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Maha Chohan      July 10, 2012

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
July 10, 2012   6:30–6:40 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Accept Your Divinity and Breathe in the Fire Breath of God

Precious Hearts with Whom I Identify,

I am here in the living light and reality of God-good, which I share this morning with those of you who are ready for a new spiritual investment of holy energy from your Presence—the Presence of God vouchsafed to you as a conscious Solar being.

Are you ready for a new life, uplifted in Spirit, blessed with the radiations of love from your Source? Are you ready for what God will reveal through you this day of your own eternal nature of beingness? Are you ready for what the Holy Spirit would provide for you in this very hour as a resource of God-consciousness, whereby you ascend in moments of connectedness with the All-in-all within all life?

You have opportunity each morning upon arising and regaining your outer waking consciousness to abide within a new-world experience of divine joy, blessedness and reverence for all that is. As a virtuous heart, you have the availability of many divine beings right within the framework of your life, and even within your personal aura, to provide you with exactly what you as an evolving soul require for your highest experience. When you live within the eternality of the Now and feel deeply within your being what God is communicating with you, is sharing with you and is veritably experiencing through you, O soul of light, then your life takes on new meaning, then your highest Selfhood may emerge from the chrysalis of your Christic Presence, your Buddhic being; and life, as a flowering of your divinity, gloriously manifests with beauty and grace.

Yes, I am here and I am there and I am everywhere in the consciousness of the Divine within all life. And I, the Maha Chohan, breathe new life within you this day. And if you would accept your divinity, O soul, then have that fire breath of God manifesting now within you. Do you feel the fire flowing within every cell, animating who you are in God? If so, then receive the impressions of light, light, light and a new, glorious array of Spirit—my Spirit, your Spirit, God's Spirit—this day. Yes, it is time for you, O soul, to ascend, to put off no further the divine estate of your being. For God has invested much within you, and it is your right to experience who you are as a real being of light now.

As you breathe, breathe, breathe in, and as you also simultaneously breathe out, out, out what no longer suits you as a God-realized monad of fire, I am there impressing within you the trueness of your highest being. Many have compromised who they are simply to suit others' seeming view of who they are. Compromise no longer, O soul of light, for God knows who you are. And if you would know God, then live within the purview of God's vision of who you are, who I AM THAT I AM within you.

It is a glorious thing to experience Godhood. Few among mankind know the total sense and the sensation of experiencing this level of reality while yet in embodiment in physical form. And yet for those who are daring, those who would give birth within themselves fully to God, it may be so by their conscious choice. You have that choice. And if the living reality of your eternal nature, bestowing upon you each moment the fire of God, would be yours to claim forevermore, then breathe it in consciously, accept it in finality and know God, God, God within self.

I have been coming of late to baptize many of you with the fire of my being, whereby a greater permanency of that spiritual essence of your own eternal nature may be yours. What happens when the fire is delivered? It is up to you to accept it, to internalize it and to become it. For those who have not yet received my touch and this anointing of light, prepare yourselves for that notable day wherein the Lord comes directly into your temple. You may desire even to come to Montana if you have not been able yet to receive this initiation, and at an appropriate time and place I will allow this one speaking unto you for me to deliver that initiation directly to your being. For some, this trek upward into the mountains will be worth the inconvenience, as Morya has said. For it may be just that sparking of God-fire that you require for your victory and your eternal ascent.

I am here early because God has sent me into your midst. Now breathe fire! Breathe light-energy from your Sun Source and know your reality now and forever. I thank you.


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