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God Meru      May 20, 2012

Beloved God and Goddess Meru
David Christopher Lewis
May 20, 2012   10:14–10:27 am local time
The Resurrection and Ascension of the Earth
Umeå, Sweden

We Invite You to Lake Titicaca for a Sacred Adventure of a Lifetime

We Desire to Inspire You to Make This Trek of Light to Our Abode

Beloved Ones,
            There are holidays and pilgrimages that many of us participate in, and then there are sacred journeys of a lifetime during which the miraculous may be known and experienced, the magical may be known. We invite you to Lake Titicaca and to our pilgrimage to Peru, their mountains and the etheric fastnesses of light in which you will abide in preparation for a great initiation of the Sun.
            You would like to enter your Solar Presence and become one with God. You feel the impulses of the sun as you stand in its warming and vivifying rays, often in nature, outside. Think of what it will feel like and be to stand in the very presence of Helios and Vesta as they alight upon Earth tangibly at our retreat and wrap you in the warmth of their love, the fires of illumination, the rays of holy wisdom, which may be yours as you rise on the initiatic path to experience life in a new and glorious way.
            We desire to inspire you to make this trek of light to our abode. We desire to nurture your hearts on a daily basis through the ritual that you have just given¹ in order that you may prepare your minds and your hearts, your souls and your spirits for this epochal event at the turning of cycles and the transition of ages, which have been known for eons of time by some who intuited through the movement of the stars in the heavens what would be this particular juncture in time and space whereby mantles will be transferred and great light released.
            We have lovingly prepared for this great pilgrimage and event for longer than you have been alive in this embodiment upon Earth. Our training of our initiates began long ago with those whom you have known as Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, now the Ascended Masters Lanello and Clare de Lis. They have worked assiduously toward this day when they could stand in our place and hold a field of divine energy within their beings in order to carry that torch of illumination forward into a new age, so that we could also rise on the initiatic ladder and path unto the Sun, and so that Helios and Vesta themselves, at the appointed time in the cosmic cycles, could also move upward and onward to God-glory in their new office in hierarchy.
            Likewise, you have been prepared, each one, through much training over a number of lifetimes. And you are coming to the point on the path where, through all that God has vouchsafed to you as the sacred essences of his mind and her heart, you will also rise on wings of light to engage in a new adventure—a sacred and bountiful journey of light upon earth and into the heaven worlds that you love and cherish so much, where you live and move and have your being within them already in spirit, in consciousness, in your hearts, in your mind's eye, in your feeling world and deep within your soul.
            Yes, this is an adventure of a lifetime, which will take preparation, focus, determination and an understanding of what is at stake for you and for the Earth. When you determine that, come what may in terms of challenges along the way, you will stay true to your focus and your resolve to be there and to receive your particular mantle at its holy offering unto you personally, then we will be happy to welcome you, to bless you, to initiate you and to hold you within our heart's love fires.
            The fount of wisdom, the eternal flame that burns within our retreat, is there for you as a nourishing and nurturing light. It is a living reality, glowing and flowing in an unending stream of beingness from which you may drink and then offer your wisdom, your truth to humanity as a teacher of light, as a sharer of divine knowledge and wisdom.
            The purpose of our retreat is to bless life through the archetype of the sixth-age man and woman, who are beautiful, shining with light and holy radiance and who—through the flame of peace, brotherhood, service, ministration and understanding and their examples of kindness, charity and holiness—provide a link to the divine world for those evolving upon Earth. These you are, and therefore you have each qualified internally to be with us through your givingness, through your devotion, through your becoming of your Real Self.
            Mark your calendars, set aside the dates, see the abundance that you require as already manifest in your world. Plight your troth to us and endeavor that you will be there with many fellow brothers and sisters of the Sun, those whom you cherish and with whom you came to this Earth to serve to set life free.
            We are with you. We love you and we seal you within the sunlight of your own eternal Godhood. Thank you.

1.  Devotees gave Vesta's Solar Rosary before this HeartStream. It is available in booklet form for $8.95 and in audio form as a CD for $12 through The Hearts Center's online store.

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