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Kuthumi      December 29, 2012

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
December 29, 2012   8:03–8:31 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Kuthumi Shares Teachings on the Mathematics of Beingness beyond the Human Mind

I AM the flame of living truth, and within that flame there is the obvious equation that results in perfection. For, dearest ones, all equations are ultimately destined to be resolved. For the equal sign at the center of what is on the left and on the right is that point of the merging of the Alpha and the Omega through the light of truth, whereby you equate with God and you embrace the mathematics of the mind of God, which is beyond the human mind and the brain functions that most of mankind engage in.

Have you discerned the integrated Self through the integer of your God Presence? Have you accessed the divine numerology of the Spirit, wherein all of the sciences of light come to play upon your being through the resolution of all within this higher state of being? As you equate with God and feel the presence of divine love, wisdom and power emblazoned within your heart and manifesting in balance within that secret chamber of your true identity within, then, dearest ones, no matter what comes at you from the left or from the right, centered in the pure beingness of stillness, in the inviolate ray of perfection, you may maintain that equipoise that is beyond duality and nonviability. You may access the pure stream of your Godhood and live beyond the veil and within these dimensional planes of being simultaneously as that integrated Self, incarnated within matter and playing with Spirit with great alacrity, joy and conscious awareness.

Yes, I come for those this day who yet, through all of our teaching, have not fully understood the requirement to enter the great silence of the inner self through stilling that mind and merging with the all-mind of God. You see, when you are still, you may be fully present in a new dimension beyond your time-space continuum. It is the continuum of godliness, beingness, even beyond breath itself, vibration and movement. Stilling the mind affords you new access to that still point of being that is God, from which your true Self emerged in that quiescent state of idyllic light.

When there is a type of frantic movement of self within the emotional body and the mind and then the physical temple, you see the erratic nature of the not-self manifest. Yet when there is conscious presence—through an understanding of the necessity for developing and accepting the integrated self from the heaven world within, through silent contemplation—and you have stilled all around you that vibrates and live within that central eye, where no gale forces or untoward winds may play upon your being, there and only there may you truly hear the voice sublime that cognizes you as who you are, that understands your eternal nature and manifests through your essence, your soulfulness, your immortal spirit.

There are many mathematicians who have attempted to solve the eternal question of life itself, and their higher brain functions have brought them to a certain level of cosmic understanding. Yet, dearest ones, unless they leap beyond the cortex of control into the concept of truthfulness, beauty, and light, they will always be living at a certain vibrational level where the impressions that they receive will be limited and the understandings that they glean will be framed from a certain reference point of duality and nonviability.

Therefore let go of your mind and accept the radiation of true harmony, whereby balance is restored and your virtual self now becomes the fullness and the allness of your Buddha nature. And you live in present awareness, whereby your body temple is restored to its rightful harmonic state. And even the music of the spheres will vibrate within your bones, your limbs, your sinews and your bloodstream. And all that is true and beautiful about you will again emerge in the simplicity of oneness, where no duplicity exists, only union with Alpha and Omega. And even the vacillation between the not-self and the greater self is no more, for you are simply yourself, a God-being of light.

Who am I? you ask. Am I Hilarion or some other divine mathematician or magician? I will not reveal my name quite yet, for what is in a name save an identity expressed in numerology through the alphabet? Access the nameless self beyond symbol, which is only representative of a cosmic ideation. Access beyond thought the purity of the allness of being, beyond the requirement to enumerate or denominate or in some way to identify or calcify what is, as being, right here and now within you.

Some have attempted to doctor themselves into a new identity. And yet God is the great physician who will cure all through the fire of the kilns of higher beingness, whereby the permanency of your light essence is impregnated fully within you in all dimensions; your truth, your beingness emerges in its full shining splendor; and you are God-self-realized right here in the sacred space where you live now.

Long ago I had a school of pupils whom I trained in the higher sciences of light and beingness. Those who were able to still themselves won their ascension through access to the higher mindfulness of the Buddhas, moving on beyond samsara into the eternal worlds of the Pure Land experience. Those who could not solve the equation of the inner silence by maintaining their inner peace were required to reembody again and again until they could access their essence, that eternal knowledge of Self. And therefore I did establish a school of meditation, where many were required for months and years to maintain silence in order that they could learn to abide in spirit and in matter as one integer of Self.

Many of you speak many words quickly, and yet, have you accessed the Mercurian, flashing mind that moves beyond the speed of light and even of thought through stillness and harmony? Beyond this plane and dimension, there is what some would call antimatter, which is simply spirit concentrated into a matrix of nonidentification with the outer and the full glorification of godliness. And the unmanifest between the breaths and between the heartbeats is a portal of beingness that allows you to move past the planes of nonbeing into the ultimate state before being. And from here, the eternal question is answered before it is asked. You see, the complexity of divinity is won through truth, which is beingness in its glorified state of manifestation.

O holy ones, I give you keys this day to the new map of the New Age. Use them daily and win. Why nod away your hours with frivolous pursuits? Accept who you are as your divine, romantic self—in love with God, with all, with all beings and with the essence of the allness of the universe.

I AM Kuthumi, World Teacher with Jesus and Omraam. I love wordplay and encourage you to play with the Word, who you are, and pun in the Sun with great fun as you sing with Ling and accept your new, youthful vitality and your divine individuality as a sentient Sun-self of being, of great light-love.

I AM with you in your cosmic pursuits. For you see, it suits me well that you deem yourself capable of wearing your new cape of Solar fire and of accessing your true Sun-self each day. With a smile of peace, I bless you and anoint you with my alchemical, numerological quintessence of pure unadulterated peace in the Presence of divine joy. I thank you.


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