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Fortuna      October 09, 2012

Beloved Fortuna
David Christopher Lewis
October 9, 2012   8:01–8:13 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Fortuna Brings Keys for Greater Abundance

Beloved Ones,

            As you have consecrated this service this morning to the light of abundance and the divine economy within yourself and within the world at large, I have sent forth rays of light into many quarters and frequencies of consciousness of the people of our Earth. There is an inner enlivening through the richness of the Spirit that comes to many, which will afford them greater blessings as they continue on their journey in life to the Sun.

            Life is sacred. The key to greater abundance for you all is to understand your own eternal nature, the sanctity of your own soul, the blessedness of your being and the bounty of God's grace, which is yours always to use. From within and through the energy that descends from your God Presence each moment of time, you may manifest your destiny in light and bring forth the fruits of the Spirit and all that is essential in your sacred work and service to life.

            Many lightbearers seem to be challenged to accept greater abundance in their lives. Why is this so? And how can we collectively move forward to accept, to precipitate the allness of God's gifts within our lives? One key I offer you this day is that when you place your focus, truly the focus of your attention, upon the Source, the Source itself provides, as the providential One, what you do require to live your life to the fullest. When you invest your energies in the purposes of God, God invests her energies in the purposes of your life.

            What are these purposes? you may ask. To be effulgent in giving and to honor the creation itself by being creative, by entering into the Spirit of the One and by emanating a spirit of oneness, holiness and grace. All that you require is at hand within the one atmosphere of God's divine breath and beingness, which is everywhere that you are. To coalesce this essence of godliness within your world requires focus, attention and love. When these components are there, then the angels of abundance come unto you and assist you in the sacred work whereby you are anointed in light. And that light itself is crystallized in form as the abundance that you require—the things of this world, consecrated to God—to fulfill your mission.

            There may be a seeming disparity between what the lightbearer has and what he or she seeks. To close this gap requires the light of acceptance of what already is, appreciation for what you have, and then allowing the new spirit of divine joy to emanate through you. The Holy Spirit comes and breathes new life through your Presence and Solar consciousness into the domain of your being and awareness. And from within you, you may draw forth cosmic reserves, divine assets of light so long as you use them to glorify God and to bring forth the kingdom of God upon Earth.

            Sometimes lightbearers receive abundance physically and then forget their higher purpose and their vows and use those resources unwisely, even spilling them upon the ground through unconscious desires and ways so that even the angels of my bands have to turn their eyes away because the pain of seeing the desecration of that light is too great for them to observe. So, dearest hearts, assess your station in life. Observe, self-observe, how you use the resources of your time and energies daily. Fine-tune your awareness, and then put into play, by the alchemy of the Lord, those new matrices of heart-centered mind-thought and creative visualization and emanation, which will allow the coalescing of the higher frequencies of God-beingness to manifest in your world and to be yours each day.

            There is an entire science of the Spirit that I teach in my retreat. For those of you who would understand the dynamics of greater precipitation of divine light, I offer the truth, the higher truth, of God for you to utilize so that you may live that abundant life, cherishing God's gifts, blessing all through your service, and molding and perfecting within the sphere of your influence the most beautiful rendition of the co-creative fires of your being to manifest in formlessness through thought, and in form through action.

            Now David has something to share with you as an alchemy for our movement, whereby I may step through the veil with the Master Saint Germain and co-create a new alchemy of abundance in your midst.

            God bless you. Thank you for your willingness to be God-taught, your willingness to experiment with light and for the crystal being who you are this day.


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