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Amazonia      December 16, 2012

Beloved Amazonia
David Christopher Lewis
December 16, 2012   3:20–3:27 pm MST
A Sacred Journey to Peru and Lake Titicaca: The Torch of Illumination Is Passed

Lake Titicaca Pilgrimage 2012

Lake Titicaca, Peru

Beloved Amazonia Speaks on the Sacred Work of Mothering Life

            You are all mothers. Even in a male body, you have the Mother light. This Mother light is your creativity; it is what you use to initiate life itself through love. It is the spark of your divinity that the Father, through the Mother, releases into matter, into form, to allow the birthing of any thing—a creative thought, a child, an artistic work, a mission, a sacred life.

I enlist you all in the sacred work of mothering life. I enlist you because you are required to give birth to the New Age through your spirit. This is what your true motherhood is really for during this time: giving birth to the New Age. There are so many ways that you, as a representative of the Mother, can give birth to the New Age. Consider in your hearts how this may be so. Consider in your minds how this may be so. Consider through the work of your hands how this may be so. Look to the beautiful examples of great mothers of past cultures and ages to see how they have invested their creative light and energies in giving birth to something sublime and beautiful, divine and full of God's light. Emulate them, and yet work your own creative work in the way that only you can work it, in the way that only you, as a sovereign divine being, can manifest it.

David spoke last night, and the Master through him spoke fervently of the imperative for you to create new things and not just to mouth what others have spoken or created. Consider this day what your creation, your highest gift to the universe will be through your own Mother energy. See it as already realized. Feel it as already accomplished. Know it deeply within your soul as that which is already true, beautiful, God-glorious. This is my key to your alchemy, dearest ones, to use the Mother light, the Mother energy, even of the Earth itself, to breathe new life into your creations, your spirit.

Because you are all now mothers, even you men, you must sing more often, lullabies to the child of your creation, for this is another key. Those of you who have been mothers have beautifully sung lullabies to your infants and they feel your love through your voice and your song. Well, the same is true with your creations. If you are involved in any project or work, sing to your work, as a child of your heart, and it will respond to your voice and your love and your lullaby. You can have a different lullaby for every project. And when you bring this loving awareness and presence into that project or creation, what you are creating will itself feel your heart's love and respond and even jump and precipitate more quickly for you.

Do you appreciate abundance and money, not for what it is—for what it can do for you and for many others? Then love money, not in the vain and egoic sense of loving money. Love it for what it can do to help life. This is the true, divine God-love of money, not the human love of money. If you require more abundance, love it, sing to it, appreciate it and then give it away to many people in many ways, because this is the only way that you will have greater abundance.

Remember, the Mother is on the six o'clock line of God-harmony and supply on the cosmic clock. There the Mother is; there you are as my new mothers. And if you desire to have an abundant life—and all of you do, because I can see your inner smile when you feel that abundance already manifesting in your world—then it will be so by your acceptance.

Look at Jorge, a man of God, a true Mother of creation.¹ Look at this man and see him as a representative of my heart here in Peru, a great soul, a conscious being. I honor you, O soul of God, for your givingness. You have abundance because you give and you give and you give. And I ask you to share a story, on the bus or sometime during this journey, of how you have been blessed because you have given. It is a great story, one that all of these devotees from around the world should hear. Because you have been so generous, the Lord has given you much; life has given you tremendous wisdom, understanding and the grace of a pure heart. Through your pure heart, you have seen your destiny, years ago, and many divine Mothers have been with you in all of your givingness. The entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, through me this day, the Mother of South America, honors this soul of God, and we applaud you. [applause]

Messenger's Comments:

And Amazonia is wiping the tears of many divine Mothers in heaven. These are their tears, and they honor you today, soul of God. These are the tears of the Mothers of heaven.

1. Jorge Luis Delgado, our shaman tour guide during our pilgrimage, and author of Andean Awakening.

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