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David Lewis      December 21, 2012

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
December 21, 2012   6:04–6:10 am MST
A Sacred Journey to Peru and Lake Titicaca: The Torch of Illumination Is Passed
Lake Titicaca Pilgrimage 2012
Lake Titicaca, Peru

The Untold Blessings of the Master-Disciple Relationship

            First of all, Saint Germain would like to thank all of us for coming and tell you of his love of the Divine Director as his master, his teacher, his guru. He says that it has been an incomparable experience to witness the light and the love and the cosmic consciousness of this great divine being, his mentor and his friend. He says that if you can imagine what it is like to have the most intimate relationship with a divine being who so carefully watches over your soul and your spirit; who attends to every need of your being at every moment on your spiritual journey; who knows your every thought and feeling and yet respects free will in order not to in any way interfere with your path; and who is the greatest support, benefactor and blessing in your life, you would also consider just how wonderful it is to go through the disciplines and bear what you must bear in order to have this relationship.

The blessings are untold. The spiritual gifts that come as a result of your steadfastness, your constancy and your attentiveness to every detail in your life—by being obedient and intrepid, by being fruitful and applying the gifts of the Spirit, and also by supporting your master, your guru, in every possible way—is indicative of what it takes to be victorious as a family of one within the Universal Great White Brotherhood's plan.

When you hitch your star to a master's being, the support is cosmic and the love that flows is a continuous stream of beingness and holiness. If every soul could truly understand it, they would seek it out in every moment throughout their lives. This is Saint Germain's love of his master, and it may also be our love of our master, any master, or, if we choose, the Divine Director himself. Anything that you require is there before your spiritual eye simply at your request. Everything that is essential for you to know is there, right before your mind, for your understanding. Everything that you require to assist life is there, provided by angelic hands, when your motive is pure and your heart is sure, when you are invested in the greater plan and do everything to glorify God and to magnify the Lord.

So as we reconsecrate ourselves today, as we move into this new cycle with the Divine Director at the helm of the world, so to speak, we are emboldened and yet we are humble. We feel empowered and yet we know that God is the only power that can act. We simply ask to be a vessel of kindness and holiness, of love and of all the virtues of God. So let us now simply enter into silence as we prepare for the Divine Director's message to us.

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