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Maitreya      November 01, 2012

Beloved Maitreya
David Christopher Lewis
November 1, 2012   2:54–3:05 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

You Have the Keys within You for the Light of Compassion
to Be Embodied through Your Spirit

Seated upon the lotus of light, I come, with many tertons, bodhisattvas and Buddhas present. We emanate compassion for the new era and within the consciousness of the new era here.

O soul of love, enter into the light of the lotus of your heart and find the jewel therein, the key to your divinity, that eternal flame within the fire of love, wisdom and power manifesting as compassion. What is this compassion? you ask. It is the purity of love's outpicturing within your life as holiness, as presence and as new possibility for a bestowal of God's grace within your world.

You have the keys right within you, O hearts of fire, for the light of compassion, the light of God's love to be embodied through your spirit. And therefore I emanate love, love, love in this hour. Your auras receive the love-light of the Buddhas of compassion. Your lives receive the grace of God through the compassionate ways in which the Buddhas walk, the compassionate lives and their examples, each one unique and yet full of that light of understanding love, which compassion is. For you see in kindness—loving-kindness—mercy, forgiveness and the truth of love as its outpicturing in a multifold manifestation of beingness. Compassion meets the needs and requirements of the soul at the point wherein light and darkness meet, where duality and unity are juxtaposed, and where your personality is conflicted vis-à-vis divine individuality.

We provide the key to the unraveling of the not-self and to your new composure within light—the light of your true Self—O holy ones. In the sacred space created by the action of pure God-love, there is the dissolution of all that you decide to release and a new resolute spirit of oneness born within this eternal, now-hallowed ground within your heart so that you may abide within your Buddhic essence, manifesting your true and noble state of kindness and pure love.

Breathe in this love-fire light now from the lily pad upon which I abide, and speak to your own Buddha nature with me, with your inner voice, and say: “O Lord Buddha of myself, I accept you as the author of my true identity. I accept you as the emanator of compassion from within me this day. O Lord of Love, live and move and have your beingness through my heart and allow me to serve to set life free through compassion as I extend your grace, God's grace, here in gestures of unity and offerings of divinity through my consecrated self, through my active Buddhic life. O Lord of All Beingness, be here now within me and within each life-form the law, the wisdom and the love of the Universal One as I extend the music of my mind, the cadences of my heart and the graces of my actions to all sentient beings beloved of thee, accepted for who they are.”

            [Maitreya releases a long outbreath.] May the Buddhic breath help beingness be yours to ingest within every breath. And may you breathe new life into the world as we together give birth to this new era of compassion, of divine love here and now.

O precious pearls of beauty, O noble lords and ladies of the eternal flame, ah, ah, ah. I am a love being, and I claim you also as one.

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