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Shiva      December 22, 2012

Beloved Shiva
David Christopher Lewis

December 22, 2012   6:14–6:26 pm local time

A Sacred Journey to Peru and Lake Titicaca: The Torch of Illumination Is Passed

Lake Titicaca Pilgrimage 2012

Lake Titicaca, Peru

Shiva Comes to Initiate the Pilgrims and Blesses All with a Cosmic Pink Egg
Be All Love to All Beings

            I alight on a cobra, for I have conquered self. And I invite you, precious ones, to stand upon the snake of your lower self even as you accept the cosmic essence of the true serpentine energy of Spirit, that caduceus of light that rises within you when you have raised the Mother energy through your own spine to see the Divine and all that is pure within all life.

            Yes, I AM Shiva! And I come to initiate you. As what? you may ask. Or do you perceive that you are already godly beings? And if so, then what more is there to be initiated into? Ha-ha! Yet, have you partaken fully of the fire of God through the sacred dance of the Spirit? If so, then I invite you to a new dance with me in the Nataraja pose, where we will behold all worlds and will see through all maya into the divine regions of all light—and in this, drink of the essence of God and then bring back to this world that divine glory in order to infuse and suffuse all with the oil of the Holy Spirit, the blessings of Shiva, the truths of all masters of wisdom and the essences from the very lips of the Godhead himself.

            Have you tasted of God this day? Yes, you have. And you have shared the essence of love, community, fellowship and oneness, which is indicative of that which is divine love in your midst. This is what I live for, even in the divine estate of my beingness, one with all. And the fiery energies that I bear within my being are only meant to incite each soul to greater love, you see!

            Therefore my command to you as you are initiated this day, day number two, is to be all love to all beings. Yes, be all love to every sentient form of God-life within your realm. For in this, blessed ones, you will fulfill your purpose; you will rise upon your own cobra to behold the face of Brahma, the mien of Vishnu and the dance of Shiva.

            Yes, Krishna is a magician. Did you feel and see his divine magic already outplayed within your chakras and your being? Well, I too have something up this little sleeve, and I hurl love bolts and spheres of cosmic energy! And even within the soles of your feet you may feel a new fire, and where you walk there will spring up petals of love to incite every soul to every form of godliness, loveliness, the surrendering of the pettiness of yesteryear's world and the embracing of the essence of today's magical life.

            One of you is soon traveling to Disney World. Well, I can tell you that I will be there hiding behind Mickey and Minnie and Donald and Daffy [audience laughter] and many others. If you see my smile and play with me, and even take a photo with your families, behind those great big black ears you will see the new Shiva—ha-ha!

            For you see, I am also a jester and I love a tale of joy and a jovial joke. For this is what brings new life to the children, who are the answer to the future within the eternal Now in the world that is being born today. Have you seen in the eyes of the little ones of Peru hope for the new world that you have imagined and envisioned? Yes, even my eyes have twinkled within them.

            O blessed ones, be at peace with yourselves. Enjoy life, for God enjoys the cosmos, you see. And if it is God's great joy to experience all of his children's laughter and all of their essences through their feelings, their thoughts and their lives, can you do less than befriend every form of life through the essence of your heart and the pure joy-spirit of divine bliss?

            I bring the bliss of the Great Spirit, known by all native peoples in all worlds, and I infuse your hearts with this Spirit as your final blessing for tonight. For there may just be more on the morrow within your paneurhythmy dance, as the Master Deunov will bring a fountain from deep within the Earth as a final blessing to all of you. 

            Yes, I have even danced the paneurhythmy myself. It is quite exceptional, and I encourage all of you, each and every one, to learn it and carry it back to your nations. For in that dance of the sun and of the initiatic path, all divine processes are known, all divine essences may be imbibed through your breath and concentrated within your hearts. For the solar fires of the masters of all solar worlds may speak unto you and initiate you in all that is pure and true, divine and blessed.

            O gracious ones, how great has been this pilgrimage. Now in my final act of magic, I ask you to come forward as I bless you with a cosmic pink egg, which symbolizes the cosmos itself. You may stand or sit and meditate within this pink egg any time you desire, and see, feel and know the allness of God's love deep within your heart, simply awaiting your attention, your stillness, your inner peace.

            I AM Shiva. [Shiva whispers:] I am here, there and everywhere in the breath of the child and in your eyes, your eyes, your eyes.

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