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God Harmony      May 31, 2012

Beloved God Harmony
David Christopher Lewis
May 31, 2012   8:22–8:35 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Discern What Your Song of Life Is

Hear the Music of the Spheres within Your Soul

I am God Harmony, and in this hour I come to shine forth the light of the sun-fire radiance from your very Source, O soul, to bring forth through your heart, your mind and your entire being the flow and radiance of that Mother Light, which will reharmonize your life, your being in God.
            When you live in harmony with your Self, then all is possible and Providence comes to engender within your life all that you require to sustain you, your families, your loved ones and your mission. How does that harmony manifest so that you can have all that is essential for your dharma to be fulfilled? It is an equation, blessed ones, whereby you understand your true nature, you live in the light and you fulfill first your purpose for the great cause of the One. For then all these things shall be added unto thee,¹ and the supply that you require will be at hand, precipitated by unseen hands of light, veritable graces of the Spirit who ennoble you and your work because by your intention, by your pure heart fire, you draw forth from the Universal what is required in that sacred work.
            You have called to me when you have given the Round-the-Clock Protection prayer,² and you have invoked me, whether you knew it or not, dearest ones, when you called forth that God-harmony and supply. I have been there for you; and yet you have not always understood the dynamics that manifest through the raising of the kundalini and the maintaining of that spiritual energy within your third eye whereby the allness of God is yours to command because you live true to the cause of the Source of All-That-Is.
            Those of you who have mastered the light of God-harmony within have also benefited from that wealth of the Spirit that manifests as perfect health, vitality and beingness. When in some way there has been a stoppage of the flow of that God-harmony within you, then you have experienced temporary dis-ease and what you have termed an unlucky situation; which, dearest ones, I must say, may seem to be unfortunate and yet is the direct result of your abrogating of cosmic law within your body temple. If you utilize all of the resources of God each day that are at your fingertips, then the light of God is yours, and your perfect weal, through the wheel of life and the Buddhic essences of the Sourceful ones, is also yours.
            I increase the light of God-harmony here, for there has been within this place and sacred space the invocation to the muses of heaven. And Muses himself has come again and again employing all manner of melodic harmonies, that which is bringing the music of the spheres into play within Livingston and within the world.
            Yes, dearest ones, you enjoy harmony. You enjoy your favorite songs, the rhythms therein, the arias and the strains of life that flow through the light and sound rays as they dawn within your world, caressing all life, and then flow back to the Source through the reverberations of Spirit and the harmonic wave patterns that give birth to other worlds and dimensions in higher octaves.
            Yes, sound creates, even as light from the Source is the first manifestation of that creation. And when you use sound mindfully, harmony is born, and light in its effectual presentation manifests as a glorious array within the dimensionless planes of being.
            Have you heard the music of the spheres within your own soul, O man or woman of God? Have you discerned and enumerated within your being the notes, the scales and the melodic impulses of true God-harmony within you? If not, begin this day. Play something of your own instrumentation of divine beingness through your voice raised unto the sun-fire radiance of your Source. Yes, even as the birds chirp and sing their own melodies of joy, you may discern just what your song of life is and then bring it to pass through mindful work, through harmonious effort, through joyful service to mankind.
            There is now an equalization of the light essences within your being, which will for each one bring opportunity for greater graces, abundance and flow within your world. Stay tuned to the Source. Maintain that channel of light to the Godhead whereby you may hear and know within you that stream of beingness by your attention on Presence and through your discernment of spirits.
            Yes, the Holy Spirit comes to each one who is in harmony with Self; and that Spirit divine flows through your world, bringing you understanding of the sacred scriptures of light in the context of your life today. You may study all manner of teachings; yet, dearest ones, how do you utilize this knowledge and wisdom in the present hour to grace this world with the reverence of your life energies and the co-creativity of your virtues in this moment of time, this sacred space of light?
            [God Harmony sings variations on the syllable AH for about 26 scconds.]
            Sometimes in very simple lilting melody, there is born a new world within you whereby greater God Presence, holiness and cosmic possibilities for your attunement and for your delivery from all that has assailed your union with God may occur. Stay true to the line of life, and live fully in that light, O souls of God. I thank you.

1. Matthew 6:33; Luke 12:31.
2. The Master is referring to prayer 6.04 in The Summit Lighthouse prayer book, which many devotees currently in The Hearts Center gave for years or decades in order to clear karmic records lodged in the subconscious. They used the science of the spoken word concurrently with the science of the cosmic clock, as taught to Elizabeth Clare Prophet by Mother Mary in the early 1970s, to transmute both personal and planetary karma.

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