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Lotus      September 19, 2012

Beloved Lotus
David Christopher Lewis
September 19, 2012   11:00–11:18am EDT
Autumn Equinox Tour 2012
Heartstreaming for Soul Freedom with the Ascended Masters
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Presence of God Is Here Right Now!

            I create a seven-pointed star here, and I say to each one of you, the Presence of God is here, right here, right now within you and within every lifestream created in the image and likeness of the Divine.

Why a seven-pointed star? Because, dearest ones, this signifies your own sevenfold nature of light, that which God has placed within you as foci of perfection within your chakras, those sacred centers of light that often you may take for granted. These are your connection with the spiritual world and the seven heavens, the seven dimensional planes within certain spherical levels of awareness within Earth's atmosphere.

            Visualize now through your being the rainbow light of perfection manifesting through your sacred centers, as a point on each of these seven points of the star now illumines your chakras, blesses you and graces you with a new type of animation of presence within you.

            You have studied the sacred sciences of East and West, the noble sciences of Spirit in this and in many past lifetimes. And you are coming to that point on your path that is the fruition of all of your study and of your spiritual practices, whereby you are being veritably subsumed into the very living reality of God right here, right now. That is why I bring this magnanimous Presence of the great I AM light right within this room for you to know. Feel the fire; feel the light-energy of an ascended master in your midst. Feel the activation of your chakras and, if you are sensitive, you may even begin to feel, to know, to sense, to see, to hear, to smell more intuitively than you have ever heretofore done in this lifetime.

            In some ancient lifetimes, dearest ones, these faculties of yours were more developed, and many of you had amazing gifts of the Spirit that allowed you to do powerful spiritual work in the lands of Lemuria—Mu, the Motherland—even on Atlantis and, in some cases, other golden-age civilizations of yore. 

            It is your right as a God being to again engage in the highest level of your givingness to the universe through the talents, the gifts of the Spirit within you that have been vouchsafed to you. You access these through obedience to the law of your being, your higher being; through love of mankind and of the One God; and through humility in knowing that these gifts may only be used for the highest purpose—to serve, to set life God-free!

            Yes, dearest ones, Godfre is here with me. And together, through our twin flames, we do this spiritual work on behalf of you, the evolutions of Philadelphia, all of the East Coast, and any who are participating at any level by viewing or listening to this live message or the replay thereof.

            You can utilize the spiritual talents of your I AM Presence daily through magnanimous works, through miraculous works, dearest hearts. It is up to you just how much of the pressure of the light you will allow within your being. At times this may cause a certain stirring within you of impulses that you have not yet learned to fully control. And yet through pranic breathing, conscious meditation and the activation of these higher powers under the guidance of an ascended master or an enlightened human being, you can control all so that all is utilized only for the most noble and pure purposes.

            The danger that we see in the lives of some who give themselves over fully to certain gurus East and West is that these gurus themselves have not fully mastered themselves. And therefore what they place upon or teach those whom they call to themselves as disciples is not of the purest essence of the Godhead. Some of you have even been in certain activities or movements where this has occurred, and you have learned the hard lessons of having surrendered a portion of yourself to these so-called masters, master teachers or gurus.

            Well, dearest ones, the greatest guru is your I AM God Presence. The greatest master teacher is the I AM THAT I AM, and every ascended master bows to the light of the Christ within you, within the universe and within every true and noble God being who has merged with the stream of pure light, having surrendered all of the human and accepted all of the Divine within them. 

            Yes, humanly, we have all made a multitude of mistakes. And yet put these aside and dwell not upon them any longer. Live in the integrity of your great God Presence and know the surety and the certainty of that holy will, wisdom and love blazing within your heart. If, dearest ones, you could truly feel what your threefold flame is made of, and I say it is made of pure light from the Sun Source of the All-in-all, then you would have all that you require of the dynamics and the spiritual gifts to accomplish anything that you set your mind and heart to.

            Yes, dearest ones, the light of God always prevails, and the beloved Solar Presence is that light! And that light is here and now blazing deep within your heart. Should you choose to accept this reality today and move forward on your path, not looking behind or to the past and what could have been, but at what is now looming before you as great opportunity with Saint Germain and Portia to move fully into your God-identity, then your victory is assured. For you will have merged with that true path of light that is your destiny to experience.

            See what we together can accomplish in one small hotel room, dearest ones, when we are of like mind, of one accord in the Spirit; when we are of one heart, one voice, and one truth in our determination to bring love and light to our world and to share these beautiful teachings with humanity.

            With God all things are possible, I remind you.1 You know it intellectually, and yet at times even the best of us sink into the sense that there is limitation, that there are burdens and struggles that we must go through to know God or to develop ourselves and to share this knowledge and teaching with others.

            Dearest ones, the light of God is here. Say it to yourself daily: “The light of God is here within me. And Lord, O Lord, I will live in it. I will bask in it. I will use it only to glorify you, to magnify your mission, your truth everywhere.” In this, you will realize your purpose. In this, you will be God-free. I see it! I know it! And I ray it forth with Godfre Ray King into each and every one of you, whom I see this day as kings and queens of light, as noble lords and ladies of the flame.

            Yes, it is time for America to fulfill her divine destiny. You, each one of you, is essential in this sacred work and in this collective universal mission of light. When you breathe and move and have you being in God, that is your greatest spiritual work—to allow the I AM Race to proceed forward, ever forward, in victory.

            Now I place within the Liberty Bell itself an electrode of light composed of angelic essences from many angelic choirs of the heaven world. Even though that bell is no longer rung in the physical—though many step forward to look upon it, to take a photograph of it or of themselves standing near it—there will be the inner ringing of a clarion bell of light in the heaven world that calls them to liberty, to soul liberty, to light liberty.

            Yes, dearest ones, in this sacred city, the City of Brotherly Love, this electrode will call all to a greater and higher pathway of light. You see, America is a shining city of the sun upon the hill. Washington, that original city of light in which this government resides, is emblematic of the whole of America. And the alabaster city, gleaming, is reflective of the Holy City in the heavens, that which John the Beloved saw and was the testator of as the angel took him to perceive and see all, which he inscribed within the Revelation, the last book of the Holy Bible.

            Make every city, the city where you live, a holy city by your conscious acts, by your conscious life lived to the glory of God. Every city within America may be resurrected in light if you choose to make it so through your calls, through the spiritual integrity of your life, through your walk with God and with many divine beings each day.

            Yes, dearest hearts, Godfre and I have held the vision for America and the I AM Race, true and clear, within our mind's eye for longer than you know, even before our final incarnations. And we invest within each and every one of you a portion of our God-free fire so that you may carry forward America's mission to be that true nation of light, the melting pot not just of peoples of all cultures, but of the highest, the brightest and the most beautiful of souls, who will demonstrate just how truth may be known, liberty may be wielded and freedom may be expanded across this globe. 

            We are with you. We honor those of you who came from Mary's Land and from Virginia. Oh, yes, Virginia—the flame of Cyclopea—there is a reason why that state is named after you, and Washington herself, the capital of this nation.

            I gather you all now within my heart, as a Mother of liberty, and I breathe into your soul new light, new presence, new joy for you to expand your awareness of divine happiness, levity and love. Each of you is honored and blessed in our presence.

            With the sign of the heart, the head and the hand, the Universal Great White Brotherhood seals this HeartStream, Godfre's and my message, in the pure reality of true ascended-master love, which is beyond all human love and composed purely of the emanations from the Sun Source of all life. Be compassionate, be compassion in action and thereby win the liberty of all through that love. Thank you.


1. Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27; Luke 18:27.

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