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Melchizedek      June 22, 2012

Beloved Melchizedek
David Christopher Lewis
June 22, 2012   7:49–7:56 am MDT
Love Is the Key to the Aquarian Age
2012 World Freedom Conference
Winnipeg, Canada

Melchizedek Brings an Investment of Light of the Melchizedekian Priesthood

Blessed Hearts,

I bring the light of eternal freedom—freedom in God—this day. And I hold within my hands this fire and extend it to each and every one of you that you may receive it as an offering of the Almighty, as a representation of your own eternality and the supernal light of God that blazes now within your heart.

Do you truly understand that you are eternal and that you have all that you require to maintain that connection with the Great Central Sun right within your heart? It is true, dearest ones. That flame has never left you in all of your incarnations and between your embodiments upon this and other systems of worlds. It is your right, your eternal right, to live as God-beings, for this is what you were created in and as—sons and daughters of the Most High. And it is about time that you live fully in that light, for your destiny is locked within the matrix of perfection.

The Priesthood of Melchizedek is here, and many lights shine round about you now to coach you, to tutor you in the sacred science of the Melchizedekian priesthood, of which some of you are already members and which you understand within. For you have locked within your memory body this ancient, ancient lineage of light. And therefore it is your destiny to proclaim to the world, through the evidentiary manifestation of your Godhood, that which you came to this sphere to fully demonstrate and objectify.

Ye are light, ye are God, ye are eternal, O souls of the one Jesus, who stood eminently within this eternal Brotherhood of the Spirit and reminded his disciples of this truth. Some of you here were even among the greater body of those who witnessed that light in the Piscean Age. And I am here again to remind you that ye are Gods. Live in the light of Aquarian love and freedom. Be who you are as God-free ones.

Now this priesthood stands to drape upon each and every one of you who would accept it the garments of light. And whether or not you have heretofore qualified for this priesthood, this is an investment this day upon and within your soul of a portion of this manifestation. And should you choose to walk in that light, fully glorifying God through every thought, every feeling and every act and word that you speak, then you may ascend in consciousness to have the full initiation within this priesthood in order to maintain that eternal tie to the Brotherhood of the Spirit, which allows the maintenance upon this Earth of that eternal fire for all sons and daughters of God evolving here.

Therefore receive the white garment upon you now. It is made of an etheric type of cosmic silk substance of pure white light. It is a reminder of your true soul purity. It is an emblem whereby all who see your inner bodies know that here is a holy one of God, sanctified by the Presence of the Almighty, the blazing light of the Sun, who you are.

Yes, I remind you of your eternal nature. Live in that light and be joined permanently to your Presence. I thank you.

Messenger's Comments:

               Let us have just a few minutes of harp music as we meditate upon what this blessing really means for us and feel the integration within ourselves of this blessing and bestowal. [Harp music played.]

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