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Lanello      November 24, 2012

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
November 24, 2012 8:48-9:12 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

International Prayer Broadcast: A Resource for Raising Earth's Divinity
Every Pilgrim Is Essential to the Lake Titicaca Action of Light

Gracious Friends of the Sacred within Yourselves and within All Life,

I AM Lanello, and I am here to share with you aspects of my cosmic consciousness. And these flow to each one of you—unto your chakras, through your Higher Self and especially deep within your heart—as you are able to drink in and assimilate these higher cosmic virtues that I have prepared as elixirs of light and blessings of the Spirit.

You have heard and read that I have entered into cosmic consciousness, and it is so. Understand this day, blessed ones, that it was because I first developed an international consciousness of planetary, or global, awareness, if you would, and then expanded God's awareness through me beyond this Earth to the solar system to partake of the radiance of many solar worlds. And then unto the great hub of all life, I sent a ray of divine love from my heart and there was the flowering of this full awareness of Selfhood within the greater cosmic and universal consciousness of the All in all, the very Source of all life.

These sessions that you have held now for many months provide a platform for each of you to understand the dynamics of living with a greater world body of lightbearers originating from many cultures and climes. And as you hear the cadences and the feeling from the hearts of the prayers of each one, there is a gentle washing upon your own soul and spirit of ampoules of light from the causal bodies of your heartfriends, near and far.

I have been intricately involved and adding the momentum of my cosmic awareness to these sessions at inner levels, making connections between lightbearers, anchoring the radiance that you invoke, amplified by many ascended masters and angelic beings, into the hot spots upon Earth, where there may be mitigation and greater awareness precipitated to avert planetary cataclysm, global war and the dire consequences of many of the ill-fated decisions by the powers-that-be and those who seek the destruction of souls, as well as of the Earth itself.

Blessed and beloved ones, when you are a resource for God, resourceful in the ways in which you invoke and emanate light to fulfill the primary purpose of these sessions, there can be a great flowering of Earth's divinity on a macrocosmic scale, augmented by the work of the Universal Great White Brotherhood—as Above, so below—within your realm. For many Elohim, cosmic beings and Solar Lords are invested in this work.

Keep on keeping on; maintain a holy vigil of light. And if you choose, dearest hearts, it would be my great pleasure to see the expanding of this type of international broadcast, whereby you broadcast on an even greater scale with many others, whom I call on the inner in this hour to participate. You could even consider having these occur twice per month and then, within a few short years, once per week. I do not seek to burden any of you or all of you, and yet if you could see on the inner the action of light that manifests, you would be both amazed and invigorated and inspired to send forth these rays of love-light from your hearts on a more regular basis.

I encourage some of you to learn the processes involved in being the originator of these broadcast sessions, for there must be the option for them to begin within other nations rather than always being hosted from Montana. Dearest hearts, envision with me now a new world of light and glory, where many broadcast stations sponsored by the great ascended masters of light are sending forth streams of cosmic energy, devotion, holy praise of the One God through conscious prayers and divine language. Yes, we will begin a new cycle at the end of this year, at the end of the Mayan calendar, as many have proclaimed it. And this will be the starting point for the rays of cosmic wisdom to flow around the world through new avenues of God-glory and to provide new opportunities for divine education and upliftment.

I am calling many of you now who have prepared yourselves for decades and even lifetimes to be presenters and teachers of the Word, to purify, purify, purify your consciousness and to understand the dynamics of the great investiture of light that will occur at Lake Titicaca on that notable day when Clare de Lis and I rise to our new office at Meru's retreat and the God and Goddess Meru themselves ascend to the former throne of Helios and Vesta in the Sun of this system. Yes, dearest ones, many of you are coming to the fount of illumination within this sacred space of light in South America. If you truly knew the import of this great event, you would do everything in your human power to be there physically as well as spiritually. There yet remains opportunity for some, through miracles of light, to be there. The door is not fully closed to our pilgrims of the sacred fire, though some may think otherwise.

Yes, holy ones of light, I am with you now tangibly, at your side, if you can feel the energy of my being in your midst. And I anoint you, each one, with the holy oil of God-glory and beingness in order to safeguard your soul and your body temple for this holy climb and trek of light to the summit of being and for the initiations that will occur, which will move you beyond various senses of limitation into a new realm of your own Solar and cosmic consciousness and beingness.

            Gracious ones, God's radiance shines forth within your heart. God's blessedness is there for you each hour and each moment to feel, to know and to experience personally in the totality of your life when you live it to the glory of God, magnifying the name I AM THAT I AM as you work to fulfill your mission and vision.

I am an advocate for your soul, a guardian of your spirit, a teacher and a friend. I bless you now and always with the clear light of Clare de Lis' radiance and holy Mother energy, flowing through you and around you, nurturing you always in Spirit's fire. God bless you as you maintain your vigils of light and your unceasing prayers to be keepers of the lightning and Solar spirits of fire. I thank you.

