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Victory      July 26, 2012

Beloved Mighty Victory
David Christopher Lewis
July 26, 2012   6:30–6:39 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

I Give You the Oil of Victory This Day

It Is Only through Love That You Conquer Self
and Reach the Summit of Being

             I am the light of Victory here. And I charge forth that light into your beings, blessed ones, for the victory of your soul, the victory of your spirit, the victory of your mission here upon Earth. It is imperative that you understand the dynamics of victory, for if you are to alight in the heaven world at the conclusion of your life, there must be a greater impetus of sacred fire energy welling up within your being, within your heart for you to maintain what is essential for your ascension. And this ascension process occurs every day through the ascension of your consciousness unto your mighty I AM God Presence and the Sun of your own being.
Therefore, when you are true to who you are, then I come and invest a portion of my energies within your being to impel you higher, higher, higher with celestial fire, fire, fire! Yes, dearest ones, it is time for some of you to move upward and onward on the path of initiation. How long will you remain in the doldrums of your human consciousness? I say, it is time for you to become your God Self fully within this body temple. If you procrastinate forever and ever, a day and more, that which is your rightful inheritance to accept and to manifest, then, you see, when the day comes and God calls you home, will you be ready, will you accept that calling to come to the eternal banquet table and partake of the glorious God-gifts of the Spirit?
            I speak this day with the authority of the Almighty, who is calling you unto your own Godhood. Yes, your mighty I AM God Presence has called you eternally unto a spiritual life of divine love, of blessedness and of beingness, and yet at some level all have ignored the voice within, all have come short of the mark of their God-reality. And therefore, I, Victory, give you the oil of victory this day to help you, help you, help you come up higher, blessed ones. When you accept help from the Almighty and assistance from the angels and especially my legions of Victory, we come when you require that boost of sacred fire. Accept this gift now. Do not feel fear in any way, for it is not our desire to make you, in any way, shape or form, fear the Lord God. Truly, the awe of the Lord is what is required for you to experience in order to know your whole potential—your potential for God-victory. Therefore, feel the fire of the Lord within you this day, blessed hearts. Feel the impelling light moving you ever upward and inward unto love.
            Many of you know that I come from Venus, the planet of love, and I am here to remind you, dearest hearts, that it is only through love that you conquer self. It is only through love that you reach the summit of being. It is only through love that you access your true Buddha nature and climb the crystal stairway of light in the household of the Lord, your eternal dwelling place of Spirit, where the Father-Mother God welcomes you, glorifies you, and yes, receives you into eternality and your divine estate of pure light.
            Live in love, learn to love more, and accept love deep within your core—God's love, divine love, perfect love, which casts out all fear.¹ You see, dearest ones, the legions of Victory long ago cast out fear through the fearlessness flame. And today, because of your calls, Ray-O-Light is also here to torch you, torch you, torch you with that fearlessness ray so that you may never again in this life experience the diabolical anti-virtue of fear. Yes, dearest ones, there is no place, no space for fear in the lives of initiates of the sacred fire. Do you see, when you fear what is coming, when you fear something of your lower nature and even of your dweller, then that creates an entry point for all types and kinds of nefarious energy fields that do not serve you well. Love casts out fear; live in love and there shall never be an ounce, an iota of fear in your world. For the effulgence of love creates a cosmic atmosphere of perfect beingness in God whereby you may experience all of the divine virtues through joy, through resonance, through purity.
            O dearest hearts, it is the great joy of God to give you the keys to the kingdom,² yet you must unlock the door to your cosmic reality using these keys which have been vouchsafed to you long ago. Many of these keys are within the teachings that you have received, yet how many fully utilize them day after day through a righteous walk with God, through a virtuous ascent unto the throne of the All-in-All? It is time to both walk with God, talk with God and to resonate with the Lord. Yes, as a holy brother or sister of light, as a resonant one, one with God's heart, you, knowing love, can ascend, will ascend, and if I, Victory, have anything to say about it, you will even fly with us unto the Sun. Yes, live in that sunlight of joy. Know victory, become victory, and together we will conquer.
            I thank you.

1. 1 John 4:18
2. Luke 12:32

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