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Rose of Light      August 10, 2012

Beloved Rose of Light
David Christopher Lewis
August 10, 2012   10:30–10:49 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Rose of Light on Embodying the Roseate Nature of Your God Self

Most Gracious Hearts,

I radiate the light of the rose heart to you. For I perceive that all require a greater anointing of Spirit that comes through the oil of the heart, the quintessence of love from the Eternal's heart of love. I AM Rose of Light, and I am here for you to understand your eternal nature, your own heart vis–à–vis the heart of the One in the Great Central Sun.

What is the heart? It is the nexus of godliness; it is the center point of being. It is the sacred place where the flowering of your divinity occurs right within the core of your selfhood, where your soul feels the impulses of your spiritual identity, where beingness manifests, where light resides.

You have within this movement a sacred emblem that signifies this flowering of God's eternal nature right within you as the rose, replete with that effulgent light, verily with those rays that signify the virtues of God emanating from the very center of that rose. This can be your experience, blessed ones, as the Divine within you shines forth your light in multifaceted ways through your conscious life trued to the source of pure being.

I received the name Rose of Light, for I always desired to be in that point and space and presence whereby the aroma of God's love would continue to flow from my being to all ceaselessly, radiantly, magnanimously. When you reach a certain point on the path and level of attainment whereby you are able to sustain the emanating light waves of your God Presence flowing through your being, then you too may embody the full roseate nature of your God Self, blessing all with the fragrance of your eternal nature and illumining all with that great light of spiritual fire who you are in God.

Each rosary that you give daily allows these petals that comprise the form of the rose to exude the special aromatic frequency of the greater virtue of love. This love may be yours to specifically fulfill what you and life around you require in order for there to be a resonant field of perfected beingness, which of itself gives glory to God and magnifies every essence of the Godhead within the eternal Now of pure being.

I continue to meditate upon the rose hearts of all heartfriends across the Earth, those who are engaged in practices of love and in the practical application of love that manifests as charitable works, givingness, devotion and praise of the Creator throughout all of nature. Yes, dearest ones, God is great, love is eternal and the light of your Source is yours to experience in each moment through the pulsation of your heart fires and through the alchemy of the Spirit as it manifests each hour in the rhythmic cyclings of light through your heart, one with every divine being who represents the great I AM THAT I AM of all.

Every divine Mother abiding in the heaven worlds feels and knows and hears the impulses and the cries of our children upon Earth. And we do all that we can, by cosmic law, to ease the pains and the travails, to succor souls and to bring peace to those who are bereft of it within your world because of strife, division and ignorance.

Truly, the light of the heart illumines and brings wisdom and divine knowledge to all. For, dearest ones, the heart is the true source of all holy gnosis, understanding of self, intuition and those graces that bring all to the fount of the Mother, who lovingly tends each child with specificity, graciousness and tender care.

O mankind, be merciful toward one another, with hearts of understanding and patience. Be reverent toward every form of life. Walk graciously upon the Earth, seeking to know the bonds of eternal love within your experience and blessing each life-form with your own Solar radiance each day.

I now impress upon your heart a greater sanctity and holiness, that you may feel a tender regard for yourself and for each individual who comes unto you upon your sacred journey to the Pure Land of the Buddha Mothers, the Buddha Fathers, the Buddha children. All are from the one seed and the one ovum of light of Alpha and Omega in the beginning of all manifestation. If you can accept this great truth, then there will never be division amongst the brethren and the sisters of all cultures. For all are one, all are of the same divine family.

“What is that to thee? Follow thou me,”1 the Lord said when some desired to highlight the differences, the issues and those personal preferences that somehow created angst, trouble, problems in relationships and communication. Dearest ones, seeking to understand the import of every lifestream, the value of that one's experience upon their sacred journey brings you to the sure knowledge that all are valued equally in the eyes and in the heart of God. All are accepted as virtuous ones within the immaculate vision of the great, great Solar Lords. And when you feel the resonance of your heart with every beating heart, then there will be union, acceptance and true brotherhood and sisterhood among all of Earth's evolutions, mankind as a whole. Love is the key. And the light of love born of the roseate heart, one with God, is the way to true peace, prosperity and victory.

I am with you in your travails. And when at any time you feel pressure upon your hearts through the burdens that come to play upon your souls within your lives, dearest ones, call to me, and I will bring many angels to sing to your soul, to shine forth the radiances of Spirit and to waft the fragrances from the garden of God in the heaven world to bring you peace in the presence of stillness, whereby you may know God's love within you.

Yes, I AM Rose of Light, and I am here to erase the records of war and of ignominy everywhere and to create a new field populated by divine roses of light. For these will bring a fresh new understanding and teaching to those who are ready for the path of the heart, the path of heart-centeredness, of graciousness and of the mastery of the crystal rays; to those who are the sensitive ones who would move from their Christhood unto their Buddhahood and live in the bliss of perfect peace within the nirvana of God's heart.

Bless you, my children. I raise you up on wings of light, petals of presence and fragrances from the flowers of the Almighty this day.

1. John 21:22.


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