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Portia      August 25, 2012

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
August 25, 2012   9:04–9:13 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
, Montana

There Is a Strengthening of the Antahkarana of Light and Freedom
around the World because of Your Monthly Prayer Sessions

Blessed Ones,
            The ladies of heaven are here, and I, Portia, representing them, offer to you, each one, a rose from my heart—yes, a purple rose. For you have earned the right to alight for a moment within the heaven world to experience divine joy, divine beingness and the graciousness that is afforded unto those who have risen in spirit to understand the nuances of the spiritual life through prayer, through community and through the hallowed circle such as that which you have created this morning and in the time zones where you abide.
            O precious hearts, there is a strengthening of the antahkarana of light and of freedom around the world because of these monthly prayer sessions together. Feel the strong grid of celestial radiance now as I impress upon your Higher Mind that which is and has been created in the etheric octaves as a result of your offerings and your heart-centeredness, your putting aside of differences, national boundaries and cultural specificities and entering into the spirit of one world united in grace and in presence toward the common cause of individual and planetary freedom.
            Saint Germain and I have a plan, and each of you, as a representative of that seventh-ray action of light, has entered into this plan through your own awakened consciousness and your desire to be of service, tangibly, in the world of form. We honor your givingness. We honor the words of sacred fire that have issued forth from your holy throat chakras, commingled with the light from your hearts; the vision from within your third eye; the mindfulness of the Buddha through the emanations through your crown; that soulfulness, that deep feeling, through your solar plexus; as well as the Mother energy from the base of your being.
            Yes, dearest ones, there is a resonance and an acceleration of frequencies in this hour across many dimensional planes of being and even in higher worlds that you know not of in this hour. For you have penetrated into the heights of cosmic consciousness, and you have also afforded many angelic beings the opportunity to find their way into the lives of numberless numbers of souls through the grace that has flown and that you have sown as seeds of light across the Earth. There is new soulfulness, there is new presence and there is new opportunity for victory in the light.
            Now the blessed Mother Mary comes to bless her children everywhere. And having celebrated her ascension recently, as Nikos has shared, there is an anointing of your hearts by her immaculate heart. And each of the archeiai also comes to sanctify your souls, to raise your spirits, to edify your minds and to bless your entire being with the divine radiance of their angelic motherly presences.
            O, if you could see, with eyes wide open and your inner spiritual gifts fully employed, the totality of that which has manifested within your world and within your being. One day you will see, dearest ones, clearly beyond the veil and realize just how much of heaven has descended into earth this day and during each of these sessions. This is your sacred work, and again we thank you for your offerings, for your spirit of community, for your great love.
            Saint Germain and I will be with you daily during the upcoming Autumn Equinox Tour. We pray that many will be able to tune in to that which will be shared in these six cities across America. For we will also shine forth that light throughout the world—the light of soul freedom, understanding—and the blessings that accrue to those who have put their faith in the Lord, who have sublimated their human desires for the greater good of humanity by affixing their gaze, their consciousness and their attention upon the one Source of all. This you have done, and therefore you have and will continue to receive many blessings of the Spirit throughout your life, precious ones.
            By the anointing of sacred fire now, receive the gift of grace and the sanctification of your souls for your victory in ascension in this life.
            I AM Portia, and I open a new door of opportunity to many to receive these teachings and the blessings inherent within them for their own uplift and freedom in the light. I thank you.

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