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Shiva      April 17, 2012

Beloved Shiva
David Christopher Lewis
April 17, 2012   6:30–6:39 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


Awake unto Your Reality!

To Discover Your True Nature You Must Internalize Fire

            I am the power of God manifesting as fire, fire, fire! And I release that fire this morning in spheres of white-fire, blue-fire and ruby-fire light into your world and into the hearts of lightbearers everywhere for the victory of consciousness, for the victory of an action of light that will raise those who are ready into a new plane of being, a new dimension of God consciousness.
            I am Shiva! And I hurl unto you, O soul, a challenge to rise, to ascend and to meet in the air your Presence by your conscious will to be true to who you are, to accept the divine mandate of being and to know with a surety, a cosmic certainty that you are real in God, that God is real in you, and that in this sacred tryst there is the blending, the merging, the union of the light Above with the light below within your heart, mind and soul.
            O sons and daughters of God, awake, awake, I say, unto your reality! For blazing right within you is the full potential of your Godhood; and should you choose to accept fully who you are, then I, Shiva, will be with you. And many Lords of fire of worlds unknown beyond this plane will see the shining reality of your will manifest through your choice and also desire to accentuate within you that Godhood, that beingness, that full fire of your Source.
            Long ago we learned to play with fire, to dine on fire, to accept fire within our being and to know fire as the very nature of God. If you, O souls, will also accept this commission, then I say you may be immortal through every thought and feeling, through every action and word, through everything that flows through your being. For to discover your true nature you must internalize fire! You must know the reality of what fire is as your very nature.
            Yes, long ago God vouchsafed unto you a threefold flame. Yes, it is a fire of eternality. And when you discover every aspect of this fire, then you will know God within yourself. It is time for many more to awaken unto fire and the fire nature of their own higher being.
            Blessed ones, many of you call yourselves Keepers of the Flame, and some dare to acclaim that they are Keepers of the Lightning. Well, I say, within the lightning is an aspect of fire that some have not yet fully discovered or understood. It is an intensity that comes unto some as a physical initiation whereby they are stunned by that eternal God-energy. And if they survive this initiation, then there may be the interplay of God consciousness within their minds, within their souls to a higher extent. You have even heard of some among mankind who have been wrapped in that eternal light and have discovered a new Selfhood.
            Well, are you ready for the lightning of God within your world? Are you ready for new discovery, new initiation, new presence and all possibilities that the Holy Spirit as Shiva will bring unto you? If so, then acclaim this fire within you, then acclaim the lightning power of God to transform and change your world, and accept this higher energy of Spirit now within your being. All you must simply do, then, is to hold your hands unto your heart and to accept with Shiva the transfer of my heart fire, my heart lightning unto you this morning.
            Yes, say with me, blessed ones: [Audience repeats each affirmation after Shiva.]

            I am Shiva's love-lightning this morning!
            I accept the fire of God fully within me!
            And I will manifest that fire come what may within my world!
            For I am ready, O God, for a higher path of initiation.
            And I accept my Presence this day, this hour!
            And I love you, O my Lord, with all my heart, mind and soul.

            Blessed ones, the spark has been reignited within some to a new effulgence by your word, by your fiat with me. Yes, I have desired to supersize that fire of divinity within you this morn, to supercharge you with a new radiance of God-glory and spiritual integrity. And because you have withstood my coming early and have accepted through your own words this initiation, may the fire increase, may the Holy Spirit come upon you and those cloven tongues descend and be maintained within your auric field for your victory in this life!
            I am Shiva! I am with you unto the eternal victory of your soul, one with God again. I thank you.

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