in spirit, one with your Source, then your lives truly do become sublime and you move in the perfect rhythm of the Mother, who represents timeless time, and with the Buddha, who represents spaceless space.

O gracious ones, how great is the law of love as it is outpictured within the lives of those who have chosen their God-identity over their human personality, those who have witnessed the star-fire light of the heaven worlds and what may be employed within them of God's glory and grace each moment.

The Lord Sanat Kumara, in his great presence of light, now comes before us, immaculate in his cosmic manifestation of pure love-beingness, and his attending angels provide now the thoughtform for this coming year, which is now come.

As I behold in reverence this divine ideation, I declare it unto you as an image of a father and a mother whose hands are raised as one, holding a manchild, feminine in its form, before the Sun, the Sun Presence of all life. This image is one of consecration of that which has been co-created by these two, the father and the mother, with great love and cherishment. And in this image, which speaks of the dedication fully of this child of light to the Source, there is an understanding of that which you, each one, are also giving birth to of your own new spirit, your own childlike nature within the year 2013 as a part of that which the Lord God would see manifest within your world of the new you, as a part of a new era of light.

What would you offer the great Lords of Life in this hour of 2013 dawning? What new creations would you bring to the altar, so consecrated with your love and light? What would you uphold within yourself as a bestowal of your own givingness upon the cosmos? You see, dearest ones, each of you has given so much already in terms of sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service. And yet this thoughtform bespeaks the requirement to again offer a newness of your own soulfulness, your own pure essence, which the child represents.

As you see this image vibrating now before you, take note with your own inner vision of all aspects of the divine manchild and what this image means for you personally. Those of you who are parents of children may remember the day when your child or children came into this world and how it was both an intense initiation for you and yet also one of great joy, one that you will cherish forever as a soul of light. Truly the co-creative acts of sons and daughters of God that result in the birth of the manchild of light allow you to enter into the selfsame creative energy field that the Lord of All employs and employed in the very beginning of all that has manifested in the creation itself.

You may use this thoughtform each morning when you arise, if you choose, to so consecrate yourself as a new type of manchild in service to the One, in service to humanity, in service to life itself, giving your essence, your spirit, your beingness each hour of your day. It also represents, if you choose, the rebirth of your own being as a babe in the arms of the Father-Mother God. And whether you are young or old, a towhead or a hoary-headed one of elder years, so there is locked within your being the remembrance of your childlike state of wonder and awe, when you entered into life for the first time, beheld the eyes of your God-parents, and decided to breathe, to be, to exist as a sentient one and fulfill your purpose—yea, to live as God's created child.

O blessed ones, in this spirit of divine playfulness, wherein I see you again as a babe— pure, holy, and undefiled—rise in light; be that light; share the light who you are with new lifestreams and within new universal streams of consciousness. It is your right and your destiny to fulfill your mission, your purpose in this life. Choose wisely your actions, your words, your thoughts and your feelings each day. As you choose righteously and live within your Buddhic essence, all shall be well. You shall maintain your joyous self, and your spirit may soar with many Buddhas to the Sun, who love you as the divine manchild who you are.

Welcome, 2013 A.D., within the west and the east, the north and the south, in the lives of all. Now celebrate, blessed ones. Be joyous, continue to love one another and accept this new year with great divine wonderment and holy awe. I love you. I cherish your soul, your spirit. And I now whisper to each one, in the intimacy of your inner heart, a secret, one that is personal for you, of how you may be victorious and joyous in this year.

Ah ha-ha. Thank you for being here and for being love in action, now and always, my precious ones. Thank you.

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