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Justinius      October 12, 2012

Beloved Justinius
David Christopher Lewis
October 12, 2012   10:40–10:59 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Justinius and His Legions Bring the Light of Ascension's Currents

Gracious Ones,

In the living Presence of God, I am here with you raying forth the flame of cosmic truth. And in this radiation, there is a wave pattern with a specific frequency for each of you who is ascending in consciousness through your spiritual work each day that will afford you new opportunities for Self-realization and advancement on your path of light toward your ultimate destination in the victory of your soul wed to God.

Invictus, I come, for I AM Justinius, captain of the seraphim. And through a blessing afforded to me at the altar of the Most High, I carry the light of the ascension currents within my being, as do the seraphim this day, to light a world, to grace the lives, the homes, the very beings of certain lightbearers who look to the Sun, the source of all, and who in turn are blazing fiery trails of light through their consciousness and their lives, lived to the glory of God, to benefit humanity and to raise all in that eternal light.

This evening you will have a Purity service that will truly be an ascension service itself, conducted by the master, the chohan of the fourth ray, Serapis Bey. And, dearest ones, this will be an inner temple experience within the halls of Luxor, where you may feel, if you are sensitive, the very living pulsation of the ascension flame as it is conducted through the very being of one who has so recently stood in your midst, who is now even in this hour preparing for her ascension in the light.

The ray of the ascension is pristine and perfect. It is full of the effulgence of the Lord's energy, of true reality and God-beingness. This light is life itself. It is what animates your soul with that spirit-spark of the one eternal flame that you have called the Maxin light. And, dearest ones, when you feel the intensity, the wonderment, the cosmic awe of this light in your physical form, from that day forward there is nothing that can impel you to any other action than to be one with God from the within out, and from the without in.

If you seek greater abundance in your life, energize your being with the light of God through the fourth ray of purity's action. For this, dearest hearts, annuls all that has passed within your world that no longer affords you the action to be present in who you are as a God-realized being. This current of the ray of the ascension is necessary for many of you to begin to feel with a greater intensity flowing through your physical form. For it brings vitality, perfect health, wholeness and wealth, as well as the divine happiness that you seek from God and not from other sources outside of self.

Yes, dearest ones, when you are rayed to the truth of your inner being, there is a cosmic array of light that dances through your aura, that sings through your soul, that manifests through your consciousness, that provides for you every impetus that is essential for you to know and feel in order to maintain that state of being bathed in your God-identity and to accomplish anything that you set your heart and mind to.

Do you have a wandering mind? Then steel your mind to the mind of God by placing your attention upon light, life and true love. Do you have any opposition to your path, your dharma that you experience in the course of your life? There is no opposition to the divine light from within the seed kernel of cosmic identity of this ascension ray. And therefore when you abide within this life energy, nothing can stand in the way of its eternal purpose manifesting through your world.

You see, dearest ones, it is always a choice to be or not to be God in manifestation each hour of your day. And when you are aligned with the cosmic identity that the white ray brings of all of the rays combined, through the prismatic action of the Christ consciousness fully employed by and through those rays united as one, then, dearest hearts, your life has new purpose and God propels you into the highest office of your cosmic reality by that current of true Selfhood that is the white ray of purity.

You see, the seraphim are trained in the employment of the highest frequencies of beingness. Having attended to the central altar of light in the Great Central Sun, they come dripping with the eternal frequencies of pure reality. And this is what we offer those who are daring enough to invite us into their worlds to apply the cosmic ointments of solar fire to every aspect of their beings. Yes, dearest ones, I am here and my legions surround you, each one, in this hour so that you may accommodate more of God and less of your lesser self, so that you may access more than you thought possible of the ascension currents even while yet in physical incarnation in this life.

You have heard this messenger speak of the dynamic of not being able to charge more of the physical batteries of his self after receiving HeartStream after HeartStream during certain cycles and during events and conferences. Well, dearest ones, I am here to tell you that each of you can increase the wattage that you are able to bear and even the battery of your soulfulness so that more of God may be applied, incarnated within your life and your physical temple. If you can accept this new awareness, then we may just be with you more than we have in the past as you accommodate greater light-energies being woven through the strands of your awareness and employed through your projects, your service to life. And there may be an acceleration of your life energies for you to accomplish all of your higher dreams and aspirations. If you are to do more, there must be a new accommodation of greater light within your world from the Source.

As I look down your lives, I see that some of you have accommodated less than the totality of who you know you are by your acceptance of various vibrations of density and darkness through your mind, through your feeling world. Dearest ones, accept only God. Know God in his eternality and her cosmic beauty, and in this you will be able to employ, to utilize and to dramatically demonstrate the perfectionment of the source-field of your own I AM Presence so that this world will be charged with your ray of God-identity.

Yes, I am here employing the graces of God, the gifts of the Spirit for you, each one. And when you require a new charge of light at the onset of any sacred project, artistic rendering or work of the Lord, I am here to set the table, so to speak, for you so that you may employ your best, your greatest, dearest ones, on God's behalf and on behalf of all of humanity itself.

Blaze forth the ray of ascension light here within the hearts of these your servitors, O Lord. Blaze forth the light of perfection within their lifestreams that they may know more of the source of all that is pure light, love and life. Blaze forth the eternal light of their own cosmic Christ and Buddhic and Atmic awareness that they may Self-realize your divine essence.

O Great I AM THAT I AM in the Great Central Sun, O holy ones of God, “Holiness unto the Lord” is our song, is our cry divine, is our celestial music, which we sing eternally. When you say this phrase with great devotion and understand its true import, its inner meaning, then that holiness will ring through your life, will sing through your spirit and will grace your being with that eternal oneness. And there is and will be ever more for you a cosmic procession of your soul to the very heart of God, that you may enjoy the spiritual quintessences of the pure virtues of the One always.

I AM Justinius. I have come to serve the sons and daughters of God this morning and to retrack them on the cosmic course of all that is virtuous, pure and divine. I thank you.

Messenger's Comments:

Thank you, dearest hearts. We will be broadcasting at 7:00 pm Mountain Daylight Time from our Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart with a very special service. So I pray that most of you or all of you can be present with us and experience this awesome revelation and the alchemy that God will perform through the ascension process of one, which will benefit all of us by its radiance. God bless you. Have a wonderful day. Bye-bye.

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