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Serapis Bey      October 12, 2012

Beloved Serapis Bey
David Christopher Lewis

August 12, 2012   7:35–7:38 pm MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

Serapis Bey Announces the Ascension of Lady Master Treva Franklin Bell

Precious Hearts,

I announce to you in this hour that the soul of Treva Bell has indeed returned to the heart of God in the ascension, and there is a great cosmic applause of many angelic beings, ascended masters and unascended beings gathered here at Luxor. And I encourage you also, dearest ones, to applaud the great God-victory of this soul. [applause]

Hail, Ascended Lady Master Treva! Hail, Ascended Lady Master Treva! Hail, Ascended Lady Master Treva!

David:  Now we are going to get Steve Miller on the phone. Steve has about a fifteen-minute presentation on beloved Treva and her life and some anecdotes from her life.

Steve Miller:  Thank you, David and Boyd and beloved Serapis Bey for providing this platform to share in the celebration of the life and the ascension of our beloved friend Treva Franklin Bell. Some of you may not have had the opportunity to meet her. She was a little limited in her mobility in her later years, since she's been a heartfriend, so I thought I'd share with you a few stories and a little background on her life tonight.

Treva was born in November 1931 in a small rural village in northwestern Ohio, just east of Fort Wayne, Indiana. As a child, she had the frequent opportunity to enjoy and revel in nature, which she thoroughly enjoyed for her whole life. And she also enjoyed making artistic renderings, and that was another lifelong interest of hers.

I really loved to hear her tell stories from her youth, of her interaction and observation of elementals that played in her environment. One of my favorite stories that I liked to hear was how she would walk through a path in a wooded area near her home as a young girl, and as she walked, fairies and elementals would weave in and out of her pathway and reach into pouches that they held, and they would throw little particles of gold dust into the air. And the sun would shine through the trees and the whole atmosphere would be a glittering white and yellow hue of gold. It was really wonderful to hear her tell these stories of her interactions with elementals as a young child.

People may not know this, but she was also a distant relative of Benjamin Franklin, and she had a very powerful appreciation of the virtues of freedom and liberty and of the precepts upon which our nation was founded. I have to smile a little bit when I say that her government representatives will probably have a much lighter load of mail in the future because she certainly did avail herself of the opportunity to provide her defense of freedom and protection of the unborn to her elected representatives.

Upon reaching maturity, Treva left the slow rural pace of country life to attend art school in the bustling metropolis of Chicago. After completing her art school studies in Chicago, she returned to Ohio and soon married her lifelong partner, Richard Bell. While residing in Ohio, she took up nursing in a local hospital as a career, and things went very well for them as they began their small family.

But all of that was soon to change. On January 30, 1963, at the age of thirty-one, and eight hours after giving birth to her fifth child, Treva was lying in bed and not feeling well. Unbeknownst to anyone, a blood clot had formed between her lung and heart, setting the stage for a remarkable event that would change her life forever. She rose from her bed, and while walking to the bathroom she collapsed on the floor, dead. And she always used to laugh about the term “near-death experience” when describing this, because she would say that there was nothing “near” about it. [laughter] It was full reality, right then and there.

What I'd like to do is read to you, in Treva's own words, what happened next as she lay on the floor. She relates: “All at once, I was in a beautiful garden. The flowers glowed with an intense light. They seemed to be made of a concentrated light substance. They glowed like jewels, with a light in the center of each one. The colors were so intense. The feeling in the garden was one of love, joy and peace—a divine love, a divine joy and a divine peace, compassion.

“I visited many gardens. All of the etheric retreats that I visited had beautiful gardens. One of the retreats had an indoor garden with a waterfall. There were pools, ponds, fountains and waterfalls of crystal water. There were flowers of many kinds, and always roses and roses—like in the story of The Secret Garden, when Dickon said there would be curtains and fountains of roses. In that story, because of the garden, two neglected children and the adults in the story were healed. I believe my time spent in the first garden that I found myself in was a time of healing before I was taken to visit the etheric retreats and the crystal cities and then on to my review before the Lords of Karma.

“When I was in the gardens, I could feel the intense love, mercy, joy, peace and compassion—all the graces. These virtues are the comfort flame. There are no words to describe the feeling of this beauty and light of the higher planes of consciousness. While I was in the gardens, I was taught that we need to have love, mercy, grace, joy and compassion in our aura. If we carry these virtues in our aura, all that we meet will receive the blessings of these virtues when they are around us. It could be “as Above, so below” if we all created a garden full of flowers, a place to sit and absorb the divine love, peace and joy. The elementals of the nature kingdom love to help us tend our garden, keeping it a place of love, peace, joy, mercy and compassion. Perhaps when you were young, you read about the fairies and gnomes, and they may have been your playmates and even shown you their hiding places.”

Now, as Treva said, she felt that this experience in the gardens was a healing experience for her to then move on to other visits that she had. The first place that she said she went was to a children's retreat or garden, and she said this was a very large garden with a lot of room for the children to run around and play.

“There were swings that just seemed to hang in the air, which the children were swinging on. They were all so happy and free. They were singing and picking flowers. There was music in the air. The flowers did not wilt when picked because they were made of light. A lot of happiness and joy there. Perhaps I met souls here that are with me in this lifetime as my grandchildren and/or the children I have tutored or homeschooled. Such a delightful place.”

