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Victory      September 15, 2012

Beloved Mighty Victory
David Christopher Lewis
September 15, 2012   8:08–8:18 pm MDT
Autumn Equinox Tour 2012
Heartstreaming for Soul Freedom with the Ascended Masters
Chicago, Illinois

I AM the Victory of the Heart and Soul of All Life!

Precious Ones,

I AM the victory of the heart and soul of all life. And I ask you to join me in the sacred work of the Spirit, in proclaiming this same I AM affirmation daily and in living in the full vital presence of the flame of Victory, whereby all you engage in will be suffused with illumination's fire and empowered by the virtues of Victory, which are many, dearest ones.

When you seek a virtue in your life, it comes forth through a stream of grace from the One, empowered by the ray of Victory. For you see, in that very word virtue you have the v of Victory, the i of Victory, the t of Victory. And ultimately the u within virtue means that it is up to you to ennoble and become Victory's virtue through the employment of your hearts and your hearts' fire for what you require.

When you say, “I AM the victory of all life,” in all domains there arises within your world an angelic presence that moves you into a new understanding of your victory spirit, that which is always successful, that which always wins for God.

There are times when your victory seems to elude you. Why is this, dearest ones? If you truly analyze it from a divine level, you will see that there is something within you that has not accommodated God's victorious light within your world. And therefore you can, if you choose, fall to your knees, claim again the light of God, which always prevails, and ask that the blockages to your victory, to your God-success be removed and that God's way may be made plain to you so that you may step forward into that light of Victory—claiming it, acclaiming it, reclaiming it and fully embodying it within your life.

Now, dearest hearts, please stand and form a circle of fire around this room, holding hands, feeling the sanctity of this circle of oneness and knowing with the full certainty and surety of your being that in the Presence of God, where you are and where I am, there is always and only permanent and complete, total victory.

I, Mighty Victory, now send a ray, with my beloved Justina, through these hearts of fire who have given of themselves this weekend, who have come from near and far to give of their hearts' energies on behalf of the heartland of America, on behalf of America herself and this world and its peoples. Blaze forth the light now through the minds of these, O God. Empower them with a new sense of selfhood, the victorious sense of God-success, God-abundance, God-presence and the allness of that magical I AM THAT I AM reality. Blaze forth the light now. Blaze forth the light now.

I, Mighty Victory, anchor again a rod of victory here so that every call that goes forth from this home of light and from your home of light, O sons and daughters of God, will manifest in reality, by God's grace, because the light of God always prevails! Together:

[Mighty Victory and audience say together:] “The light of God always prevails! The light of God always prevails! The light of God always prevails!

[Mighty Victory:] And the beloved Solar Presence is that light! [Audience says with Mighty Victory:] “And the beloved Solar Presence is that light! And the beloved Solar Presence is that light! And the beloved Solar Presence is that light!”

I pray that you have felt an increase in the light within your hearts, within your minds, within your souls this weekend and that you will take this new energy of Spirit home with you, into your sanctuaries, into the sacred space where you give your prayers and decrees and songs of light to the Lord daily and that, through a new and holy empowerment, that which you truly desire through God and of God will come into being because it will be, and it is now, empowered by the light of Victory.

I now assign a legion of angels to accompany David and those who will be with him for the duration of this experience of the Autumn Equinox Light Tour through this city, the heart chakra of this nation; through Detroit, the solar plexus chakra; through Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love; through New York, the third eye chakra; through Baltimore and Washington, the throat chakra; and through Orlando, near the base of this nation. Let the light flow. Let the light of the autumn equinox grow and glow within many hearts, beating as one in the unison of the Spirit, in the presence of joy, in the light of Victory and by universal love.

In love you conquer; by love you shall win. And one day when those of you who came from our home star Venus will return, you shall receive great accolades and great laurels of light upon your crown as the conquering ones who descended into hell and into this plane—so far from your native estate of pure love—and decided to embody in the flesh to work through the darkness, to transmute it, to transform this Earth, to raise it in light and to bring home and save thousands and millions of souls for God.

I thank you for your service. I thank you for your givingness and your victorious sense that all can be accomplished by God's grace, by God's love, by God's light.

I AM Victory. I am with you always as you maintain the sense of your Godhood and fly with Nike on wings of light and fire! Amen! Amen! Amen!

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