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Azrael      September 11, 2012

Beloved Azrael
David Christopher Lewis
September 11, 2012   6:30–6:35 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Radiances and Fragrances of God: Beings That Emanate Subtle Fields of Light
The Doorway for Entrée into a New World Is Open This Day by My Presence
I Am Calling Souls to Transition to Their Pure Self

            In joy I am here. For, beloved ones, I enjoy God. And I enjoin you to live in your God Presence fully, emanating radiances, divine fragrances and beautiful thoughtforms that will manifest in the physical manifestation of God-beingness in this world of form in which you live.
            There is the formless and there is the formed. Between these lies a universe of presence, in which you may abide within your meditation in order to access the Great Silence—that which has no substance and yet is—from which all arises and from which the Divine Father/Mother God draws forth all that is essential for life to be.
            It is through the divine breath that all may be accomplished. It is through holy gnosis that all may be understood. And it is through the will to be that you may revitalize yourselves in perfection's glory and bless everything, everyone, all within the field of love and the fragrance of beauty.
            I reveal to you, dearest ones, that there are celestial beings known as the radiances and devic beings known as the fragrances of God. These emanate subtle fields of light that you may draw upon throughout your day to understand your own eternal nature and bring into the present reality of your life greater God-glory, holiness and supernal presence. When you are sensitive to the various radiances of God, each of these may play upon your being as a type of divine song wherein the vibratory patterns of eternality become a part of who you are, your very makeup, and you are raised in light to know the All. Likewise, when you are one in nature with the One, God's fragrances also play upon your being. You may ingest them through the sacred olfactory center of your being in order to understand through each holy aroma what God is speaking unto you, what the Divine One desires for you to know internally.
            There is a holy river of light that is constantly in flow and in flux within you if you choose to access the purity of your own higher beingness through silence, through meditation, through presence. And in that sacred space of stillness your Buddha nature resides, your higher Atmic self illumines a world, your cosmic presence may be felt and even seen, and the universal Spirit who you are in the highest vibratory matrix of eternality may also play upon your being in all dimensions and co-create within your world a new, beautiful you, a transcendent self, a blessed and benign being.
            I am Azrael. Some of you have thought that my primary mission is only to be there when souls are ready for their transition, and this is true in one sense. Yet, dearest ones, I am here for you as you transition to a new matrix of perfection. For the doorway that I provide for souls and their entrée into a new world is open this day by my presence, and you may step forth undaunted, with the audacity of cosmic hope, to create right before your eyes the new world that you seek, letting your pure vision, your imagination and the creative spirit who you are work with all the celestial hosts to perfect that which is within the eternal Now that may be known through love.

            [Azrael chants the AH in a moving melody for 58 seconds.]

            I am calling souls to transition to their pure Self. Know thy Self as God. In this ye are blessed, sanctified, energized and activated into a new field of glory. We witness now those white magicians among you who, through self-transformation and through the love-fires of perfect beingness in joy, have touched the garment of God and the apron strings of the Divine Mother. Be joyful! Rejoice! For in this ye conquer, O holy ones of God.


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 [Additional transcribed and unedited commentary by David and Heartfriends after the HeartStream follows:]

David: I'd like us to speak about Azrael's Heartstream, what you recall of it. We will heartstream ourselves a little bit, to discuss what we heard. So we'll speak a little bit more about that, and share together.

Listener: Some of the most memorable parts for me were, he spoke about the formed and the unformed, and that when we are in true meditation, we are between the two. And it's very interesting, because obviously, if we're not ascended, we can't be completely in the unformed. And yet actually the opposite is true generally—that ascended beings don't come completely down into the formed. So there is this meeting ground, which is interesting, and he said that when you are in true meditation, you are in that middle part, and you can actually receive the perfection of God into your being. And he talked about the radiances, which are, I think he said, cosmic beings or devic beings.

David: The fragrances were devic, and the radiances were cosmic.

Boyd: I remember radiances and fragrances, and that they are...

David: God fragrances, I think he said. God fragrances: the fragrances of God. And those were devic beings.

