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Cosmos      December 15, 2012

Beloved Cosmos
David Christopher Lewis
December 16, 2012   6:51–7:01 pm MST
A Sacred Journey to Peru and Lake Titicaca: The Torch of Illumination Is Passed
Lake Titicaca Pilgrimage 2012
Lake Titicaca, Peru

Realize Your Cosmic Potential to be a Sun Source of Love
and Radiant Light-Energy for the Earth

I AM Cosmos, and I am here and I am there and I am everywhere where I AM. And I choose to be within the I AM who you are, O soul of light, now. And through the vessel of your being, through the aura that you wield as a Sun of God, there is now throughout cosmos the emanation of light—light of the Great Central Sun, light of the Source, light of the great hub within the Cosmic Egg.

Now there is a humming as the hub turns and sings through you. Realize your cosmic potential this day to be a Sun Source of love, to be a Sun Source of light, to be a Sun Source of radiant light-energy for this Earth and her evolutions.

Through your mind, I pour the light of wisdom. Through your hands, I send forth rays of God-glory as conscious will. And through your hearts, I emanate a pure stream of radiant love to all life.

The Master Cuzco stands now over this city of light, and through his Solar consciousness, I also focus the light of the cause of all.

[Cosmos sings in an unknown tongue.]

The intrepid ones are fearless, courageous and know their destiny to be Sun beings. Manifest your reality every moment through presence, through the love of the Source, who you are when you are, with Cosmos, Sun-centered. I AM the One.

Messenger's Comments:

Now Cosmos says you can turn around 360 degrees and radiate that Sun, who you are, in all directions. And for those of you who do spinning every day, as Mona and I do—the Five Tibetan Rites—when you spin from now on, remember you are a Sun; you are one with the great hub. And as you spin consciously, that light is pouring through your being to the entire cosmos—and, Cosmos says, also through Cusco, because he came purposely here in Cusco.

Now, Cuzco, the master, is spelled with a z; Cusco, the city, with an s. The ancient culture here originated from and through the causal body of Cuzco. And who was the manu of the first root race. Guess who it was? [Audience responds: “Cuzco.”] Now you have a new revelation. Had you heard that before? [Audience responds: “No, never.”]

We'll create our mountain again. We bow to the light of every being here one last time. Now one last time, another time. [laughter]

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