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Magda      April 01, 2012

Beloved Magda
David Christopher Lewis
April 1, 2012   9:02-9:12 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

I Invite All to Come to the Ancient Shores of Lemuria

An Upper-Room Experience of Fellowship in San Diego

Be There with Us to Prepare Your Souls
for the Great Instauration of Presence at a New and Powerful Level

Beloved Hearts,
            I am here in my fiery light body to illumine your world with the radiance of grace, understanding and virtue whereby the beauty of God may be known right within your soul and spirit. In this you may employ the most glorious aspects of your own causal body, the blessedness of the One that is yours to shine forth throughout your day and into the nighttime experience within the higher worlds all about you.
            I am Magda, and I would speak of my Lord and the love of my life in a deeper measure of profundity. And yet I reserve this time of offering from my heart to our conference in San Diego in just a little bit more than a month of your time. For Jesus and I will be there for those who desire to commune heart to heart with us. This will be, blessed ones, what you may term an upper-room experience of fellowship.
            Jesus and I have been discussing this great event for quite some time, and a while ago we determined that we would offer you something more of the divine heart. And therefore we entreated heaven to ask for the great Presence of the Master Melchizideck to come and to augment all that we would offer you by his Presence of light and holy virtue. And he answered our request, and we were elated within our hearts to know that the magnanimity of his great energy field would be available for you, each one who would determine to make that trek and to be present with us for his sharing, for his darshan and what the world would witness through the lens of his great mind and heart of fire.
            Therefore I invite all to come to the ancient shores of Lemuria upon the Southern California coast to receive the impressions of the Godhead through us three. For, dearest ones, when you know love as we know love, your world will be transformed. When you know the presence of God-joy and pure light as we have experienced it in divine octaves of Solar fire, then you may be raised in perfection's glory and your life may become a witness to your own perfectionment within the One as there is outplayed within your days yet remaining upon this holy sphere the most radiant and beautiful glorified life that you can live in the Presence of God.
            We will give you individually much that you could not, I daresay, receive unless your desire matches ours in some way for this blessing experience to occur. Many have known the heart of the Savior through intercession and miracle, through prayer and obeisance to the will of God in their lives. All of this, blessed ones, is moving your world into a new divine realm. Be there with us to prepare your souls for the great instauration of presence at a new and powerful level. Understand your eternal nature within and be with us in great moments of simply entering the heart of God and knowing the purity and radiance of the Source of all that is through the heart on fire and in joyful resonance with the great cause of light.
            Our angels now stand before you, each one, and offer you a cup of truth. It is a tiny cup; yet a greater cup will be offered by these same ones during this weekend, the first in May, the month of the Mother. Yes, dearest ones, those who understand who we are and the depth of this offering will make their commitment and presence sure.
            I am continuing to magnify the Divine through the all-light of universal love, and I dwell within the hearts of those who know their own Christ Presence through holy prayer, intimate conversation and meditation upon the great light of God. I thank you.

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