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Clara Louise      December 16, 2012

David Lewis Discourse (overshined by beloved Clara Louise)
David Christopher Lewis
December 16, 2012   3:28–3:44 pm MST
A Sacred Journey to Peru and Lake Titicaca: The Torch of Illumination Is Passed
Lake Titicaca, Peru

The Power of the Three Times Three and Blessing of Couples by Clara Louise

Clara Louise asks us to simply say with her, in German, “Ich dien,” nine times. [David and audience say “Ich dien” nine times.]

The power of nine is the power of three times three, and every time you engage in alchemy your threefold flame is ignited by the power of three times three. When you use the power of nine, it is the power of completion. All those who understand numerology know this. Nine represents completion.

Clara Louise, who was the first Mother of the Flame within The Summit Lighthouse activity, says to you that you can multiply your givingness by the power of the three times three. And what does this mean? It means that your threefold flame is expanded from within you when you engage with two others in praying together or in serving together in a small team. Some of you live in cities around the world where you may have only two people. Well, who is the third? Clara Louise or any master you choose.

Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.”1 So Clara Louise is saying today that the power of two is multiplied to be three, because where there are two, the Lord places his presence there, and the power of three is then present. And the multiplication factor of the three times three then manifests, and that is the power of nine.

So it's important for couples to come together and invoke the power of the three times three. Some of you here are married, and you know the power of your prayers together as one when you pray together, sing together, serve together. It is magnanimous; it is awesome. And Clara Louise honors each couple that is here with a personal blessing and asks the couples to come into the center of the circle and receive her blessing.

First we have Raymond and Terri:  “I am with you from this day forward to serve you as you serve, to love you as you love and to give unto you as you require in order that you may give as others require. I seal your hearts, your minds and your souls in the love of all Mothers of the Flame and all that we represent for your victory.” Thank you.

Ralph and Anniella: “Through your love, many souls have been touched, and I will touch many more through you as you teach, as you dance, as you perform the sacred dance of light that descends from the Great Central Sun through your crown and then is expanded through your dance, in the fire of your words. I am empowering your words with a new vitality and a new cosmic consciousness from this day forward. As you speak, God speaks through you, my beloved.”

Rune and Marita: “The grace of God lives within your family, and it shines from your beings always because you live in a perpetual state of harmony. This is the law of the oneness of all of the brothers and sisters of light, of all true dispensations and sacred circles. I create a wider circle of light through your causal bodies that will garner much fruit in coming years and decades. I see it now, and you will see it as the days roll by and the years are fulfilled in your glorious lives and your service.”

This is for married couples or for couples who have made the pledge of their oneness in writing to themselves. Okay, sorry. [unintelligible conversation]

Couple 4: “I send a ray deep within the Earth and back again to the Great Central Sun, that through the power of your love and the freedom flame, the song of the soul may be known throughout this world through your hearts and through your twin flames' love, one for another, and for you each. I am the soul of love through you now and forever, precious ones.”

Any other couples here?

Couple 5: “It was indeed my pleasure to anchor light and love in Colombia. In fact, dearest ones, long ago I saw you two before your incarnation as souls, whom I prayed for early each morning. For the Lord Jesus, on many occasions, came to me and showed me those blessed ones in the etheric octaves who would be incarnating upon Earth and who would eventually meet each other, marry and serve as devotees of light in ascended-master movements. I honor you both for coming to cherish one another, to love one another, even through your trials and temporary misunderstandings. You may gain greater understanding by offering any issues to the heart of Jesus. For, blessed ones, both Jesus and Mary sponsored you in this incarnation and in numerous other ones in past lives. Their hearts are always with you, and now my heart, one with Jesus, will also be with you when you require me for clear communication and great understanding.”

This message is for all couples too. Anytime any of you have any issues, offer them up to the Lord and there will be clear communication by the light of Clara Louise. And remember, her name is Clara Louise. You can even say “Clara Louise” if you desire. Thank you.

Okay, any other committed couples who are physically here? This will be interesting. [laughter] She wants me to hug you.

Couple 6: “As a daughter of God, as a son of God, you have performed the dance of love in many heavens in this and in past ages. You have nurtured many lives in many ways. And, blessed ones, let your example of mutual love and harmony draw many other divine couples to this movement who will see your love and your hearts' cherishment for each other and for all heartfriends. I will hug all through your hugs, Mona. I will embrace all through your embraces, David. Let it be so. Amen.” [applause]

And now all of you who have spouses who are not here or who have ascended spouses or who have loved ones or twin flames who may not be ascended, visualize your beloved. Clara Louise now blesses both of you with the heart, with the two halves of the heart, and you are both blessed by her love, her mother love, the Alpha and the Omega, the Father and the Mother. “Your oneness is secure through love. Your oneness is [unintelligible] only by love. And this day I purify that love within you so that you may be pure love to all life.”

Now we are all to say together, “I AM pure love to all life.” [David and audience say: “I AM pure love to all life” three times.]

It is done, it is finished, it is sealed. The love of God is here in this service. You are all witnesses to this love. Go in peace and serve our brother/sisterhood of light. Amen.


1. Matthew 18:20.

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