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Hercules      November 05, 2012

Beloved Hercules
David Christopher Lewis
November 5, 2012   9:00-9:14 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Hercules Invests the Blue-Fire Light of God Within Disciples of the Lord
Announcement of a 2013 Meru University Class on the Divine Economy

            I AM Hercules, and I come this morning to invest a quotient of energy within this Earth and within your physical body temples for the victory of balance and harmony, beingness, and the light of God-truth that may flow through you each one in an array of cosmic God-power.
            You have seen, dearest ones, the affects of change within this world through the weather, through the economy, and most especially by your own choices, actions, and words. When you are full of the efflatus of the Holy Spirit and live in your Presence, yes in your Presence, then what transpires within your world shines forth gloriously and you are in alignment with that holy will of God. Within this dynamic, dearest ones, there is outplayed for you each one all that is essential for your victory in all things, and come what may within the planet itself, as all is outpictured in the world of form tethered to your reality one with the noble spirit of your God-identity, you will surf upon the waves of change and manifest your destiny, by God's grace.
            You have heard the mythology of how I was able to conquer through the twelve initiations that are known as the Labors of Hercules. Each one of these, blessed hearts, is significant and a test of that which comes to every disciple and aspiring adept on his or her path of light. Within the twelve heirarchies of light of the heaven world and upon this stage of life that you are acting within, there is provided through the initiatic path opportunity for you to conquer self within these tests and trials.
            Dearest ones, what was not fully stated within the mythology that has been handed down through the centuries was the deep core issue of what was at stake within my actions that resulted in the self-mastery that was essential for the full overcoming, for the full victory of the light. Yes, all that you read of divine philosophy and of the spiritual texts of the ages with their stories, fables and mythology leads you to that which is essential within your life to understand and to master in order for you to attain your godhood through alignment with your Source and acceptance of your eternal birthright within the Spirit.
            We will have a Meru University course early in 2013 on the economy of this Earth with teachings from a holy one of God who brought forth through his mind an understanding of the tri-partite equation of light within the economies of the nations and of how there could be a return to balance in the affairs of mankind by acceptance of higher principles. 
Yes, Rudolf Steiner did attune to the higher worlds in his meditation upon what it would take to transform Europe and the world into a new age of freedom and enlightenmnet. We suggest that those of you who would master your own economy, while praying for the world at large and the transformation that is essential to get beyond the current situation that you find yourselves in everywhere upon Earth, will take this course, will read the instruction and listen to our advocate of truth.  You may move forward, blessed ones, leaping in giant steps into a new divine economy within your world that you may embrace by your conscious awareness, by your active presence and by your acceptance of the eternal light of God that always prevails within this balance sheet of life that you are co-creating.
            If each and every devotee within this movement takes full accountability and responsibility for his or her inner and outer economy, you will see over time growth, transformation and the golden rule come back into manifestation within the world economy, blessed ones. It all begins with you and it all ends with you. And between the beginning and the ending, the alpha and the omega of your experience in life, the initiatic path exists and self-mastery is the requirement of every hour. O, blessed hearts, there is much more that I could speak on, and yet in this hour my investment in you is primary, and therefore I say:

            Blaze forth the will of God within the lives of each devotee of light, O Lord this day. Burn through and root out the cause and core of all sense of lack, helplessness, and that which has been allowed within that does not suit these as the full armor of their God-identity to be conquering heroes and heroines of the light. Blaze forth the fire of God within every electron and atom of being. Create now a matrix of light enfired by the blue-flame will of God for them to understand their eternal nature and to live fully in that blue-fire light of God. O Lord God, let this investment grow and let the abundance within this movement expand by the conscious work of many and the widening of the circle of community with the conscious efforts of those who have keys to universal understanding, cosmic benevolence, and planetary harmony and balance.

            When you balance your own ledger through giving and receiving, then all is well and you have the weal of God in your life for your wealth, your health, and Elohimic vitality and virya. I am here for you! Call, pray and sing to me and the light of God will be where you are, work for you, and the Elohim may even walk and talk with the intrepid ones whom I pray ye all will be forevermore with me. I thank you.

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