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Kuthumi      September 07, 2012

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
September 7, 2012   10:30–10:48 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Opening of a Special Class within the Retreats of the Brotherhood
to Bring Humanity to a New Fount of Unity and Harmony

Study the Virtues around the Lines of the Clock

Beloved Ones of Light,
            I express my gratitude to each of you for the gift of love from your hearts, for the emanation of kindness and gentility and peace that each one strives to exemplify through a life of virtue. Yes, many of you have come to the point on the path of realizing your true Selfhood in a new and powerful way, and this has provided for you an impetus of such transcendence that you are able to fly into the arms of the Divine One, singing your song of gratitude, praising the Creator for all that is, and living in a true space of understanding that honors every soul, every sentient being even while you ascend in consciousness more each day.
            I am Kuthumi. And I am here and there across the Earth, sowing seeds of kindness and compassion so that when these are watered by the love of many devotees of various movements of light and those who pray to God for aid, there will be an amazing outpicturing of a new world of divine love in many realms. Some of you have served with me in past lifetimes in various orders of light that I have established. And some of you even now consider yourselves to be members of our Order of the Golden Robe, pledged to give compassion and teaching, kindness and truth, and to weave within the hearts and minds of mankind new concepts of divinity and understanding of the eternal knowledge of God that comes when one places oneself firmly on the path under the guidance of a true master and seeks to comprehend the purpose of life, beingness, while living in the Presence.
            Brother Lawrence, through his seminal work on the Presence,¹ gave to mankind a great truth, for it is in the simple acts of virtue and the conscious application of holy love while living fully rooted within the source of divine love that one is able to sustain light within, to harmonize all, and to bring a new equation of beingness from heavenly realms into physicality in one's conscious life. Yes, dearest ones, peace is always the requirement of the hour. And when you live in your Presence there is naturally the birthing of a new world of tranquility and harmony from within you that may be shared with many through your virtuous life and through the graces of the Spirit that flow through you each hour.
            The Master Omraam, Beloved Jesus and I have opened a special class within the retreats of the universal Great White Brotherhood wherein souls of light may move into an even deeper understanding of their psychology through understanding the Oversoul, union within the One, brotherhood, and how the sixth-ray action of light through givingness, sharing, thanksgiving and caring brings one to the fount of a new and higher teaching that is offered to those who have first placed themselves upon the altar of truth and pledged to serve to set life free through a virtuous and gracious life. Yes, dearest ones, we three will alternate in communicating unto the inner beings of mankind at the soul level what is essential in this very hour to bring humanity to a new fount of unity beyond all duality, of harmony even as there is the understanding of great diversity in the lives and cultures of peoples across this Earth.
            Yes, you can live in your truth, based on the roots of your existence and your individual pathway of light, even while honoring every sentient being and that one's course unto the stars. For you see, dearest ones, when there is true understanding and the path is lighted for all, no one is left behind, all are led of the Spirit, and that great Holy Spirit comes to bring an intensification of the power of love within the minds and hearts of all that yields great dividends and blessings unto the souls of humanity.
            O holy ones, you have now studied eight of the twelve sets of virtues around the lines of the clock,² and when you fulfill this full cyclic understanding through studying the last four, there will be a certain animation of the higher virtues within your being that will allow you to live in greater light, greater harmony within your Presence. For having simply meditated upon, discussed and furthered the cause of these virtues within your lives, there is a growing impetus; and this will afford you great fruits on your sacred journey, blessing the lives of many in your midst whom you choose to bless through your new understanding of the depths of these God-qualities.
            Did you know that Jesus, the Master Omraam and I are there during each class, shining our light waves upon you, caressing your hearts and minds and wills, and furthering the cause of the Brotherhood—because these teachings simply must go forth, shared throughout the world by many of you in wider circles? If you take seriously our efforts to bring this understanding and if you can beautifully codify the essence of what you have shared within one or more books on these subjects, we will be honored and we will sponsor these tomes of light to bring graces of the Spirit to many upon Earth.
            There is a movement of light within the heaven world as many masters congregate and discuss strategies of light and very epic projects that will bring enlightenment into the marts of mankind and into the lives of millions upon this sphere. By your serving to set life free through your virtuous life, through acts of kindness, through prayers of righteousness, and through simply offering yourself to God to be of service in many ways, you take part in this great drama with us. And we use you in more ways than you are outwardly aware, dearest ones. Yes, we are so close that there is often a thinning of the veil whereby you may even feel or see our living reality in your midst as love flows through you, as light is disseminated through your acts of grace, and as these seeds of light continue to be sown throughout the world.
            Light, come forth within each heart! Light, expand within each mind true to God! Light, flow forth through the witness of each one, through pure vision, cosmic understanding, and the grace and the flow of motherly caring and a gentle voice of peace. Peace, be still, O mind, O soul, and soar with us on eagles' wings, alighting within the lap of the Lord to know oh such holy love, such virtue, such peace.
            I am your brother, leading you gently into the Pure Land³ of the Buddhas and unto the fount of your own eternal hearth.

1. Brother Lawrence, The Practice of the Presence of God.
2. “144 Virtues: Embodying the Virtues to Transform Ourselves and the World in 2012 and Beyond” is a free Meru University course to assist participants in identifying and exploring the 144 virtues and how they relate to the twelve God-qualities on the cosmic clock. For more information, free replays and class materials, go to the Meru University tab on The Hearts Center website and select “The 144 Virtues.” The science of the cosmic clock was originally taught by Mother Mary to and through Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
3. In Buddhism, a Pure Land is a spiritual realm or paradise created by and presided over by a Buddha as an ideal environment for his disciples and in which no real suffering exists. There are numerous Pure Lands.

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