Next Treva talks about her visits to various ascended master retreats. One that she recalled with the greatest joy was the visit to Nada's retreat, the Rose Temple. She told me that she actually loved it so much that she asked to go back a second time. [laughter] She also loved the Queen of Light's retreat. A couple of years ago when there was a discourse on Queen of Light's retreat, she said it was exactly as she had remembered it. She also enjoyed her visit to Paul the Venetian's retreat, where he had a beautiful garden. And she said that at Paul the Venetian's retreat, she was taken into a room where the walls were lined with paintings, and each of the paintings was a distilled essence of one of her lifetimes. And so this was the way she was shown her various lifetimes. The other interesting retreat experience that she told me about was her trip on a rowboat to the Cave of Light with the Goddess of Light, the Queen of Light and the Goddess of Purity. I thought that was a pretty cute memory.

After she had this experience with the various retreats, she was then brought before twenty-eight elders, all dressed in white with long, flowing white hair and beards. She described them as “wise advisors,” who counseled her on opportunities and various aspects of her life. After that, she then went before the Great Karmic Board. As she went in front of them, the Great Divine Director presented her with two dossiers, a blue one and a white one, and offered her a choice of which one to take. Rather than staying in the etheric octaves, she chose to take on service of world karma and her own personal karma and returned, especially due to the love of her children, whom she felt she must return to serve.

As she was getting ready to come back, she said that the Goddess of Liberty told her that she would find the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood again and that she would serve the Great White Brotherhood through two organizations. Treva said that she asked the Goddess of Liberty twice to promise to make sure that she would find these teachings and the Brotherhood again.

While she was there with the Great Karmic Board, she was presented many visions, like those Dannion Brinkley published in his books. She was shown many potential Earth changes and was told that many could be mediated, that we are great powerful beings and that the spoken word and prayer have great power. She was also taught the use of bright and pastel colors to use in her environment and the use of green plants in her home and surroundings. She said that everyone should have a flower garden with all kinds of flowers and lots of rose bushes.

One of the visions that she had that mystified her the most for many years, until last March of 2011, was a vision of a large mountain with fire on it descending from the heavens.  She called me one day and said, “You won't believe what I just saw. I received my latest issue of National Geographic, and right on the front cover is a picture of that mountain that I saw in my vision.” I said, “What does it say? Does it say where it is at?” She said, “Yes, it says that it's in Lake Titicaca in Peru.” I think it was very interesting that she received that magazine at that time, as we had just recently learned about Clare de Lis and Lanello taking the place of the God and Goddess Meru in their retreat. I think that's a very interesting vision she was given.

After Treva returned to her body, she had a long year of recuperation. She said it was very difficult for her to handle the light that she had been given, and she wanted to hide her experiences from people because her doctor actually told her not to say anything to anybody. So it was very difficult for her to share what she experienced for many, many years.

Seventeen years after she had her near-death experience, she was walking down the street one day and saw on a telephone pole a stump poster from Church Universal and Triumphant with a picture of the Great Divine Director on it. She looked at the poster and remarked to her companion, “That's the guy that gave me the books.” And from that day forward she was a very devoted student of the ascended masters and became the study group leader of the Fort Wayne, Indiana, group. She ultimately joined the Hearts Center a few years ago, which she believed was the second Great White Brotherhood organization that she was shown in her Great Karmic Board reading.

So that's what I wanted to share about Treva tonight. It's been just a tremendous joy to have been a partner on the path with her over these years. She's been a great mentor to me, and I cannot think of a better example of humility and service in any person I have ever met. And it brings me great joy and delight tonight to hear of her ascension. And I thank you, David, for being the platform for this to occur and for it to be communicated to us. I thank you very much.

David:  Thank you very much, Steve, and God bless you. Thanks for compiling all this information. It gives us a little more about the precious soul of Treva. I apologize for mispronouncing her name. So I'd like again to give that fiat “Hail, Ascended Lady Master Treva! three times.

Hail, Ascended Lady Master Treva! [given three times]

Serapis showed me that she had balanced 82 percent of her karma, which is fantastic, and she will be serving with Paul the Venetian at his retreat in France. And we heard a little bit about her life—just an amazing, wonderful person, whose third eye was open, and through this clairvoyance she was able to share these beautiful experiences.

So thank you, Treva. She would like us all to know how important it is to remain tethered to our path, the path of devotion, because through devotion we align ourselves with our Source. And through adoration, we true ourselves to the one purpose of life, which is the ascension through service and through love.

It's interesting that she mentioned Lake Titicaca. She will be with us in spirit during our entire journey and overshining those who come from near and from far. And she no longer looks like she is eighty. She looks like she is eighteen—absolutely beautiful, radiant, glorious, scintillating. Her twin flame is ascended also, a magnificent divine master of very tall stature.

Steve told me on the phone earlier, I believe it was this morning, that near the end of her life Treva was only just a little bit less than five feet tall. She was quite a diminutive figure. Well, I can tell you that she is no longer diminutive, and the radiance and the glow and the power of her aura is absolutely stupendous. When you call to her, she will respond instantaneously because she desires to balance that remaining 18 percent of her karma as quickly as possible so that she is completely God-free in the light.

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