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Neptune      September 11, 2012

Beloved Neptune and Luara
David Christopher Lewis
September 11, 2012   8:48–8:53 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

                              We Come to Wash the Atmosphere of the Earth in This and Other Areas
                                                                       A Prayer to Invoke Rain

We, Neptune and Luara, also come to wash the atmosphere of the Earth in this area and in a number of other geographical locations. [Neptune and Luara exhale six short and forceful cleansing breaths.] For, blessed ones, it often requires the mastery of both fire and water, and also of air and earth, to balance all within the four planes of matter.
            How do you invoke rain? you may ask. It is simple: Through a loving call, attuned to our hearts and to the precious undines of the air, say:

            O undines blessed with heaven's ray,
            Now shower upon us here today.
            Bring water into our domain,
            For in this we acclaim God's name.

            I AM THAT I AM is here.
            Through perfect love, there is no fear.
            O Luara, Neptune dear,            
Bring us your rain and all good cheer.

            Feel and see through this prayer that you may also make it into a lilting song for great droplets of rain in your midst, falling from clouds of light to water the earth, to clear the atmosphere, and to bless all with a mother's radiance of joy. You see, dearest ones, the undines are servants of the Divine Mother. They answer the heart's intent and the loving and gentle prayers of children, the elderly, and even of you when you utter them with humility and right motive.
            Often, through a sincere heart, the weather may change as you desire. Only ask that all be accomplished according to the law of love and the will of God and the mind magnificent of the Creator; and then the Spirit will speak through the elementals and you will see the awesomeness of their presence and the new possibilities for you to live in joy.
            Whenever you see a rainbow, we are there behind the scenes, shining our light through the prism of the rain, through which the sunlight of God-glory shines to bring you hope, happiness and holiness. Be at peace with yourself and all will be fulfilled.
            We thank you.

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