Boyd: That's what I thought too. And it appeared to me—what I thought I heard—was that they are there as representations in the embodiment of the God-qualities, and they outpicture in a more tangible way that appeal to the cosmic senses, and not just knowing.

David: Olfactory.

Listener: ...not just knowing intellectually about some quality, but that you actually breathe it or ingest it, or that you ingest the light from the radiances by viewing it and accepting it into your being. And that by so doing, you are ingesting greater portions of your God self-identity.

David: Wonderful.

Boyd: That's one of the things that I got.

David: Yeah. That was awesome. Gene, did you have anything to say?

Dean: The experience for me, try as I might to concentrate on every word, afterwards I had trouble recalling specific words. It was kind of just an overall radiance that I was feeling. But I did have a few thoughts to kind of recap what Boyd was talking about. I remember that he said that these God qualities, when we meditate on them with these divine beings, especially the radiances and the fragrances, they actually become part of ourselves...

David: Right.

Dean: we meditate on them. And I also recall that he talked about the Great Silence, or that place where things seem to be unformed, or there doesn't seem to be anything physical, but nevertheless this is the source from which draws forth everything that is necessary for life. I think this was a very interesting reflection on drawing forth form from the unformed, the way God does it. I also recall one of the first statements he made, which I really liked, which was “I enjoy God”. That was really cool.

David: Then “I enjoin you to...” It was kind of a play on words. “I enjoy God”, and “I enjoin you to do so also”, or something like that.

Dean and Boyd: Right. Yes. Right.

David: And he began with joy, and he ended with joy. So you think of Azrael, for those of us who have heard of him before, as this angel of death who is there at the transition. He talked about that. And yet there is still joy in his being, doing this work that some would consider—that some angels would probably consider like “Man, I wouldn't want to be in that position, to be there to escort people...” It's like, remember “Touched by an Angel”? There was that one angel that was there to basically announce to people that they were going to die, or to be there at their transition. Azrael is kind of like that in one sense, but I think that it's a lot higher vibration than maybe what that movie showed, but it's amazing to think there's joy in death, because it's just a transition. And if we get past this matrix that death is sorrowful or painful, and we realize that it's actually an open door—he talked about the open door at the end, didn't he?—where you can step through or something. Go ahead.

Dean: My own observation is that people who are going through the transition or know that they're going to die, they're the ones that need the joy the most.

David: Right.

Dean: So it's a good thing that he does ensoul that joy, and does bring that joy, and I remember the last comment he made in the dictation, one of the last sentences was something about, “Be in joy, for that's how you attain your victory. Therein is your victory.”

David: Right. And he talked about the fact that you may think that I am primarily there for transition of souls, and that is true; however, part of my work also has to do with you transiting to a new plane of being, a new you. And he was here to kind of help us move into our new selfhood. I think that's part of the whole purpose.

Dean: That was a central and very profound part of the whole thing.

David: I did not know who it was until he announced his name. [laughs] Okay, Boyd, you have more. What else did you like to say?

Boyd: When he was chanting, I could sense he was reaching out to touch souls and provide, you might say, spiritual nourishment, and I felt that he was using all of us in our connections with people in the world, and because we are in embodiment, I felt myself kind of like a resonant tuning fork and amplifying what he was doing through my own network of connections in the world. It was very interesting.

David: And I think through the chanting he was opening a door, too. I think it was an action that actually washed away stuff and then opened this portal for us to step through to our new selfhood.

Boyd: Yeah. I sensed that before the dictation, and actually for about the three minutes beforehand, I was meditating for about fifteen minutes beforehand, but the last few minutes before the dictation were very profound and interesting.

Copyright © 2012 The Hearts Center®. All rights reserved. We encourage you to share these messages with heartfriends throughout the world. With the approval of the messenger and/or the master, some of the spoken words may have been changed, or new words added, to provide greater clarity in the written word. Short excerpts may be quoted, giving credit to the author. Contact us at Send correspondence and contributions PO Box 277, Livingston, Montana 59047 USA.