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David Lewis      March 21, 2012

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
March 21, 2012   7:30-7:52 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana


Messenger's Comments following El Morya's HeartStream
on the Solar Council's Announcement on the Last Will and Testament Project

            I'd like to thank everyone on the council of The Hearts Center, especially our beloved Jackie Fleder, our beloved Steve Miller, our beloved president, Deborah Timberlake Fitch, our beloved director of operations, Boyd Badten, our beloved Carol Wells, formerly of the council, and all of you who very generously gave of your time to make phone calls to our heartfriends to remind them of this opportunity and to assist them in any way in fulfilling El Morya's request.
            I see the patterns of light that you all, heartfriends, have woven in the atmosphere and within the greater auric field of the Earth through your givingness, your love, your light. I see the desire for you to be of service to the Brotherhood as it is manifest in your desire body, which is empowered by the afflatus of the Holy Spirit manifesting in your world. I feel your intention and the brooding presence of your own beingness, one with God, as it has manifested through your generosity. I am amazed at the givingness of some who have pledged the entire inheritance that they have to this movement, or nearly all. It speaks of their commitment, and it is amazing to have witnessed this process from beginning to end and now to see it completed on this holy day.
            Beloved Jesus, we acclaim you as our Lord and Savior in the sense that you manifested the Christ consciousness perfectly in your final lifetime upon Earth. We thank you for your great givingness to humanity on this your birthday. We sing to you in our hearts throughout the day. We revel in the springtime now in the Northern Hemisphere and we witness the changes in the season, the growing of plants again, the beginnings of our gardens and all that we will fulfill this year. We are so grateful, O Lord, for the light that you have borne unto the Earth. We are grateful to Morya El, who has stood firm and true with you.
            Recently I watched a video, Becket, about the life of Thomas Becket and his interaction with Henry II, starring Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole, who were amazing. It's two-and-a-half hours long. I recommend that we all watch this video, not this weekend during our conference, but within the next two weeks as a community of light. You will feel the fire of Morya through the life of Becket, Thomas à Becket, who was martyred and murdered and then affirmed as a saint by the pope shortly after his murder, while Henry II was still alive. It is an amazing story.
            I simply desire to tell El Morya on our behalf todaythank you, Master, for going before the cosmic council. Thank you for your witness, for this delivery, and for the love that we feel for you. We are grateful for your generosity, for your commitment again and again to the cause of the Brotherhood through this and through previous dispensations of light. We are grateful to know you, to love you, to serve God as you do, so graciously.
            Some of our staff are already on the way to Miami. One or more may have already arrived. I'm leaving early tomorrow morning. My flight leaves at 6 a.m. I appreciate the prayers of the heartfriends, the knights and ladies for safe travel, good weather, and the same for all of you who are coming to Miami. May your way be clear; may your path be sure; may your abundance ever grow; and may that which you have given to our movement—in registration fees, in what you have spent or will spend in terms of all the expenses for accommodations, food, travel, et cetera—all return to you tenfold, a hundredfold and more, by God's grace.
            Many of you may desire to register for online access to the event. The video is $100, the audio $75, I believe, if you cannot make it physically to Miami. There's still time to come for a few of you who may make the choice to be there. And for those who are not able to come, I understand, the masters understand and we are most honored to serve you virtually through our website.
            I'd like to thank all of the heartfriends who have been involved in preparing for this beautiful conference—all the work, the planning, the communication, the meetings. Collectively we've spent thousands of hours in planning this event. And I know that many, many angels are already gathering to surround the hall where we will be meeting and to clear that hall and to prepare the flowfield for many HeartStreams and sharings of holy brotherhood/sisterhood in light. We pray for all the other presenters, for their safe travel, their protection, their health and vitality, and for our unity in this sacred spring equinox event in Miami.
            The 118 names and the specifics of your wills I have before me as printed out. And I thank Jackie Fleder for all of her work over these last weeks and months with Steve and others to present this tome of light to Morya El.
            As I am interpreting it and seeing it now from and through Morya's eyes, and as I've shared before, the abundance that is coming to us through your wills will sustain this movement for decades into the future. Of course many of us don't desire to focus on the time of our passing, and yet it is also a very holy time, just as the time of our birth is a holy time.
           Did you know that astrologers in the divine world also know the time of the passing of every soul and chart those cycles in relationship with the time of that one's conception and birth? And all of this is the whole package of your personal astrology. Your passing is an important time because it portends the possibility of your ascension, your full union with God, or your ascent to octaves of light to fulfill what you are required to fulfill to in order to reincarnate upon Earth.
