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Krishna      June 26, 2012

Beloved Krishna
David Christopher Lewis

June 26, 2012   10:18–10:27 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

Krishna Invites Us to Be Krishna-ites with Him—to Dance and Enjoy the Rays of Our Solar Self

Dearest Ones,

I sing the song of love. As you have embraced love within Canada during the summer solstice time, now I encourage you to embrace love throughout your year, within every solar cycle of life, from your daily to your monthly cycles and to the annual inculcation within our Earth of the great radiance of that orb of light that you call the sun.

For you see, Krishna is on par with the Christ. And the Christ, the Christos, is the Son of God, embodying that Sun consciousness, that radiance of the child of God—daughter or son—who embodies the mind, the mindfulness and the Solar radiance of the Father-Mother God. For the Christ is the Word. The Christ is composed of the elements of the Father and the Mother, embodying them through a new aspect of creation.

As I play my flute this day, there soars across the sky and the atmosphere a new radiance, through devotion, of attunement with the Son-consciousness, which many now accept. And through their reverence for that, they may enter into their own divine nature of holy beingness, of virtue, of love.

Would you be a Krishna-ite with me, dancing within the fields of life and enjoying, through happiness, the rays of the Sun of your own God Self? Yes, dearest ones, look at the metaphor of your life as an opportunity for self-transcendence, for divine growth, for spiritual awakening unto your real and true being. When you model the perfection of your real Self in active ways through a life lived to the glory of God, consciously applying the resources of your spirit in the equation of the mundane as well as the celestial, through the practical as well as the most sublime, then you bring God's present reality into play right here, right now, where life requires that investment of your heart and whereby others are refreshed in the Spirit and giving birth, through you, to a new world.

Yes, dearest ones, play your flutes or any instruments of light so that the light and sound ray may allow the angels to move through your being and the soundless sound to shine forth, to stream forth through your awareness. For new elements, new notes, new harmonics and melodic renderings can bring to your world this fresh new spirit, whereby all may come into the family of man in God and receive thereby peace, prosperity and joy.

The musical tones that I weave through the atmosphere as I play my flute are composed of concentrated essences of love-joy, of divine happiness. And these, as the musings of my mind, my Krishnaic mind, alight upon the brow and within the hearts of many, inspiring and elevating them in consciousness to also enter into the heart of God, the joy of God, the levity, the light of God.

I am here for you, East and West. And should you desire to sing your bhajans, one or more per day, or perchance one to me and to Radha, my beloved, we will embrace you. We will dance through the hours of your day, shining forth our light and bringing you youthfulness, vitality, wholeness and mercy. The graces of God that flow through the beings of the conscious ones are truly beautiful to behold. It is our joy to be with you and to communicate and commune with you whenever you choose, dearest hearts.

Radha now sings her song. And as I play my flute, there is heard a melody of positivity, of buoyancy, of the bravery of the heroes and heroines of past ages of glory and of those who are even now giving birth within themselves to a new-world consciousness of harmony and blessedness.

Thank you for your gifts, your givingness, your offerings sublime this morning and every morning, dearest ones. We love you, we cherish you and we now merge with the stream of your own Holy Christ/Buddha/Krishna Self so that you may know just how much you are loved. Thank you.

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