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Gautama Buddha      September 26, 2012

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
September 26, 2012   10:22–10:25 pm MDT
Bozeman, Montana

Accept Your Divinity as Initiates—Be Illumined, Awake and Alive

           I AM the Lord of Life for Earth. And I radiate new mindfulness and the fire of glory here for a new world to be born within initiates, who this day, as adepts-in-the becoming, are initiating new fires of God-beingness through their hearts and minds as one.

            “Om,” you have said. “Om,” you have chanted. Within the Om I exist as pure being. Within the Om you may exist as pure essence.

O precious ones, I extend my essence to you and seal your crown of victory this day. You have earned the right to be in the presence of Buddha by your love, by your light. And I have earned the right to be in your presence through my love of you as Buddhas, Mothers. Accept your divinity—flower and be illumined, awake and alive.

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