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Portia      August 19, 2012

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
August 19, 2012   8:52–9:00 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Master Your Solar Plexus

Walk the Higher Road to Secure Your Divine Estate of Beingness
within Your Solar Selfhood

            I AM the Goddess of Justice, Portia, and I deliver the light of the Cosmic Virgin here in order to afford you the opportunity, dearest ones, to master your own soul, your own spirit through that Mother light that Virgo represents as the virgin consciousness within the flame of God-justice.
            The Mother is always just in her decisions. For the Cosmic Mother sees all, knows all and represents what she sees with an acumen of beauty and perfection that allows the soul to soar, and the sun within the plexus of light in this core of being to shine forth with radiance. Yes, dearest hearts, master your solar plexus, your emotions, your feelings; and when you do, you will have a great storehouse of light to use on projects and activities for the development of the kingdom of God upon Earth and for the acceleration of the light within this world in order for Terra to be Freedom's Star once again.
            Yes, there is a way that seemeth right unto a man or woman, but the ends thereof are the ways of death, destruction and nihilism.¹ Yet there is always the higher road. This ye must discern and walk in, in order to secure your divine estate of beingness within your Solar Selfhood, raising that Mother light up, up, up the spinal altar to the crown and abiding therein in your Buddhic beingness, displacing the elements of the not-self and accepting the great particulates of the Spirit and the wafting currents of those heavenly virtues that arise within the hearts, minds and souls of those who have plighted their troth to the Divine One, sublimated their human will to accept the holy will of God, and offered themselves in selfless service to the one cause of light.
            Saint Germain and I are here in this cycle and in every cycle blazing the light of the violet fire through your soul, through your chakras and through your life lived to the glory of God. Allow that light to sing, to shine, to radiate forth day and night. For this is how the seventh age of eternal freedom and enlightenment will manifest upon Earth— through your soul, one with the Oversoul of your Great God Presence, I AM.
            Yes, dearest ones, the challenges may seem intense, and yet we are there. And when you are tethered to your own divine reality, all things are possible, all graces are available and the all-truth of the All-Seeing Eye of God plays upon your higher vision and excites the divine currents of Solar radiance that will provide you with the highest resource of Spirit for your overcoming.
            [Master sings in an ancient tongue.]
            In an ancient tongue known eons ago, I have created within the atmosphere of Earth a new world of beauty and joy as a heavenly flower-flame, which many divine hummingbirds now come to, sipping the nectars of light and then depositing them within your causal bodies for your victory in love.
            O precious hearts, be at peace within your inner temple and know the Lord of Life and Light always. I thank you.

1. Proverbs 14:12.

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