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Virginia      December 11, 2012

Beloved Virginia
David Christopher Lewis

December 11, 2012   9:15–9:27 am MST

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

A Guided Meditation upon the All-Seeing Eye of God
to See the Reflection of
the Essence of Our True Selfhood

Dearest Ones,

I would take you on a sacred journey of light through meditation upon the All-Seeing Eye of God. Place your attention now upon your third eye, that point of clear seeing wherein you utilize higher vision. And from this nexus of light between your eyebrows, there is released now unto you a formula of perfection from the Great Silent Watchers of our Earth. This formula is unique for each one, based on his or her ability to cognize truth, to hold an immaculate view of self and of life itself in all realms. The sacred pattern within the formula, composed of geometric engrams of light, affords you the opportunity—by your focus upon purity, wholeness and the beauty and the reality of godly beingness—for your own enlightenment and eternal freedom.

Now we are whisked by angels of the sacred fire to the cosmic hub, wherein we perceive the All-Seeing Eye as it exists within God's being at a very high energetic vibration of pure light. This eye sees all that is as it already is in perfection. This eye is the great beholder of love and its manifestation throughout the cosmos. This eye sees you clearly as who you are and raises you in perfection's gaze and the glory of your immaculate Self, one with the Source.

Through the focused rays shining upon you, O soul, you may, through the mirror of its lens, have reflected back unto you, through your own vision, the essence of your true Selfhood, as God beholds you. In this state, you are held inviolate in light, and all of the loving aspects of your Self are there for you to see and know and accept as a reality manifest now within your being. At this level of seeing, God's grace is present, and that light supports you, upholds you and reverently seals you in the matrix that the Divine Mother Omega herself has always held within her sublime vision for all of her children.

In this God-glorified experience of seeing yourself as God sees you, you may more easily begin to accept yourself just for who you are now, not for who you were or who you will become in time and space. For you see, you pierce the veil into timelessness and spacelessness, and within the eternal Now there is only the you that God beholds and which you may now accept.

Focus on this immaculate being daily in a moment of silence and between the breaths that you take and between the heartbeats. The soothing elements of this state of pure beingness, pure love, pure knowing of all that is, is yours to claim. All that you require is yours to behold and to accept. Your purview is the pure view of life as it is. Your vision is the victory of your "I" in the signature of the ion of being, which magnetizes and draws to you every God-essence and the abundant life that you deserve.

You see, dearest ones, deity serves you. This is the inner meaning of deserve. You deserve the best, the most profound, the most sublime and beautiful, the most pure; for deity serves you every moment from within your heart.

Now the angels return you to your Earth and your body temple of light. You behold, as you descend as spirit into your form, the new you that is born again in this meditation, and you are free to live abundantly evermore, precious ones.

I, Virginia, bless you, as I ever behold you in the glory of God's being. I thank you.

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