            So El Morya, as one of the three wise men, knows every one of our charts—the chart of our conception, our birth, the hour of our decease and even the hour of our ascension. For in heaven there is no time and space, and El Morya and the masters already know, because of their oneness with the Divine, the cyclings of energies through our souls, our spirits. This is a daunting concept to consider, that God already knows the hour of our passing and our ascent.
            As I see all through the eyes of El Morya today, I see this day as a seminal day, a turning point for an acceleration within the year 2012, which is essential for what we are to accomplish moving through the cycles of the summer solstice, the autumn equinox and finally the winter solstice here in the north, which will actually be celebrated in the south at the summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. You see, this was planned, that there would be the highest point of the solstice in the Southern Hemisphere for us to celebrate, even as Lanello and Clare de Lis, the God and Goddess Meru and Helios and Vesta take higher initiations and as we also take them with them simultaneously. It's an interesting thought to ponder, which I had not fully considered before in its totality, that winter solstice for us in the north is the summer solstice—the high point of the sun's arc in the heavens—for those in the south. Interesting, isn't it?
            So the more we understand of divine astrology and how these great masters are involved in the affairs of each and every one of our lifestreams, it gives us pause to consider that God does know us intimately, individually, that we are cherished, valued and understood by the great beings of light who are rooting for us, giving their all on our behalf, sponsoring us, coaching us, teaching us on a daily basis. When we understand this dynamic, we will always have a sense of self-worth, of our value to the community as a whole, to the Brotherhood as a whole, and we will do our work knowing that we are a golden cog in the great divine antahkarana, a golden thread, a golden point of light within the machinery, the divine machinery, of that holy will of God as it operates throughout the cosmos.
            I had thought that maybe El Morya would read the names of those who had committed, and yet he did not. Your names were read by him on the inner to the cosmic council. It was not required that they be read outwardly through this HeartStream.
            I'm seeing the angels now attending all of you already. They are at your beck and call. Please use this angel of the will of God daily to do work, to be of service, to help you in any way, to be an advocate, an emissary of light betwixt your heart and Morya's and the heart of God in the Great Central Sun. Just the work of these angels is a huge dispensation when you consider it—118 angels.
            As I understand it, these 118 will receive the angels. Others whose wills may be submitted later will receive the positive effects for having fulfilled their wills and yet, unfortunately, because of the timing of their late wills, they will not receive the dispensation of the angel. It does pay to be on time, as those who have studied in the schools and universities and taken their tests and initiations know.
            There are a number of alchemies that I am involved in. One is ready to be revealed to you in Miami, others in coming weeks and months.
            Thank you so much for your daily efforts, your words, your prayers, your decrees, your songs, your devotions.
            I'd like to say that regarding one of El Morya's final statements about the withdrawal of that contact with some who desired not to fulfill this request—all I can say is that these are El Morya's words. It is not a threat; it is simply an understanding of the path of initiation and of the trust that manifests betwixt the master's heart and the disciple through the dispensations and through the dictations or HeartStreams.
            If you truly believe in this dispensation, in the messenger and in the masters, when the word comes you will act, and having acted, you move higher. If you desire not to act and you would rather be a bystander, that is your choice. We all accept the choices of each other. There is no condemnation. It simply is what it is, and you rise and fall on your spiritual journey based on your choices. This is the path of initiation. It is a path of light and we all know it. We have chosen it and we move through it.
            It is not always easy to deliver the hard part of these messages. Yet I have to speak what the master delivers through me without my own coloring or any sympathy from my own heart on behalf of the lightbearers who have chosen not to fulfill certain things.
            As El Morya said, there may be other masters or even other dispensations that some of you, even listening today, who have not fulfilled the will may resonate more with and can work through. And that of course is your choice and we respect it. We honor it and we never condemn or speak ill of you as a result of your choice; it is simply your choice. I desire to make that very clear so that none of us, as we move forward, in any way puts any energy into judging another. All are free to move through this movement as they desire, even if they have not fulfilled this will project by this time,and to give any portion of their light and their abundance to our cause.
            God bless you, each and every one. Thank you, Dwinn and Ronaldo, for broadcasting today from Mt. Shasta. And thank you, each and every one, from the bottom of my heart and from the top thereof too. I'll see you in two days in Miami. God bless.

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