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Fortuna      March 24, 2012

Beloved Fortuna
David Christopher Lewis
March 24, 2012   9:03–9:15pm EDT
Beyond Awakening: Love, Heal and Thrive

Miami, Florida

Those Who Seek God First Are Blessed with God's Abundance

I AM the abundant life, and I, Fortuna, expand the cornucopia of beingness within your aura for the fulfillment of God's plan through your life, for the manifestation of all that you require of physical sustenance, of monetary abundance. And it is my divine pleasure to do so because you have invited me into your world through your love.

                        When you say, “Good fortune to you,” I respond and bring the abundant consciousness into play in your world. There is no such thing, blessed ones, as luck. There is the ineluctable light of fortune, I say, which is yours to enjoy when you are in love with light and when you live in the light of your own abundant nature. For you see, every good and blessed gift that comes to you comes from the Divine One. And when you understand your nature as a divine being, one with the Creator, then you have access to everything that the cosmos holds, which you may reach up and receive with open and loving hands when you qualify and use these blessings for divine good.

                        Many people ask for physical possessions and things, and then somehow once they receive them, they still desire more. Is this what initiates would burden the ascended masters with, dearest hearts? Or would you like to begin to ask for virtues and those things that will allow you to be more expressive of who you are in God—those light-energies, divine quintessences and holy oils of Spirit that are yours for the asking because your hearts are pure?

                        We answer the pure hearts first, for we know that they will always qualify the gifts of the Spirit with their own hearts' virtues through humility. When there is an element of impure thought or desire within the request, we are not able to fully accommodate exactly what you desire, dearest ones. For if we were to give it to you instantaneously, there is the possibility that in some way you may choose to misqualify that energy in a human way. Just as Aladdin was tested to see what he would wish for when the genie appeared out of the lamp, so we test you to see just what your heart's desire speaks from within you. When your requests are sublime and full of only God-desire to be of service, of greater service, of greater loving service to others, then the angels deposit within your cosmic bank account that which will allow you to fulfill these virtuous desires quickly.

                        My cornucopia is full of that ineluctable light of God's fiery beingness, the dust of the Spirit coagulated into something of beauty that will benefit life in many domains. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God...and all these things shall be added unto you.”¹ The Master said it so eloquently, dearest hearts. What are those things of the kingdom? It is for you to discover through meditation upon the Holy City and all that it is composed of: the jewels, the crystals and the many foci and talismans of light.

                        You are building the kingdom of God upon Earth daily through your consciousness. Your mind may contain the mindfulness of God, and in this you receive one of the highest gifts of the Spirit— holy wisdom, theosophia. Yes, Solomon asked for wisdom and it was given unto him because he saw that this light would benefit his people more than physical gold, jewels and other treasures.² Yes, dearest ones, it is the case that for those who seek God first, God blesses them with the abundance of this world because they can be trusted to use it judiciously for the light.

                        [Fortuna hums a melody for 49 seconds.]

                        Within this melody and the notes therein, there has been offered to your Higher Self graces that will be retained within your causal body, accessible through your greater offerings to the Divine, through holy work and service. When the time comes that you require anything from the altars of heaven, it will be yours when your request comes from the heart, seeks to ennoble the lives of all with the precious oil of love. For in this, dearest ones, you thrive, and through that thriving you live eternally.

                        I AM your Mother of the abundant life, with Jesus. I teach a course in my retreat on divine treasure mapping. Come and take my hand and learn the way of Solar joy, wherein you too may acclaim with Jesus, “All things are given unto me in heaven and in Earth;³ the all-power of the Lord is upon me because I have surrendered all unto his heart, and love him with my entire being.” Yes, dearest ones, it may be so for you when you learn the alchemy of givingness through the heart on fire with love. I thank you.

. Matthew 6:33; Luke 12:31.
See 1 Kings 3:5–14.
3. See Matthew 28:18.

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