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Melchizedek      May 19, 2012

Beloved Melchizedek
David Christopher Lewis

May 19, 2012   4:25–4:35 pm MDT

The Resurrection and Ascension of Earth

Umea, Sweden

Melchizedek Delivers an Initiation of Fire
and Mother Mary Anoints Those Prepared to Receive Her Blessing

By the light of the priesthood that exists through my name and by my flame, I, Melchizedek, come to deliver initiation to those who are ready for the light to glow within them.

Yes, I have handpicked you, and you have arrived here ready for action, ready for initiation. You have studied well the eternal truths of God through the mystery teachings of the ages. You have incorporated within your being the essences, the nuances of light of these sacred offerings from heaven. And now, blessed ones, some of you must rise higher through the initiatic path to understand new responsibility, new options for service in the light.

Therefore I come and I anoint you with fire. I anoint you with spiritual gifts and graces. I anoint you with the white light of your Source so that you may truly know just how much God has invested within your being of his light in order for you to fulfill your calling to be a virtuous one, to be the allness of your true Self.

[Melchizedek breathes the breath of the Holy Spirit.] Within the fire of initiation, there is always the conveyance of the power of the Holy Spirit for conversion, transmutation, transubstantiation and the divine alchemy that manifests as victory in the allness of God. Our priesthood is about the victory of Earth. Therefore let light flow through these your initiates, O God. Clear the channels of their awareness. Burn through that substance that yet remains as an impediment to their victory within this anointing this day. Cleanse, clear and deliver them from every aspect of the not-self that has wound itself around the coil of their true being. It is no more in their field of being, for it is gone, gone, gone permanently, by the grace of God and by the fire of this initiatic light.

Now do you feel ready, called and prepared to be deliverers of the Word of God in this age? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] With a simple prayer upon your lips, you may say: “Lord, I am ready now to be your instrument. Hear me, O universe, as I glorify God through the words inspired by the Holy Spirit. Thank you, O Lord, for your Word flowing through me this day.” This prayer, uttered in humility and honesty, will allow you to be, dearest hearts, the instrument for that light of Christ, whereby you may leave that logoic legacy in the sands of time and space through what you will teach and offer those to whom you are called.

I see your future, each and every one, fulfilled in grace and light. Let it begin this day afresh as you receive the fire of God in another anointing through the hand of the blessed Mother Mary, who comes now to honor many among you who have prepared yourselves well.

Therefore David, as our instrument for the blessed Mother, will call a number of you up to receive a certain anointing and a name that we will give him. It is not the name that you will use in the outer world, blessed ones, amongst your family and friends. It is a sacred name for you alone to know amongst this company, as holy brothers and sisters. For it indicates something of your true Self that you have outpictured, manifested or mastered in this or a previous life that is indicative of that which is imperative for you to demonstrate as a grace, a virtue of the Divine One.

Therefore when called by the blessed Mother, come forward and receive her words to thee, her blessing—the blessing of her immaculate heart—and her love for you, each one. Some may not receive this initiation today. Do not feel less than others in any way. Your time will come when you have prepared or when you feel ready. And some will be called who may not even feel that they have earned the right for this anointing. And yet I say that they have by their heart's love and by the light of grace that moves through them.

I AM Melchizedek, speaking through this gentleman. It is rare that I come in this way upon Earth. And yet many of you know the truth of this message by the burning within your hearts and by the feeling within your souls of that spiritual light, which is God's always. I thank you.

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