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Cyclopea      February 21, 2012

Beloved Cyclopea and Virginia, Immaculata and Cassiopeia
David Christopher Lewis
February 21, 2012   8:43-9:01 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Jesus Lends the Momentum of His Causal Body to The Hearts Center Movement
as One of Its Sponsoring Masters for 2012

We Lock within the Atmosphere of Earth a Vision of a New Age—
a Garden Paradise of Light Come Again

Seek Ways and Means of Extending Your Heart to Humanity

            We are the Great Silent Watchers, and we come this morning to provide vision for many who have temporarily lost the long-term visionary aspects of their own Higher Self's All-Seeing-Eye ability so that they, dearest ones, may enter the work of the Lord through the Eye of God, which we bear for all.
            We are Cyclopea and Virginia, Immaculata and Cassiopeia, working together as one on behalf of the evolutions of this Earth. And we provide new opportunity for self-transcendence through your own highest vision of a golden-crystal age, of a new world dawning and of your place in the matrix of light for the reformation of this sphere toward its original purpose of being a star-fire world of light.
            When the worlds were created by Elohim, we were there implanting seeds of light in many realms through our consciousness, one with the allness of God. Where are you planting seeds of light, O soul, in the fertile ground of being through conscious works of Spirit, through the blessed graces that flow through your mind, heart and consciousness? Are you preparing a new garden of light in the world that will emerge through your being, one with the Divine?
            If there is any sense of lack in your life, look no further than your own awareness of presence and possibility, and seek ways and means of extending, through givingness, your heart to humanity. For in this, the all-abundance of God will alight in your midst and you will have all that you require to fulfill God's desire within you.
            The Master Jesus was and is a great visionary. He saw the potential of every man, woman and child. And through his consciousness, one with his greater guru, Lord Maitreya, and through his alignment with the All-Father/Mother God, he was able to extend that vision of perfection to everyone whom he touched with light, with love, with forgiveness and mercy.
            Living by his example, each one of you, forgiving seventy times seven1 and moving in a new field of beingness through virtue, may have vouchsafed to you and through your being great new energies of Spirit, that you may offer to life the highest and most sublime aspects of God's awareness of you as you.  And when you participate in our endeavors, such as with Morya's plan for this movement, we come and augment that abundance and spirit of vision so that you can move beyond a limited sense to an expansive new arena of action and light.
            Yes, dearest ones, we are carving out new worlds of opportunity for some who work directly with the Brotherhood in projects of the Spirit and are engaged on a daily basis in this sacred dharma through their conscious commitment to the cause of light. Many give lip service even through their musings upon divine teachings, and yet where is the hand offered in service? Where is the heart extended through mercy's grace? Where is the eye affixed upon the plan, the architecture of the new age and making it a reality through the conscious application of your gifts and talents on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis? we ask.
            When you engage with God, God vouchsafes the allness of himself to you and energizes you as an active one, truly a servitor of light. Have you ever felt less than your highest Self? Each and every one of you could probably say yes to that question.
            Feel now the presence and the power of the principalities of light through the Silent Watchers manifesting in your greater auric field today so that through the empowerment of pure vision, you may move onward and upward on your sacred journey with us into the light. Put aside all self-defeatist attitudes and sense of nonaccomplishment and accept today the virtue of God manifesting through your being, the allness of his Spirit flowing through your consciousness, and the gifts and graces of that Holy Spirit fulfilled in your conscious works, dearest ones.
            This is our enlivening dispensation today, and the Lord Jesus is here to augment this opportunity during this cycle of Pisces. You may call to him. He may walk and talk with you. He may be with you intimately in your meditations and in your conversation with God. Most of all, his Christic consciousness may be yours to claim, to exhibit and to expand throughout your universe so that an age of divine light may begin to emerge through the new you that you are manifesting through your own Christ Spirit of love.
            Jesus is here to tell you now that he is lending the momentum of his causal body to this movement by being one of the sponsoring masters for the duration of this year, 2012, and unto the beginning of the cycle of Pisces in 2013. This is a great opportunity, dearest ones. For you see, the Lord of light, the Lamb of God, the King of kings is fully committed to this cause and stands firm as an ascended master with the Master Morya to offer the allness of himself for the victory of this cause of light.
            If such a great one as Jesus, the Master of Pisces, can offer this level of his givingness, what can you, O soul, offer of your own selfhood with the master of the first ray to see through the victory of this dispensation in this and future years through your will and testament of light? Well, I say that if I were embodied again, I would acclaim my own word on behalf of Morya El and give at least fifty percent of what I had to share with God through this avenue of expression.
            Yes, I have taught my class through this messenger this past year.2 Some have caught that vision. Others yet remain in the shadows, almost hiding from God before they are willing to commit and to give the fullness of themselves to such a worthy cause. What will it take to move you, O soul, into a higher orbit of light? Will it take trauma, a near-death experience or something that you would see as negative? Hopefully not. Hopefully you will be moved by your own inner inspiration to reach upward into heaven and to receive those gifts of the Spirit that are rightfully yours to claim so long as you maintain a strong thread of contact with your Lord and with your inner savior and bring love to every experience, and imbue givingness and charity within every act.
            Yes, we lock within the atmosphere of the Earth a vision of a new age where a garden paradise of light may manifest again upon Earth, as it was originally created by the Elohim and seen clearly by the Great Silent Watchers. We are not always silent, you see. When the requirement of the hour necessitates our voice manifesting, the Seven Thunders3 of the Word are heard and our vision becomes vocal through the word that we offer through a sponsored messenger of light.
            Breathe in our vision now! See it manifesting within your own cells. Feel it as an energetic current of light, which you may bear as you believe, have trust and faith in the word proffered through this movement of light. If you truly think that this is real, then step up your vibration; and through your own reality, commit and commend your spirit unto the One. We have spoken, and our word—as real as we are able to make it through human language—vibrates now within our own for them to know themselves as God and to be, through vision, their highest Self. We thank you.

1. Matthew 18:21, 22.  See also Prayer 70.070 in The Hearts Center Prayer, Decree and Mantra Book.
2. Cyclopea sponsored Meru University Course #1110: The Divine Science of Co-Creation through Pure Vision, November 13-December 11, 2011.
3. Revelation 10:3, 4.

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