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God Meru      December 21, 2012

Beloved God Meru
David Christopher Lewis
December 21, 2012   11:45–11:51 am MST
A Sacred Journey to Peru and Lake Titicaca: The Torch of Illumination Is Passed
Lake Titicaca Pilgrimage 2012
Lake Titicaca, Peru

The God and Goddess Meru Place the Capstone
upon the New the Pyramid of Light in Their Retreat

Precious Hearts,

The light of God is here, the love of God is present within you, and the power of God descends on this sacred day as God's investment within you for your victory in this life.

As we prepare to ascend to the Sun, we have asked the Lord God, by dispensation, for a talisman within our retreat, a cosmic magnet of light, of the flame of illumination, that will draw souls to Titicaca and blaze forth permanently through this focus.  And therefore our call has been answered and a pyramid of light has been established. And this day we place the capstone of light upon this pyramid. It is significant, dearest ones, of the victory spiral of our mission fulfilled within Earth. And through the magnet of our hearts, we draw forth the fire within those whom we have prepared, namely Lanello and Clare de Lis, and they assist us in this alchemy this day as we stand on the four sides of this pyramid and hold the light within our electronic bodies.

You also may go there in consciousness and feel the currents from the Sun Source of all that is descending through your crown and through the portal of light prepared. And the great sun disc within our retreat amplifies this talismanic magic this day. And there is embedded within the focus that you will shortly receive from the hands of our initiate of light a focus of this great sun disc for you to wear or to hold or to carry upon your person. If you choose, for the duration of this lifetime it will be a grid of light, the power of illumination's flame embedded within it, that you may use as an amplifier of that which you will share of cosmic truth through your mission in life.

You see, dearest ones, the Lord God answers your prayers and there is a gift for each one. And those, even in these environs, who are attentive to the Spirit will receive a blessing within them of this talisman. For their souls have answered the inner call of light, and they are present here, even midst this gathering of lightbearers. And so the blessing is for all.

This capstone also signifies the apex of being as the mind of God, that universal mind that accesses all truth, all divine wisdom within the universe itself. And you, O souls of light, through your own mindfulness, may at any moment within your life have released unto you the answer to any query, to any authentic question that is necessary for you to know the answer to in order to move forward on your path of light. When the time comes for you to ascend back to your Source, the great question of your life will be answered as you surrender all and accept in that very moment the allness of the Lord's light within your temple of being.

Now, dearest ones, there comes the magnificent Presence of Helios and Vesta from the Sun. They alight here to illumine your world, your mind, your being and to initiate you in the holy order of the Children of the Sun, to a new level of life.

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