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Zarathustra      September 11, 2012

Beloved Zarathustra
David Christopher Lewis
September 11, 2012   8:43–8:48 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

I Have Delivered That Fire As You Have Invoked It
Give My Prayer, Feel My Fire, and Know, Truly, Pure God-Desire
Return to Your Truth and Light This World!

             I, Zarathustra, am also here, for you have called to me. And how, O holy ones, can you think that I would not answer? For I have delivered that fire as you have invoked it, and therefore:
            Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through all human maya, density, darkness and illusion! Bind now the forces of the night that would imprison the very souls of mankind in all manner of manipulatory matrices of density. Bind them by the power of the will of the One. Burn through, O sacred fire!
            Burn through, O light of Ahura Mazda in our midst this day! For the great Kartikeya—yes, Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days himself—is here upon Earth for a twenty-four-hour cycle. As you sing to him through that magical music and as you play it in your homes,¹ he will come to each one's heart, breathing fire such as you have not known it before, to transmute all within your world that has held you back from your full God-attainment.
            Burn through, burn through, burn through, O sacred fire! Release those who have been imprisoned for lifetimes in a matrix and grid of darkness that has kept them bound to a sense of selfhood outside of God. Release them, O angels of Hercules and Amazonia! Free them, O angels of Arcturus and Victoria! Wipe clean the slate for souls to be illumined by this path of light and all true teachers of the Divine Word whom we have sponsored in all ages of time past, present and future.
            If you would breathe fire with me and access your true ethos and your God self-mastery, then give my prayer,² feel my fire, and know, truly, pure God-desire. Zara! Zara! Zara! I call you to my heart. Return to your truth and light this world with the joy and the fire of illumination and the ruby-ray power of the Z-ray!
            I thank you.

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