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Melchizedek      March 25, 2012

Beloved Melchizedek
David Christopher Lewis
March 25, 2012   4:38–4:52 pm EDT
Beyond Awakening: Love, Heal and Thrive
Miami, Florida 

Melchizedek Delivers His Fire and Offers Greater Initiations on the Path

Beloved Ones,

You have come to love; you have come to be healed and to heal; and you have come to thrive. You may only thrive when you are on fire with God's light, and therefore this day I deliver fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire to you. You have come to be initiated, whether you knew it or not, and I am here to initiate you with this fire. For you have earned the right to receive this level of initiation by your past attainment in this and previous lives and by your stance for the light now.

Therefore in concluding this conference here in the city of Miami, I will stand before you and, with the ring of the messenger, initiate a new cycle of fiery light within your body temple and directly into your crown to seal this fire permanently within your higher mind so that you may access those divine quintessences of the Holy One of Israel, whom I serve—the Lord God. And within the Melchizedekian priesthood, which, I say, is a priesthood of fire, you will discover divine traits and understandings that are available nowhere else within the initiatic path, blessed hearts.

Who would be bold enough to stand with Morya El or Jesus the Christ, with me to proclaim yourself a priest of the sacred fire, a priestess also thereof? Well, if you would receive this level of initiation, dearest hearts, then it is incumbent upon you to accelerate, accelerate, accelerate that light and that fiery energy within your chakras to be able to receive from your higher mentors a new level of love, of wholeness and of the multiplicity of the virtues of God, which will grace you with the true holiness of the saints.

I directed this one to wear white in my presence to symbolize the holiness, the purity that may be maintained by those of you who now have realized that you are saints of the Most High God. Had you not thought of yourselves in this guise before, dearest ones? Then realize it today and forevermore that when, through co-measurement, you know yourself as a holy one of God, nothing can stand between you and your Divine Presence. No little trinket of human desire, no propensity to misqualify energy and no demon nor discarnate can in any way envelop you in darkness when you are firm in your resolve, by the blessings and graces of the Holy Spirit, to live truly as a virtuous soul, lit up by that light of your Presence and glorifying God through every conscious word, every bold statement of truth and God-delight, dearest ones.

            Some shirk their true spiritual responsibilities, thinking that somehow they are not worthy, capable to bear the greater initiations along the path. Well, at some point you will be initiated if you desire your ascension. And you might as well accept the acceleration of that fire today and every day for the duration of this lifetime. If you do, blessed ones, you will live in the joy and the spontaneity of the Holy Spirit; you will live in the Presence of the One God; you will live in the virtue of his graces and his blessings evermore. And this should be enough of a prize and a goal to impel you to put aside all lesser manifestations of human temptation and delusion.

Yes, dearest ones, some think the path is difficult, and in one sense there are, through initiations, the requirements to step through fire, as you have even felt this day. And yet once you have merged yourself with that eternal light of the One, I say there is nothing else that can suffice for that divine light flowing through your chakras and being than to experience the Holy Spirit's burning Presence within you throughout your 24/7 cycle!

Yes, if you would receive fire again and again and be present with your God, then I will come again to initiate you when the time is right, whether at the solstice or the equinox or when you commune with me—both through the giving of my prayer, which many of you have given for the first time this day; or whenever you feel, through zeal, the power of that Spirit moving through your aura and the channels of your meridians, whereby you allow God to live tangibly within your holy temple of light.

            Yes, who would be initiated this day? Who would stand before me to receive this transfer of fire? I ask you to stand and now come forward to receive this holy commission and investiture of light, dearest ones.

David: This is a ring that was worn by Mark Prophet previously and is still charged with the light of his God-glory.

[Music plays as devotees come forward to receive Melchizedek's initiation and the transfer of his fire through the blessing of the ring.]

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