Messenger's Comments:

Thank you, everyone. I'd just like to say, because I was not able to get on the broadcast yesterday, that much is happening within our Hearts Center movement. You may or may not have heard my recent plea for freedom and abundance and the vigil that we are participating in. We are at a crossroads now. We can move forward and raise the abundance that is essential for what we together are co-creating, or if, unfortunately, we do not raise all that we envision, we will have to potentially make some changes. I won't enumerate now what those are. It is essential that we are victorious.

I am sounding the conch shell of light on the inner to call lightbearers to give and give and give. Many of you are giving all that you can, and yet I believe that there is a way for even greater precipitation by our acceptance of miracles, blessings and cosmic bestowals of energy, abundance and light. Please go in your hearts and consider, all of you, each and every one, what you can give in a spiritual sacrificial way, possibly even dipping into certain reserves, because we are attempting to expand this movement in the coming year and years, far beyond what we have currently reached, with new technologies. And the work of our new staff is going to bear tremendous fruits if we can maintain them in their jobs doing certain work with social media, with our Internet website, working on financial teams, etc. It is simply imperative, essential that we move forward. So please listen to my recent pleas on behalf of the Brotherhood.

We have only scratched the surface of the beginnings of reaching our goals financially. I recall when my guru, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, called forth Keepers of the Flame to each precipitate $1,000 for the move fund to precipitate the Inner Retreat, it was amazing how people reached back and performed the miraculous. Well, we have moved forward into a new dispensation and there is opportunity for all of us to do the impossible, to prove the untenable, to plead with God, to demand from heaven (in a righteous way, of course) that the abundance that is rightfully ours come into manifestation, because this is the ascended masters' movement. This is where the rubber meets the road for the New Age and where the ascended masters are investing tremendous energy and abundance internationally within our heartfriends.

We are sponsoring international heartfriends to come to our pilgrimage to the tune of approximately $40,000 to $50,000, paying, in some cases, their entire fees and transportation. This is our way of saying to you that we value you as energetic souls and those to whom is entrusted a great mission for your nations. Most of this income was precipitated by heartfriends throughout our movement, by their givingness. We are reinvesting it in you, from Spain, from Chile, from South America, Sweden and elsewhere. So what does this mean? It means that it behooves you to do everything in your power to be those electrodes of light, to be there for the masters and to give your all so that you are worthy of this investment.

I didn't even mention Argentina on the phone with Marina and others of you. We have given huge discounts to our Chilean friends. It will shortly be communicated that, unfortunately, because of the necessity for you to join our schedule and the changes in the way that we normally do things with travel agencies, we may have to ask for a little bit more money because we've desired the ten Chileans coming on this trip to be with us as physically as possible at all the stops. And this places a greater, I don't want to say burden, but responsibility on the coordinators of this trip to do what they are required with the coordinators at the various stops. We had not taken all this into consideration when affording you a lesser fee.

I know I'm speaking of this pilgrimage and, yes, this is Lanello's message through me, that we have to be victorious in this pilgrimage. We simply must be together, of one heart, of one mind, of one spirit. And therefore it behooves us all to give and to give. I have personally invested over $2,000 of my own money in this pilgrimage through giving because I saw the necessity to create opportunities for others to come. And so I am personally invested, and I'm not speaking without personal commitment. I am fully committed.

So what will happen on that great and notable day, December 21? It is a new era for the Earth. Finally, Lanello is saying that we all have to be very careful that we take care of our physical body temples between now and then so that no one has accidents and that you have perfect and vital health. Lanello and Mother require each of the pilgrims to be there, every one of us. There is no excuse between now and then for you to do things that in any way inhibit your ability to be the highest vessel of light. Take care of yourself. Get your exercise. Eat the diet that you know that you require. Drink plenty of water, and prepare your consciousness. Call to Archangel Michael daily to protect you. It is essential that we maintain the vigil of light to him as well as to the flames of freedom and abundance. The masters require each one of us, as holy brothers and sisters of light, to be there.

Finally, Lanello blesses you, Boyd, Donna, Nikos, Kathleen, Ralph, Marina, Aida, Ema, Monica, David and our brother from India, and all of you in Chile and Argentina and South Africa and wherever you are listening and participating—in Greece and in the United States and Canada. Lanello's love flows to you. I hope that you felt it during this HeartStream. I apologize for going a little bit over, but the Master desired to share his message of light today on cosmic consciousness, Solar awareness and how we can develop it, and also this additional message.

God bless you. God keep you. And of course I don't desire to shortchange those who haven't led their prayers yet, so I will turn the session back over to Boyd. Thank you so much. God bless you.

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